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543+ Best Airplane Quotes About Airplanes & Other Flying Machines

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543+ Best Airplane Quotes About Airplanes & Other Flying Machines

High contrast black and white photo parked private airplane waiting for passengers

In the boundless skies where dreams take flight and possibilities soar, airplanes stand as magnificent symbols of human ingenuity and the relentless pursuit of the skies. From the pioneering machines which first conquered the heavens to the modern marvels that whisk us across continents at incredible speeds, airplanes have woven themselves into the very fabric of our aspirations. As we navigate the celestial expanse, the words of visionaries, pilots, and aviation enthusiasts alike resonate with a timeless energy. Let us embark on a thrilling journey through the clouds, guided by a captivating collection of the best airplane quotes that encapsulate the spirit of aviation.


543+ Best Airplane Quotes About Airplanes, Helicopters, and Other Flying Machines

Abe Lemons – If I make a set of rules, then a guy goes out and steals an airplane. He comes back and says, ‘It wasn’t in the rules.’
Adam Young – It’s very cool for me to be able to get in an airplane and fly for fourteen hours and show up in a place I never thought I’d ever be and have kids in the same room singing these songs I’d written so far away. To me, that’s so surreal.
Adolf Galland – Nine g’s is good, if the pilot can stand it. We couldn’t stand it. Not in the airplanes of World War II.
Al Gore – Airplane travel is nature’s way of making you look like your passport photo.
Alan Mulally – An automobile has about 10,000 moving parts, right? An airplane has two million, and it has to stay up in the air.
Alan Shepard – Later, in the early teens, I used to ride my bike every Saturday morning to the nearest airport, ten miles away, push airplanes in and out of the hangars, and clean up the hangars.
Alan Shepard – The pilot looked at his cues of attitude and speed and orientation and so on and responded as he would from the same cues in an airplane, but there was no way it flew the same. The simulators had showed us that.
Alberto Santos-Dumont – I never thought that my creation, would allow brothers to kill brothers.
Alessandra Ambrosio – I love Cheetos, those hot, spicy kind. And chocolate. Every time I’m in the airport I’m buying Cheetos and eating them on the airplane.
Alfred H. Barr, Jr. – While majority opinion may not take kindly to forms of modern art, that same majority has also been hostile to most original and radical innovations, such as automobiles or airplanes or transatlantic cables or Protestantism or the theory that the earth is round and not flat.
Alfred Kahn – Maybe it’s sex appeal, but there’s something about an airplane that drives investors crazy.
Alfred North Whitehead – The true method of discovery is like the flight of an aeroplane. It starts from the ground of particular observation; it makes a flight in the thin air of imaginative generalization; and it again lands for renewed observation rendered acute by rational interpretation.
Alonzo Bodden – Black people don’t hijack planes, alright? Now I’ll be the first to admit, we steal a lot of stuff, but we do not hijack planes. In fact, in the history of aviation, a black person has never even attempted to hijack a plane. Do you want to know why? Because you can’t sell an airplane.
Alonzo Bodden – I was teaching airplane mechanics when I realized it was more fun to make them laugh. I was laid off one more time and I never looked back, although it was nice to have a steady paycheck and benefits.
Alonzo Bodden – I wish airplanes were more like elementary school with someone up front telling everyone to sit down and shut up.
Alonzo Bodden – You can’t bring tweezers on an airplane. If I’m on a plane and you try to hijack it with tweezers, I’ll whip your ass, man. You think I’m going to be late because you’ve got tweezers and a bad attitude?
Alvin M. Johnston – She flew like a bird, only faster.
Amanda Bynes – To an ant on the ground, an airplane probably looks like an ant.
Ameen Rihani – I am the East. I have philosophies, I have religions, who would exchange them for airplanes?
Amity Shlaes – Coolidge and his treasury secretary Mellon loved new technology. Like JFK, C.C. divined that a new technology could lift the nation out of its doldrums; the only difference was that JFK’s new technology was space travel, and Coolidge’s travel by airplane.
Andrea Hirata – Happiness is actually found in simple things, such as taking my nephew around the island by bicycle or seeing the stars at night. We go to coffee shops or see airplanes land at the airport.
Andrea O’Reilly – A mother must put on her oxygen mask first, in order to be able to help her children’ – I see this instruction on airplanes as an appropriate metaphor for feminist mothering. Mothers, empowered, are able to better care for and protect their children.
Andy Rooney – Don’t you hate it when…your suitcase is the last one off the airplane?
Andy Rooney – You’re better off missing a bus or an airplane once in a while than you are getting there too early all the time.
Anthony Doerr – Radio – and perhaps airplanes, and then of course, the atom bomb – was the preeminent technology of the first half of the 20th century.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery – The airplane has unveiled for us the true face of the earth.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery – Using an artful tool does not make one a dry technician. It seems to me that people that are anxious about our technical advancement, confuse means and ends. Naturally a person that only works for material gain will not harvest something that is worth living for. But the machine is not an end in itself. The airplane is not an end. It is a tool. Just like the plough.
Arnold Palmer – I can’t afford the luxury of music while I’m flying an airplane. I have to pay attention to what I’m doing.
Arnold Palmer – I would not have been able to accomplish a lot of what I did professionally had I not learned to fly myself and owned an airplane. For example, I was able to fly to an exhibition for the day and be back home in time for dinner. I never would have been able to do that flying commercially.
