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The Bigger Picture

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The Bigger Picture

Flying through the sky affords expansive views of the world below, and that macroscopy is what The Bigger Picture seeks to zoom in on. In this section, we go beyond the luxuries of high-end travel, conveniences of aircraft ownership, and the privileges of private jet charter. We look out of the cabin windows and see there’s a vast world below, with one heart beating in unison - humanity and the natural world ebbing and flowing through the positives and negatives of daily life. And we realize there’s so much more we can do than just taking trips.
More specifically, The Bigger Picture exposes the plethora of good things that private airplane owners do with their aircraft. From the offbeat to the upbeat, the section explores more than everyday issues related to jet ownership and routine charter flights. Instead, our writers search out the stories of people and companies who are using their planes in creative, helpful, and positively impactful ways.
In other words, this is where the private flight industry can benefit the rest of the world.
Many of the stories involve private jets being hired or offered on a pro bono basis for purposes other than business and luxury travel. For example, some owners might donate their jets’ usage for charitable causes and emergency medical flights, while others might charter out these wonderful machines for aerial photography and movie productions. These stories oftentimes fly under the radar, but are more common than one would think. There’s always a unique way to use a private jet for something other than travel.
Other narratives focus on times when private jets are used to help in the most dangerous areas of the world and during some of the most unfortunate times. While less common, there have been and will be opportunities to help rescue refugees from war torn areas, or repatriate citizens in advance of impending harm. There are also times when aircraft owners mobilize to help evacuate a city before a natural disaster; and bring in supplies to the devastated areas after nature has done her worst. Whenever there’s a call for evacuation or aide on a massive scale, there might be a way that those blessed to be involved in this industry can help -- and these stories, in particular, should be celebrated.
Intended to be light-hearted celebrations of the goodness that people do, all of these stories are short snippets of a bigger picture themselves. Of course, there are logistical and other hurdles involved in using a plane for these sorts of activities, and everyone featured has had to overcome those. The celebrations aren’t intended to be a how-to on using planes for other purposes. Rather, they are a highlight and public acknowledgment of the various work that others in the industry have done, and an inspiration for all of us to do more.
The Bigger Picture serves as both a reminder and a call that everyone involved in the private jet industry has an opportunity to join a cause that’s much bigger than their aircraft and themselves. As we recollect stories of these planes doing wonderful things and rejoice in the good that’s accomplished through these activities, we also hope to motivate others to seek out opportunities by which they too can do good for the world.
Everyone who flies has time to sit back, relax and enjoy a good story occasionally. Next time you find yourself with such an opportunity, why not check out a few of our shorts from this section? Enjoy some of the stories -- they’re all inspiring -- and then daydream about more ways you could do good somewhere in the world, with or without a plane. Remember, when you’re looking down from above, there’s always a bigger picture.

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