Cessna Citation XLS

Cessna Citation XLS

The Cessna Citation Excel is a household name in the private aviation industry. A name that has been around since 1998 and has for nearly 24 years provided its customers with timeless quality, consistent performance, and aesthetics to die for. The Citation Excel family is one of the best-selling jets of all time. This is due in part to the excellent value that it delivers to customers at a price tag of $13 million. First introduced in 1998, this series of aircraft have a thousand units sold. The XLS was introduced in 2004, bringing in a host of different changes. You can buy a used XLS+ (which debuted in 2008) in the market for an average price of around $6.4 million which can vary according to a number of factors. Perhaps one of the few chinks in the armor of this aircraft is its relatively low range of about 1500 nautical miles. Nevertheless, the XLS+ packages everything together in such a compelling way, something that is evident by the popularity of this aircraft.



The XLS+ stands proud on the runway with its metaphorical chest puffed out. While private jets certainly don’t leave much room for styling on the outside, the design of the XLS+ is such that it is memorable at first sight. Its matter-of-fact presence tells a story of dependability. The excel name has been serving customers for the past 20+ years and the trust that comes with that is unshakeable. The length of the jet is over 52 feet, and the height is over 17 feet. A cruise speed of 407 mph means that you will be at your destination before you know it.



One thing that is the XLS+’s biggest selling point and the reason that it has still persisted to this day is the cabin that brings with it the room that medium jets are known for. A cabin height of 6 feet is one of its biggest highlights. Combine that with a width of 6 feet, a length of 19 feet and you get a very spacious cabin measuring 422 cubic feet. Between the cockpit and the cabin is a refreshment center that is well featured to suit all of your in-flight cravings. The sturdy wooden paneling gives the interior a very classy feel, something akin to a W140 Mercedes owning the road it’s being driven on. Some other features include LED lighting, WiFi, wider seats than the XLS, and a design overhaul that brings a refreshing taste to the mouth.


A legend born over 2 decades ago

The Citation XLS+ is dependability in a nutshell. Coming from a long line of aircraft that started out with the Excel, turned into the XLS, and is now in its third form with the XLS+, the pedigree of the Cessna name is undeniable, and this is exactly why the XLS+ continues to be one of the most popular aircraft in production. The XLS+ is the storyteller’s dream in the sky, a legend that was born over 2 decades ago that still astounds today.

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