Arnold Rockman – In order to invent the airplane you must have at least a thousand years’ experience dreaming of angels.
Arthur P. Warner – I thought I would keep it on the ground until I became familiar with it, but on account of the wind, I unexpectedly took to the air, and the first thing I knew, I was flying.
Arthur Whitten Brown – That’s the best way to cross the Atlantic.
Ashley Purdy – I put my phone on airplane mode and it didn’t fly. Worst. Transformer. Ever.
Ashley Tisdale – I grew up on movies like Airplane! and The Naked Gun. You probably saw it more recently, but as a kid I grew up on them so I loved those kinds of movies.
Ashley Tisdale – I remember seeing Airplane, and even Mel Brooks movies like History of the World Part I, and just really loving that style of movies that make fun of movies. I think it needs to be done. All of these movies are ripe for being poked at.
Avril Lavigne – My whole lifestyle is different. I have a really busy schedule, and I pretty much have an airplane ride every day. But I like it. It’s cool. I like being busy. I think that it’s good that I’m young and I’m going through this, and I’m not, like, 40. I think it’s just easier now at a younger age to be going through what I’m going through because it’s definitely really tiring and hard on the body.
Ayn Rand – The great creators – the thinkers, the artists, the scientists, the inventors – stood alone against the men of their time. Every great new thought was opposed. Every great new invention was denounced. The first motor was considered foolish. The airplane was considered impossible… But the men of unborrowed vision went ahead. They fought, they suffered and they paid. But they won.
Ayumi Hamasaki – I read and watch movies. I can’t go to the movie theater much anymore, though, because I get recognized. It’s worse sometimes if I wear a costume and try not to get recognized. I watch most of my films on airplanes.

B. J. Habibie – I have some figures which compare the cost of one kilo of airplane compared to one kilo of rice. One kilo of airplane costs thirty thousand US dollars and one kilo of rice is seven cents. And if you want to pay for your one kilo of high-tech products with a kilo of rice, I don’t think we have enough.
Barack Obama – Cutting the deficit by gutting our investments in innovation and education is like lightening an overloaded airplane by removing its engine. It may make you feel like you’re flying high at first, but it won’t take long before you feel the impact.
Barack Obama – People’d be like, “Oh, spending taxpayer money.” It’s like, “No, no, I actually I’m paying for all of this. The only thing I don’t pay for is Secret Service and an airplane.”
Barbara Bush – I’m not going to jump out of airplanes or anything like someone else I know.
Barbara Grizzuti Harrison – How do you think it would feel to be obliged to ask for a seat-belt extender on an airplane? For the unfashionably bulgy, life is a series of small humiliations.
Barbara Kingsolver – Every time I step onto an airplane, I turn to the right and take a good, hard stare into the maw of the engine. I don’t know what I’m looking for. I just do it.
Barbara Walters – Before we had airplanes and astronauts, we really thought that there was an actual place beyond the clouds, somewhere over the rainbow. There was an actual place, and we could go above the clouds and find it there.
Barrett Tillman – God forgives man the time spent looking at airplane photos.
Ben Mezrich – Seeing someone reading something I wrote on an airplane – things like that are pretty awesome.
Ben Stein – My ‘thing’ is that I just lie in my immense bed and look out the window at the skyline over Virginia and the sky and the airplanes coming into Reagan. I really love doing that.
Benjamin Carson – No one is ever better off with dictators but there comes a time you know, when you’re on an airplane, they always say, “in case of an emergency oxygen masks will drop down. Put yours on first and then administer help to your neighbor.” We need oxygen right now.
Benoit Mandelbrot – If you look at coastlines, if you look at that them from far away, from an airplane, well, you don’t see details, you see a certain complication. When you come closer, the complication becomes more local, but again continues. And come closer and closer and closer, the coastline becomes longer and longer and longer because it has more detail entering in.
Bernard DeVoto – Between the amateur and the professional . . . there is a difference not only in degree but in kind. The skillful man is, within the function of his skill, a different psychological organization. . . . A tennis player or a watchmaker or an airplane pilot is an automatism but he is also criticism and wisdom.
Bernhard Schlink – When an airplane’s engines fail, it is not the end of the flight.
Bertrand Russell – I once saw a photograph of a large herd of wild elephants in Central Africa seeing an airplane for the first time, and all in a state of wild collective terror… As, however, there were no journalists among them, the terror died down when the airplane was out of sight.
Bevo Howard – Remember, you fly an airplane with you head, not your hands and feet.
Bill Engvall – I called my wife up on the cell phone and said baby you aint gonna believe this, i go, we just hit a deer with the airplane. and there was a silence on the other end of the line followed by.. OH MY GOD! were you on the ground? I said nope, santa was makin one last run.
Bill Engvall – In 1903 the Wright brothers invented airplanes, because in 1902 they took a road trip across the country with their family.
Bill Gates – Instead of buying airplanes and playing around like some of our competitors, we’ve rolled almost everything back to the company.
Bill Gates – The Wrights created one of the greatest cultural forces since the development of writing, for their invention effectively became the World Wide Web of that era, bringing people, languages, ideas and values together. It also ushered in an age of globalization, as the world’s flight paths became the superhighways of an emerging international economy.
Bill James – Computers, like automobiles and airplanes, do only what people tell them to do.
