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The private jets we travel on are so much more than just a means to an end. The machines that allow us to fly through the skies are worthy of respect.

Aircraft Showcase

Contemporary aircraft boasts magnificent design, feats of engineering and the world’s most cutting-edge innovation.

Future of Flight: The Sky Is The Limit?

Where is the future of flight headed? In Future of Flight: The Sky is the Limit we pose this question as we seek to find out new things.

History of Flying

The heights we achieve today are only possible because of what happened yesterday. In History of Flying we’ll explore the earlier days of flight.

Luxury Cabins & Aircraft Interior Designs

Interior design powers the ambience in a life of luxury — it is high-quality interior design that transforms our spaces into the spaces we most want to LIVE

Science of Aviation

The Science of Aviation, which allows us to fly, works hand-in-hand with design to create the machines we so admire.

Tail Number Profiles

While one can learn so much about a specific model of aircraft, a person is only ever in one single aircraft at a time.

Welcome to your Feature Presentation! Long-haul flights require the most time in the air and take you to the most far-off destinations.


Welcome to your Feature Presentation! Long-haul flights require the most time in the air and take you to the most far-off destinations.

There is one reason above all others to fly private: the Global Destinations to which it can deliver us. In this section we’ll delve deep into the places…

Airport Profiles

Private aviation opens up the possibility of flying into more than 43,000 airports around the world. That means you have more than 26,000 additional…

City Profiles

Being able to answer the basics of where to go, what to do and how to get there, allows us to move on to concentrate on the more important things in…

Into the Wild

General aviation and private aircraft give us more than just the height of luxury. It also grants us the freedom to traverse deep Into the Wild…


Islands are prized vacation destinations. By their very nature they are set apart, and what makes them so difficult to access is what makes them so…

National Parks

Around the world, our national park systems protect nature’s gifts, showcase the diversities of Earth’s flora and fauna, and stand serenely as sources…

Road Show

When business calls, sometimes you’re required to hit the road. 9 European cities in 5 days? 35 cities around the world in 2 months? With Road Show…

Your Magnificent World

There is so much out there to see, and some travelers have the means to see it from a more extravagant perspective. Soar to global destinations…

For some, travel is simply a way to get from here to there, a diversion or distraction at best. For others, travel is a way of life, one that touches every day…


Technology, news, innovations and more, all designed to hone your focus and support your business jet lifestyle. Discover gear, tools, techniques…


Planes – from vintage to experimental to kits to single engine props to the latest model heavy jets on the market – we love them all. So how can we…

Famous Flyers

Featuring interviews with names you know and their favorite aircraft. These celebrities have worked hard to reach the tops of their professions and now enjoy…

Investing & Shopping

Designed to support your high-flying lifestyle, we sample and rank the best of the best. Are there some cool new toys out there for the wealthiest…

Jet Charter FAQs

Whether you’re a dedicated charter flyer or you’re exploring this option for the first time, we’ve got the details you need. Discover how easy it is bypassing the tangled mess of commercial flight and simply climb aboard your dedicated private jet. We’ll reveal what seasoned charter passengers know — and a few secrets that only the most discerning flyers have discovered.


Designed to support your high-flying lifestyle, we sample and rank the best of the best. Are there some cool new toys out there for the wealthiest…

Pilots in Command

Experience a day in the life of a general aviation pilot, hear some behind the scenes tales and discover what it takes to get behind the stick of a luxury aircraft…


How many people does it take to make private jet charter flights a reality? We should appreciate everyone who is a part of making a charter flight…

Flying through the sky affords expansive views of the world below, and that macroscopy is what The Bigger Picture seeks to zoom in on. In this…

Different Missions

Different Missions is all about the many ways that private aircraft can be used as tools for more than business and luxury transportation. Granted…

Helping the World

In times of great need, everyone has to do what they can to help out. Helping the World is where our stories of private jets helping move people and…

Embark on captivating adventures and unlock a world of boundless possibilities with our exclusive online calendar. Discover the extraordinary realm of empty leg private jet flights, where unparalleled luxury meets unbeatable prices.

Getaways mean different things to different people. What does a getaway mean to you? Is it a break from your usual routine? Voyaging off to somewhere…

Adventure Vacations

Adventure travel is a type of getaway that raises your adrenaline level. Don’t sit on a tour bus and look at the scenery. If your body is still up for..

