Global Destinations

Global Destinations

There is one reason above all others to fly private: the Global Destinations to which it can deliver us. In this section we'll delve deep into the places with the power to change us, to make us grow and learn about both ourselves and the wide world. The private jet is synonymous with luxury, but at PJC Flights of Fancy we interpret that word to mean so much more than just how many stars a hotel has or access to name brand boutiques. Don't get us wrong: we all enjoy the creature comforts during our travels, but the full meaning of the luxury of private plane travel is the freedom to explore anywhere your heart desires, beyond the limits of commercial travel and into a search to find the unexpected and voyage beyond the usual.
While destinations are generally thought of as the places we visit, charter plane travel gives you the freedom to turn these far-flung places into extensions of your home, they truly become part of “Your Magnificent World”. We'll be taking a look at the cities that provide such diverse and dynamic energy around the globe, and while these pages will explore the city from the perspective of a luxury traveler, we’ll do so in a way that unlocks the full potential of that word. Our readers need to know not just the best 3-star Michelin restaurant in town, they need to know where the best street food vendor can be found. And while it’s nice to know the main hotspot for shopping, nothing beats being able to track down and buy directly from a skilled artisan.
While one of the most magical aspects of charter jet travel is being able to expand your vision of your home here on Planet Earth, there are also those times when you have to leave home and visit another place for work. Just as private plane travel makes the ‘commute’ for business travel so convenient, in “Road Show” we’ll be exploring cities through the lens of the business traveler, who must navigate a new place while being able to maintain peak performance. Let us help you bring the comforts of home with you, while being able to enjoy your travels and get work done. Yes, you can have it all with charter jet travel and a bit of sage advice.
Of course a major advantage of charter jet travel is not being limited to the international airports of the world’s large cities. In Destinations we’ll also be headed far off the beaten path. We’ll explore how to enjoy the luxurious side of our “National Parks”, indulging in both the majestic natural beauty as well as the ability to bring the world’s more domestic comforts with you. With the power of charter flights, remote private “Islands” become easily accessible, and we’ll explore the many ways of enjoying the island life. And with “Into the Wild” we’ll take a look at Planet Earth’s final frontier: the true wilderness locations accessible only by charter STOL aircraft, seaplanes or helicopter.
In Global Destinations we're exploring all the places the world offers up to us when we become unfettered from the limitations and frustrations of commercial travel. Won't you join us as we dive deep into the wonders of the myriad places to which we travel?

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