Bill Medley – My daughter McKenna thought I sang with the Everly Brothers … I said, ‘no I was one of the Righteous Brothers’ and she said ‘didn’t they invent the airplane?’
Bill Nye – I’ve always loved airplanes and flight. The space program was really important to me as a kid. I still have a photo of Armstrong and Aldrin on the moon in my living room.
Billy Collins – Now I would say at any given moment in American life, there are probably 45 poets in airplanes vectoring across the country heading towards…I don’t know if anyone’s reading it, but poets are still flying around the country going from lectern to lectern.That circuitry has become very well-established.
Bob Blumer – The more I fly, the more I’m convinced that the true wonder of modern aviation is the transformation of tasteless particles into something known as airplane food.
Brian R. Norris – It’s like living at an airshow, unless you have something against airplanes, golf, guns, motorcycles, nice cars or drinking.
Bruce Springsteen – I was the only person I’d ever met who had a record contract. None of the E Street Band, as far as I know, had been on an airplane until Columbia sent us to Los Angeles.
Bryan Q. Miller – The quality of food is in inverse proportion to a dining room’s altitude, especially atop bank and hotel buildings (airplanes are an extreme example).
Burt Reynolds – My movies were the kind they show in prisons and airplanes, because nobody can leave.
Burt Rutan – Airplanes were invented by natural selection. Now you can say that intelligent design designs our airplanes of today, but there was no intelligent design really designing those early airplanes. There were probably at least 30,000 different things tried, and when they crash and kill the pilot, don’t try that again.
Burt Rutan – I spent about seven years during the Vietnam War flight-testing airplanes for the Air Force. And then I went in and I had a lot of fun building airplanes that people could build in their garages. And some 3,000 of those are flying. Of course, one of them is around-the-world Voyager.
Burt Rutan – My study is NOT as a climatologist, but from a completely different perspective in which I am an expert … For decades, as a professional experimental test engineer, I have analyzed experimental data and watched others massage and present data. I became a cynic; My conclusion – ‘if someone is aggressively selling a technical product whose merits are dependent on complex experimental data, he is likely lying’. That is true whether the product is an airplane or a Carbon Credit.
Burt Rutan – There was a wonderful little short four-year time period when marvelous things happened. It started in 1908, when the Wright brothers flew in Paris, and everybody said, ‘Ooh, hey, I can do that.’ There’s only a few people that have flown in early 1908. In four years, 39 countries had hundreds of airplanes, thousands of pilots.
Buzz Aldrin – Drive over to the nearest airport, and enroll in flight classes. You will experience the joy of freedom in the air above, as you study the mechanics of how this is made possible by understanding the construction, the laws of motion, the air that can provide lift when it is moved by propulsion through the air, and stay above the gravity pulling the airplane back down to earth.
Buzz Aldrin – I’m sure the most favorite airplane in my career would still be the Sabre F86 cleft wing , which allowed me to be credited with 2 Russian-built Mig-15 destroyed during the Korean War. Where I was in 1953.

C. Maxwell Stanley – The J3 Cub is the safest airplane in the world; it can just barely kill you.
C. R. Smith – It was the first airplane . . . that could make money just by hauling passengers.
C.W. Harper – The V/STOL aircraft has been to the transport industry just as girls are to a young boy. In both cases very attractive features can be recognized in this new object of interest but the way in which advantage could be taken of them is not at all clear. Just as the boy learns eventually that success is achieved through a sophisticated and often expensive approach to the problem, so the V/STOL user has finally realized that a simple cheap approach will not lead to success. In both cases substantial satisfaction should follow successful solution to the problem.
Calvin Coolidge – Why don’t we just buy one airplane and let the pilots take turns flying it.
Carmine Gallo – The most exciting business ideas fit on the back of an airplane napkin.
Carroll Shelby – I don’t think I’m a celebrity. I’m just a guy from east Texas who loves cars and airplanes.
Casey Stengel – Mr. that boy couldn’t hit the ground if he fell out of an airplane.
Casey Stengel – Oldtimers weekends and airplane landings are alike. If you can walk away from them, they’re successful.
Cedric Gervais – I’d like to jump out of an airplane, but I’m very scared of that. I will have to do it.
Charles Bukowski – I heard an airplane passing overhead. I wished I was on it.
Charles Lindbergh – I hope you either take up parachute jumping or stay out of single motored airplanes at night.
Charles Lindbergh – I may be flying a complicated airplane, rushing through space, but in this cabin I’m surrounded by simplicity and thoughts set free of time. How detached the intimate things around me seem from the great world down below. How strange is this combination of proximity and separation. That ground – seconds away – thousands of miles away. This air, stirring mildly around me. That air, rushing by with the speed of a tornado, an inch beyond. These minute details in my cockpit. The grandeur of the world outside. The nearness of death. The longness of life.
Charles Lindbergh – Lying under an acacia tree with the sound of the dawn around me, I realized more clearly the facts that man should never overlook: that the construction of an airplane, for instance, is simple when compared [with] a bird; that airplanes depend on an advanced civilization, and that were civilization is most advanced, few birds exist. I realized that If I had to choose, I would rather have birds than airplanes.
Charles Lindbergh – Not long ago, when I was a student in college, just flying an airplane seemed a dream. But that dream turned into reality.