Beach Vacations

Picture smooth white sand without many footprints, turquoise water, and shade provided by palm trees. We’ll tell you about luxurious, peaceful beach…

Family Vacations

If you have a family, cherish every second. Create some amazing memories. And take trips that provide a great time for everyone. It isn’t fun being at…

Golf Vacations

Grab your clubs. Yearly golf trip with friends? Have you played all the best courses? Have you played all the most beautiful courses? Combine golf…

Heritage Vacations

UNESCO World Heritage sites were created in 1972 by the United Nations Charter. They are sites of such cultural significance or natural beauty…

Luxury Tours

Some destinations are more enjoyable when experienced people take care of ALL the planning, including the small details, for you…

Mountain Retreats

Magnificent mountain scenery can be found in many parts of the world. Enjoy clear air, blue sky, and outstanding vistas. Be inspired by nature’s…

Party Time

There are parties and there are PARTIES. This section will explore destinations throughout the world that are known for their party scene and good…

Relaxation & Renewal

What do you do to relax? Why not be pampered in an ultra-luxury spa at a high-end resort with outdoor treatment rooms in a tropical setting?…

Romantic Getaways

Picture the two of you, hand in hand, strolling through some of the “most romantic cities” in the world. Make your passionate dreams come….


Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Namibia are home to some of the strongest animals on Earth, and some of the most…

Ski Vacations

ski vacation packages and snowboard trips to the best ski resorts, including lodging, flights, lift tickets, and more.

World of Diverse Interests

We all have our own interests, hobbies, and things we really gravitate toward. So, treat yourself to a vacation that is best for YOU…


Televisions are one of the greatest inventions of humankind. But do you know what’s better? Life – and enveloping your life with experiences…

Letter from the Editor…

Hi Flyers! The PJC Flights of Fancy magazine is speeding down the runway and taking off for parts unknown.

Our journey will consist of creating the best “niche relevant” content that YOU will look forward to reading. And our goal is to become & remain the best private aviation & luxury travel magazine on the internet.

But our final destination is much more ambitious – help advance the travel & aviation industries, and humanity as a byproduct.

How do we plan to help? 100% of PJCF profits (after growth, marketing, expenses, and charity) will be invested into innovative & groundbreaking companies in the aviation sector and tangentially related businesses. And if we’re lucky enough to be profitable in those investments, 100% of those profits will be re-invested in the same manner.

But we can’t do it alone.

How can you help us? All you have to do is subscribe to the PJC Flights of Fancy magazine for free. It’s that simple.

The math:

  • With great content, we can earn the valuable time of readers and subscribers.
  • With more subscribers and readers, we can charge more for advertising.
  • With more advertising revenue, we can hire more writers, authors, journalists, and videographers to create more amazing content.
  • With even more amazing content, we can exceed your expectations of information and entertainment, and keep you coming back for more.
  • By exceeding your expectations and keeping you coming back for more, the search engine algorithms will love PJC Flights as an authority in our niches.
  • With search engine love, we will gain an even larger organic readership and earn even more advertising income.
  • With a larger audience finding & reading the high quality content, we will consistently rank #1 in search engines for private jet charter niche keywords.
  • Ranking #1 in search engines will result in a steady flow of new flyer clients on the broker side of the business, which leads to more private jet charter flight revenues.
  • When we rank #1 in search engines, exceed your editorial expectations, generate cashflow via advertising and charter, and win some awards along the way, we will have accomplished our goal of being “The Best Private Aviation & Luxury Travel Magazine on the Internet”.
  • And then the real fun happens…
  • 100% of PJCF profits will be invested into aviation sector and tangentially related businesses that we think can make breakthroughs and advancements in the industry (technology, efficiency, performance, safety, environmental, and random creativity).
  • With continuous investments, we will help advance the Aviation Industry, the Travel Industry at-large, and hopefully, humanity as a byproduct.

It’s not all about the money for us; it’s about helping the future. We will always have our eyes on the horizon…

So please, we’d love for you to subscribe to the PJC Flights of Fancy magazine and enjoy our optimistic epic as it unfolds.

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Happy flights and safe travels!

William Gyarfas

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