Artistry of the Machine

Artistry of the Machine

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Artistry of the Machine

The private jets we travel on are so much more than just a means to an end. The machines that allow us to fly through the skies are worthy of respect for more than just where they can take us, and even what they can do, which is why in Artistry of the Machine we take a close look at what these planes are—and exploring them through the lenses of design, engineering and history, we’ll be able to examine these aircraft as the masterworks of art that they truly are.

To fully appreciate a masterpiece, you have to take in the entire picture, and consider it from multiple perspectives. In the Aircraft Showcase we will do just that, as we view the aircraft flying the skies today in great detail while also observing the way the entire machine comes together as a whole. Every make and model are already amazing for the simple fact that they allow us to FLY, seriously. But the design of an aircraft can inspire unparalleled aesthetic appreciation, and even more so when coupled with the full understanding of how the design creates better aerodynamics. From the feats of engineering which individual aircraft models have achieved, to in-depth analysis of the story which brought it into being, we'll explore all aspects of these marvelous machines.

From luxe interiors to design in the most contemporary modernist vein, we'll be taking a look at the art of interior design in Luxury Cabins & Aircraft Interior Design. Flying thousands of feet above the Earth comes with a host of limitations, regulations, and requirements on the spaces we inhabit during flight. But with great vision and innovative concepts, the finest practitioners of interior design create an environment where the sky is truly not a limit for the amount of comfort and luxury we can enjoy when flying private. While the amount of square footage is always going to be constrained, the dimensions strictly dictated, and all objects subject to being properly fastened, the private aircraft we'll be viewing have interiors to rival those found on the finest estates and most well-appointed yachts.

The sort of artistry involved in the appreciation of an aircraft is directly tied to its engineering, mechanics and aerodynamic design. In this section we'll take a comprehensive look into the Science of Aviation and gain a deeper understanding of all that goes into creating these pieces of art, from the latest in flight navigation systems to gaining a full understanding of just what the torque effect is. You'll gain a deeper understanding of the physics that allow you to soar, as well as an appreciation for the current state of aeronautic engineering.

Fully understanding the artwork of today requires that we understand what happened yesterday. In this section we'll travel back through time into the History of Flying. In order to understand how today's planes came to be, we'll discover the predecessors of today's modern vehicles of flight. We'll also regale in the stories of the past pioneers around the world who have contributed to this overall aviation epic. We’ll come to see just how people have taken to flight over the years, as well as the ways in which private and charter jet travel have impacted the world.

Equally exciting as what has happened in the past, is what the future brings. What new abilities in air travel will technology and innovation bring to us? What trends are on the horizon in charter jet travel? How will the designs of future aircraft impact the ways in which we all take to the skies? How far away are we from 100% environmentally friendly flying and what are some of the mind-blowing ideas to get us there? While we are not fortune-tellers, in the Future of Flight: The Sky is the Limit? we ask questions of what is on the horizon so we can gain a picture of where the world of flight is headed.

With Tail Number Profiles we take notice of the individual aircraft around the world. From trusty STOL that always get the job done, to the sleekest luxury VIP Heavy Jets, it's worth taking a moment to appreciate each one of these aircraft that allow us to touch the sky.

At PJC Flights of Fancy our passion for aircraft and Private Jet Charter travel extends to the belief that these machines, that make so much possible, are works of art in themselves. Won't you join us as we examine the Artistry of the Machine and explore these modern marvels along with the historic feats and the sheer genius that allow us to literally fly.

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