Charlie Munger – Proper accounting is like engineering. You need a margin of safety. Thank God we don’t design bridges and airplanes the way we do accounting.
China Chow – The only times I’m consistent about praying are when I’m on an airplane or when an ambulance goes by.
Chloe Grace Moretz – When you’re a pilot, and you know all the ways to survive an airplane crash and how low the chances are, you feel safer.
Chogyam Trungpa – If we go somewhere on foot, we know the way perfectly, whereas if we go by car or airplane, we are hardly there at all. It becomes merely a dream.
Chris Carter – Learning to fly an airplane taught me a way of thinking, an approach to problem-solving that was applicable and effective. Pilots are very methodical and meticulous, and artists tend not to be.
Chris Hadfield – I’ve had a chance to fly a lot of different airplanes, but it was nothing like the shuttle ride.
Christina Ricci – We have so much pride in welcoming these passengers onto the plane, and they have so much pride in travel. It’s something that I definitely always remember, when I’m playing a scene on the plane, just to imbue everything with that sense of excitement.
Chuck Daly – Coaching is like flying an airplane, there is going to be a lot of turbulence, but your job is to land the plane safely.
Chuck Klosterman – If I knew I was going to die at a specific moment in the future, it would be nice to be able to control what song I was listening to; this is why I always bring my iPod on airplanes.
Chuck Palahniuk – It takes a lot to get people talking in airplanes. But once they start talking, you just can’t shut them up.
Chuck Palahniuk – That guy behind me on the airplane? He’s been kicking my seat because he hates me. He’s kicking my seat because he hates me and I’m gonna kill him. When we get off this plane, I’m gonna make eye contact. I’m gonna kill that guy. And all of that is just stuff in my head, but it’s good to get rid of that stuff.
Chuck Yeager – After about 30 minutes I puked all over my airplane. I said to my self, “Man, you made a big mistake.”
Chuck Yeager – As we went through mach one, the nose started dropping, so we just cranked that horizontal stabilizer down to keep the nose up. We got it above mach one, and once we got it above the speed of sound, then you have supersonic flow over the whole airplane, so you have no more shock waves on it that are causing buffeting…You really don’t think about the outcome of any kind of a flight, whether it’s combat, or any other kinds of flights, because you really have no control over it.
Chuck Yeager – I was always afraid of dying. Always. It was my fear that made me learn everything I could about my airplane and my emergency equipment, and kept me flying respectful of my machine and always alert in the cockpit.
Chuck Yeager – If you can walk away from a landing, it’s a good landing. If you use the airplane the next day, it’s an outstanding landing.
Chuck Yeager – It’s your duty to fly the airplane. If you get killed in it, you don’t know anything about it anyway. Duty is paramount. It’s that simple if you’re a military guy. You don’t say ‘I’m not going to do that – that’s dangerous.’ If it’s your duty to do it, that’s the way it is.
Chuck Yeager – Most pilots learn, when they pin on their wings and go out and get in a fighter, especially, that one thing you don’t do, you don’t believe anything anybody tells you about an airplane.
Claude Debussy – The century of airplanes has a right to its own music.
Clement Ader – At this time, the Éole was regarded by insiders and by the scientific press as the first aerial device mounted by man, having flown at a low height and a short distance.
Clifton Fadiman – Muhammad Ali: Superman Don’t need no seat belt. Flight Attendant: Superman Don’t need no airplane, either.
Clyde Cessna – I am going to make this thing fly. Do you hear me? I am going to make this thing fly and then I am going to set it afire and I’ll never have another thing to do with airplanes. Automobiles and farm machinery – that’s what I’m going to stick to.
Colin Rowe – What if I jumped out of an airplane with a couple of tanks of helium and one huge, un-inflated balloon? Then, while falling, I release the helium and fill the balloon. How long of a fall would I need in order for the balloon to slow me enough that I could land safely?
Conan O’Brien – John Travolta said he sometimes lets his friends take control of his airplane even though they don’t know what they’re doing. Then Travolta said he often does the same thing with his career.
Cory Lidle – Really, anyone can learn how to fly. If you can drive a bus, you can fly an airplane.
Cory Lidle – The flying? I’m not worried about it. I’m safe up there. I feel very comfortable with my abilities flying an airplane.
Cynthia Heimel – Beware of men on airplanes. The minute a man reaches thirty thousand feet, he immediately becomes consumed by distasteful sexual fantasies which involve doing uncomfortable things in those tiny toilets. These men should not be encouraged, their fantasies are sadly low-rent and unimaginative. Affect an aloof, cool demeanor as soon as any man tries to draw you out. Unless, of course, he’s the pilot.

Dabney Coleman – The next night I got on an airplane, and flew to New York and looked into acting schools. Four or five acting schools. One of which was the Neighborhood Playhouse, which I started at six months there after.
Dale Jamieson – There’ll come a time when airplanes are much more efficient when it comes to producing lower levels of greenhouse gas emissions, there’ll come a time when we’ll be able to offset those emissions much more effectively than we do now. But alas at the moment, flying airplanes is really one of the least defensible things that we do and it’s one of the things that I indulge in quite frequently, alas.
Dalton Trumbo – Now listen, buddy, there are a few corny ideas you got to get out of your head if you’re going to fly an airplane. Most things are just the reverse from what people think. The higher you are the safer you are. The Earth down there, that, that’s your enemy because once you hit that, boy, you splatter.
Dana Gould – In an effort to look cool, I am going to stop shouting ‘Hey, you!’ at airplanes.
Dana Gould – This is just a hunch, but I bet airplanes think helicopters are assholes.
Dane Cook – I don’t know if I could rebuild an airplane engine, but I know a little bit about rotors and rivets.
Danica Patrick – If there’s one great thing I think that’s happened over the years, it’s that women are being accepted into a man’s world in all different areas, whether it’s flying an airplane or driving a race car.
Dave Barry – If Charles Lindbergh, flying with no instruments other than a bologna sandwich, managed to cross the Atlantic and land safely on a runway completely covered with French people, why are today’s airplanes, which are equipped with radar and computers and individualized liquor bottles, unable to cope with fog?
Dave Barry – In modern America, food is abundant everywhere except aboard commercial airplanes.
David Blatt – It’s not like I’m a rookie pilot. In fact, I invented airplanes. And air.
David Copperfield – Everyone was talking about having airplanes disappear. And I said, “Wait, wait, wait. That’s what you like? I’d tell you a story about something like my girlfriend leaving me, and the magic was really hard. The airplane thing was comparatively easy, and people liked that thing?” I realized at that moment, the power of the simple idea.
David Copperfield – For one of my specials, I said, “I’m going to make an airplane disappear.” Okay! And the next day, everything went crazy – it was like breaking the internet before the internet.
David Eagleman – None of the individual metal hunks of an airplane have the property of flight, but when they are attached together in the right way, the result takes to the air. A thin metal bar won’t do you much good if you’re trying to control a jaguar, but several of them in parallel have the property of containment. The concept of emergent properties means that something new can be introduced that is not inherent in any of the parts.
David Foster Wallace – A novelist has to know enough about a subject to fool the passenger next to him on an airplane.
David Gilmour – I tend to fly old airplanes and old sort of things that are nearly about as old as me. Biplanes and stuff like that.
David Letterman – There was a flight from Cleveland to New York City with just two people on board. There hasn’t been two people on an airplane since the Wright brothers.
David Levithan – Here’s what I know about the realm of possibility— it is always expanding, it is never what you think it is. Everything around us was once deemed impossible. From the airplane overhead to the phones in our pockets to the choir girl putting her arm around the metalhead. As hard as it is for us to see sometimes, we all exist within the realm of possibility. Most of the limits are of our own world’s devising. And yet, every day we each do so many things that were once impossible to us.
David Lodge – whhheeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! The scream of jet engines rises to a crescendo on the runways of the world. Every second, somewhere or other, a plane touches down, with a puff of smoke from scorched tyre rubber, or rises in the air, leaving a smear of black fumes dissolving in its wake. From space, the earth might look to a fanciful eye like a huge carousel, with planes instead of horses spinning round its circumference, up and down, up and down. Whhheeeeeeeeeee!
David M. Brown – I was interested in flying beginning at age 7, when a close family friend took me in his little airplane. And I remember looking at the wheel of the airplane as we rolled down the runway, because I wanted to remember the exact moment that I first went flying… the other thing growing up is that I was always interested in science.
David McCullough – The evil of technology was not technology itself, Lindbergh came to see after the war, not in airplanes or the myriad contrivances of modern technical ingenuity, but in the extent to which they can distance us from our better moral nature, or sense of personal accountability.
David Neeleman – One of the constraints on the U.S. business is the pilot shortage. There’s not an abundance of pilots. There may be an abundance of cheap fuel and airplanes. There probably isn’t an abundance of gates at popular airports, either.
David Sills – If someone does not have a mission’s heart at home, nothing magical happens when they buckle the seat belt on the airplane.
Dee Dee Myers – No reporter is flying around in borrowed twin-engine airplanes.
Demetri Martin – As soon as I jumped out of the airplane, I realized I had forgotten my parachute. Thank God we were still on the runway.
Denis Hayes – Build high-speed, electrified trains over the most-traveled corridors. It’s really hard to power carbon-free airplanes, but electrified trains are much easier. We’ll be a half century behind the Japanese, but better late than never.
Dennis Miller – Some people like to travel by train because it combines the slowness of a car with the cramped public exposure of an airplane.
Derek Kilmer – I met my wife, Jennifer, while sitting next to her on the airplane on the way to England. I was heading to Oxford as a Marshall scholar.
Don Gentile – I can’t remember the time when airplanes were not a part of my life and can’t remember ever wanting anything so much as to fly one. Once I had started I had to keep flying.
Donald Trump – Get going. Move forward. Aim High. Plan a takeoff. Don’t just sit on the runway and hope someone will come along and push the airplane. It simply won’t happen. Change your attitude and gain some altitude. Believe me, you’ll love it up here.
Donald Trump – We have been negotiating a lot of different transactions to save money on contracts that were terrible, including airplane contracts that were out of control and late and terrible. Just absolutely catastrophic in terms of what was happening, and we’ve done some really good work. We’re very proud of that.
Donald Trump – You see where the fighter jets are so old that they can’t get parts anymore. They have to go to plane – airplane graveyards and museums to get parts for our fighter jets that we’re currently using. They don’t make the parts. And you have other countries that have brand new equipment. And in some cases, we sell them the equipment. The whole thing is ridiculous.
Douglass North – I learned to fly an airplane, and had my own airplane during the 1960s.
Dwight D. Eisenhower – Four other pieces of equipment that most senior officers came to regard as among the most vital to our success in Africa and Europe were the bulldozer, the jeep, the 2-ton truck, and the C-47 airplane. Curiously, none of these is designed for combat.

Eddie Rickenbacker – Aviation is proof that given, the will, we have the capacity to achieve the impossible.
Edward Abbey – Civilization, like an airplane in flight, survives only as it keeps going forward.
Edward Hallowell – Several elements of the ADD mind favor creativity… As mentioned earlier, the term ‘attention deficit’ is a misnomer. It is a matter of attention inconsistency. While it is true that the ADD mind wanders when not engaged, it is also the case that the ADD mind fastens on to its subject fiercely when it is engaged. A child with ADD may sit for hours meticulously putting together a model airplane.
Eileen Collins – Because of Amelia Earhart, we had more women available to fly in the 1940’s to help us get through World War II. And because of these women, women of my generation are able to look back and say, ‘Hey, they did it. They even flew military airplanes, we can do it, too.’
Elder Paisios of Mount Athos – Thoughts are like airplanes flying in the air. If you ignore them, there is no problem. If you pay attention to them, you create an airport inside your head and permit them to land!
Ellen Hopkins – A breeze blows up, touching my cheek like a little child’s kiss. It flutters a piece of paper. “Trash, out there? Must belong to one of us.” We move closer, and when I reached for it, I find…… a perfect paper airplane.
Elon Musk – There’s a real opportunity to have a vertical takeoff and landing electric supersonic jet.
Emile Berliner – The way to fly is to go straight up . . . Such a machine (the helicopter) will never compete with the aeroplane, though it will have specialized uses, and in these it will surpass the aeroplane. The fact that you can land at your front door is the reason you can’t carry heavy loads efficiently.
Eric Schmidt – Google docs and spreadsheets don’t work if you’re on an airplane. But it’s a technical problem that is going to get solved. Eventually you will be able to work on a plane as if you are connected and, then when you get reconnected to the Internet, your computer will just synchronize with the cloud.
Erica Jong – There are no atheists on turbulent airplanes.
Erich Warsitz – One has the feeling of enormous safety. You don’t have the torque from the propeller. You have no noise; it’s almost like little electric motors humming inside, and you feel sort of safe.
Ernest Hemingway – It is appearances, characteristics and performance that make a man love an airplane, and they, are what put emotion into one. You love a lot of things if you live around them, but there isn’t any woman and there isn’t any horse, nor any before nor any after, that is as lovely as a great airplane, and men who love them are faithful to them even though they leave them for others. A man has only one virginity to lose in fighters, and if it is a lovely plane he loses it to, there his heart will ever be.
Ernest K. Gann – MaCleod, since you’ve flown the SeaBee a lot you’ll understand when I say it was the only airplane I ever owned that you could put in a dive, loose a cylinder and stall out!
Ernest K. Gann – The air is annoyingly potted with a multitude of minor vertical disturbances which sicken the passengers and keep us captives of our seat belts. We sweat in the cockpit, though much of the time we fly with the side windows open. The airplanes smell of hot oil and simmering aluminum, disinfectant, feces, leather, and puke … the stewardesses, short-tempered and reeking of vomit, come forward as often as they can for what is a breath of comparatively fresh air.
Ernest K. Gann – There are two kinds of airplanes – those you fly and those that fly you . . . You must have a distinct understanding at the very start as to who is the boss.
Eugene Ormandy – We can’t hear the balance yet because the soloist is still on the airplane.
Eva Herzigova – We’re constantly buying airplane tickets; we travel on the Concorde.
Ezekiel Emanuel – We all focus on health care and diabetes and heart disease but there’s all sorts of things like the simple fact that, you know, heavier people, transportation is more, so there’s more spent on gasoline, more on jet fuel, people have had to change the size of doorways, the size of chairs on airplanes and at sports stadiums, so there’s a lot of hidden costs as well to the increasing girth of Americans.

Ferdinand Foch – Airplanes are interesting toys but of no military value.
Fernando Alonso – Totally uneventful. It was a very successful first flight. To be honest, it was a little bit boring.
Floyd Norman – I drew the same things that most boys drew – airplanes and cars and fire engines. Then later on I discovered comic books, and I began to create my own comic stories. I was a comic writer, even when I was five or six years old. I would just make up stories because I thought it was fun.
Francis Gary Powers – I was a pilot flying an airplane and it just so happened that, where I was flying, made what I was doing spying.
Frank Borman – There is just no way that I can understand in God’s green earth that an airline could undertake with its normal procedures the operation of the Space Shuttle. . . . You don’t put parachutes on airliners because the margin of safety is built into the machine. The 727 airplanes we fly are proven vehicles with levels of safety and redundancy built in. The shuttle is a hand-made piece of experimental gear.
Franklin D. Roosevelt – It is highly unlikely that an airplane, or fleet of them, could ever sink a fleet of Navy vessels under battle conditions.

Garrison Keillor – I can write anywhere. I write in airports. I write on airplanes. I’ve written in the back seats of taxis. I write in hotel rooms. I love hotel rooms. I just write wherever I am whenever I need to write.
Garth Brooks – Any time I’m in a moving thing, like an airplane, I’m usually asleep before we even get on our way.
Gene Roddenberry – When you get into an airplane by yourself and take off, you find yourself in this lovely, three-dimensional world where you can go in any direction. There is no feeling any more exciting than that.
George B. Cortelyou – This country has achieved its commercial and financial supremacy under a regime of private ownership. It conquered the wilderness, built our railroads, our factories, our public utilities, gave us the telegraph, the telephone, the electric light, the automobile, the airplane, the radio and a higher standard of living for all the people than obtains anywhere else in the world. No great invention ever came from a government-owned industry.
George Bailey – Do you know what the three most exciting sounds in the world are? Anchor chains, airplane motors and train whistles.
George Bernard Shaw – Both optimists and pessimists contribute to the society. The optimist invents the aeroplane, the pessimist the parachute.
George C. Marshall – Regarding the air raid over Los Angeles it was learned by Army G2 that Rear Admiral Anderson…recovered an unidentified airplane off the coast of California…with no bearing on conventional explanation. This Headquarters has come to the determination that the mystery airplanes are in fact not earthly and, according to secret intelligence sources, they are in all probability of interplanetary origin.
George Carlin – If the black box flight recorder is never damaged during a plane crash, why isn’t the whole airplane made out of that stuff?
George Carlin – Never get on an airplane if the pilot is wearing a hat that has more than three pastel colors.
George Cayley – I am well convinced that Aerial Navigation will form a most prominent feature in the progress of civilization.
George Murphy – How can you practice dancing in an airplane? There’s a law against it.
George Nethercutt – From computers to information technology to airplanes, it has been America’s unique blend of republican government and free-market capitalism that has allowed us to surpass all other nations in history.
George W. Bush – I am here to make an announcement that this Thursday, ticket counters and airplanes will fly out of Ronald Reagan Airport.
George W. Bush – I’ve got a dad who jumps out of an airplane.
George W. Bush – That’s why we are inconveniencing air traffickers, to make sure nobody is carrying weapons on airplanes.
Giulio Douhet – Because of its independence of surface limitations and its superior speed the airplane is the offensive weapon par excellence.
Golda Meir – My dear, old age is like an airplane flying in a storm. Once you’re in it there’s nothing you can do. You can’t stop a plane, you can’t stop a storm, you can’t stop time. So you might as well take it easy, with wisdom.
Goran Ivanisevic – Actually, I tossed it nicely, landed nicely, like airplane. No warning, beautiful. That’s the art of throwing racquets.
Gordon Bethune – Do you know how much faster I can fix an airplane when I want to fix it than when I don’t want to fix it?
Gordon Bethune – I don’t think JetBlue has a better chance of being profitable than 100 other predecessors with new airplanes, new employees, low fares, all touchy-feely … all of them are losers. Most of these guys are smoking ragweed.
Gordon Bethune – I was a mechanic in the Navy. And mechanics in the Navy are like mechanics in airlines. You may have more stripes than I do, but you don’t know how to fix the airplane.
Gordon Bethune – In airplanes you have a choice between chocolate and vanilla. One year could be vanilla or it could be chocolate. I don’t attach any relevance to which one.
Gordon Bethune – I’ve spent my life as an airplane mechanic, pilot, aircraft manufacturer and airline CEO who never lost a life or an airplane. I am considerate of the risk we take every time we fly. I also know we need to fly and always to improve safety.
Gordon Bethune – Whether I’m at the hangar or at the airport or on an airplane, I get respect. And that’s the best part of my day.
Gordon Cooper – I have the normal desire, experienced by everybody who’s ever flown an airplane with a certain amount of zoom capability, to go a little bit higher and a little bit faster.
Gordon Cooper – I live for that exhilarating moment when I’m in an airplane rushing down the runway and pull on the stick and feel lift under its wings. It’s a magical feeling to climb toward the heavens, seeing objects and people on the ground grow smaller and more insignificant. You have left that world beneath you. You are inside the sky.
Guy Kawasaki – Enchantment can be done with writing but I think enchantment is basically a prospective or an operating system for life. That you can enchant a person who is assigning your airplane seat, your hotel room, your waiter, your waitress.
Gwynne Shotwell – What would air travel look like if airplanes were thrown out after each flight? No one would be flying in airplanes.

Hal Sparks – If ‘Airplane!’ comes on, it’s like a comfort film. You can always guarantee a laugh watching that movie.
Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani – Of course we are coming to invest in Germany – that is certain. Most airplanes in the fleet of Qatar Airways are from Airbus.
Harrison Ford – I have the ordinary experience of being anonymous when I’m in an airplane talking to air-traffic control, and they don’t know who they’re talking to. I have a lot of common experiences. What’s important is to be able to see yourself, as having commonality with other people and not determine, because of your good luck, that everybody is less significant, less interesting, less important than you are.
Harry Broadhurst – I mean, I had fast motor cars and fast motor bikes, and when I wasn’t crashing airplanes, I was crashing motor bikes. It’s all part of the game.
Harry Reasoner – The thing is, helicopters are different from planes. An airplane by it’s nature wants to fly, and if not interfered with too strongly by unusual events or by a deliberately incompetent pilot, it will fly. A helicopter does not want to fly. It is maintained in the air by a variety of forces and controls working in opposition to each other, and if there is any disturbance in this delicate balance the helicopter stops flying; immediately and disastrously. There is no such thing as a gliding helicopter.
Harry Reasoner – This is why being a helicopter pilot is so different from being an airplane pilot, and why in generality, airplane pilots are open, clear-eyed, buoyant extroverts, and helicopter pilots are brooding introspective anticipators of trouble. They know if something bad has not happened it is about to.
Hayao Miyazaki – Airplanes are the most beautiful when they are in the air.
Hayao Miyazaki – But remember this, Japanese boy… airplanes are not tools for war. They are not for making money. Airplanes are beautiful dreams. Engineers turn dreams into reality.
Hayley Williams – Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now.
Heinrich Harrer – In the time between the two wars, a British colonial officer said that with the invention of the airplane the world has no secrets left. However, he said, there is one last mystery. There is a large country on the Roof of the World, where strange things happen. There are monks who have the ability to separate mind from body, shamans and oracles who make government decisions, and a God-King who lives in a skyscraper-like palace in the Forbidden City of Llhasa.
Henny Youngman – I’ll tell you how to beat the gambling in Las Vegas. When you get off the airplane, walk right into the propeller.
Henri Coanda – These airplanes we have today are no more than a perfection of a toy made of paper children use to play with. My opinion is we should search for a completely different flying machine, based on other flying principles. I consider the aircraft of the future, that which will take off vertically, fly as usual and land vertically. This flying machine should have no parts in movement. The idea came from the huge power of the cyclons.
Henry Kissinger – There are only two reasons to sit in the back row of an airplane: Either you have diarrhea, or you’re anxious to meet people who do.
Henry Ford – An Airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.
Henry Ford – Mark my word – A combination airplane and motor car is coming.
Henry Ford – When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.
Henry Petroski – Any design, whether its for a ship or an airplane, must be done in anticipation of potential failures.
Henry Rollins – So I’m more at home with my backpack, sleeping in a hotel room or on a bus or on an airplane, than I am necessarily on a bed. It’s weird being here. It feels like I’m standing next to my real life.
Herb Kelleher – I think my greatest moment in business was when the first Southwest airplane arrived after four years of litigation and I walked up to it and I kissed that baby on the lips and I cried.
Herb Kelleher – The people of Southwest have always been my pride, my joy and my love. Their indomitable dedication and esprit de corps have taken Southwest from a three-airplane dream to a 500-airplane reality.
Hermann Oberth – Today, we cannot produce machines that fly the same as UFOs do. They are flying by means of artificial fields of Gravity. This would explain the sudden changes of directions. This hypothesis would also explain the piling-up of these discs into a cylindrical or cigar-shaped mothership upon leaving the Earth.
Hilary McKay – “Make a wish,” said Indigo. Rose made a wish and then asked, “Why?” “That’s what I always do. Wish on the moving ones.” “Does it matter how fast they move?” “I don’t think so.” “Can you wish on airplanes, too?” “Oh, yes.”
Howard Rheingold – Everything is removed. You’re actually doing something dangerous when you get in your car, when you’re getting on an airplane, or having sex.
Hugh Shelton – I jumped out of perfectly good airplanes and it’s a great thrill, and it allows me to share in the dangers that the great men – our great men and women in uniform share in on a regular basis.
Humphrey Bogart – If you don’t get in that plane you’ll regret it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life.

Igor Sikorsky – Aeronautics was neither an industry nor a science. It was a miracle.
Igor Sikorsky – If a man is in need of rescue, an airplane can come in and throw flowers on him, and that’s just about all. But a direct lift aircraft could come in and save his life.
Igor Sikorsky – If you are in trouble anywhere in the world, an airplane can fly over and drop flowers, but a helicopter can land and save your life.
Igor Sikorsky – Supersonic airplanes have carried men at more than 2,000 miles per hour and there are reasons to believe that this speed will be doubled by 1960 or so.
Igor Sikorsky – The helicopter is probably the most versatile instrument ever invented by man. It approaches closer than any other to fulfillment of mankind’s ancient dreams of the flying horse and the magic carpet.
Isaac Asimov – What do you call that nice, shiny white metal they use to make sidings and airplanes out of? Aluminum, right? Aluminum, pronounced ‘uh-LOO-mih-num’, right? Anybody knows that! But do you know how the British spell it? ‘Aluminium’, pronounced ‘Al-yoo-MIH-nee-um’. Ever hear anything so ridiculous? The French and Germans spell it ‘aluminium’, too, but they’re foreigners who don’t speak Earth-standard. You’d think the British, however, using our language, would be more careful.
Isaac Stern – For each glass, liberally large, the basic ingredients begin with ice cubes in a shaker and three or four drops of Angostura bitters on the ice cubes. Add several twisted lemon peels to the shaker, then a bottle-top of dry vermouth, a bottle-top of Scotch, and multiply the resultant liquid content by five with gin, preferably Bombay Sapphire. Add more gin if you think it is too bland… I have been told, but have no personal proof that it is true, that three of these taken in the course of an evening make it possible to fly from New York to Paris without an airplane.

J. K. Rowling – I can write anywhere. I made up the names of the characters on a sick bag while I was on an airplane. I told this to a group of kids and a boy said, “Ah, no, that’s disgusting.” And I said, “Well, I hadn’t used the sick bag.”
J. Maarten Troost – Like many air travelers, I am aware that airplanes fly aided by capricious fairies and invisible strings.
Jack Spicer The poet is stepping out of the airplane.
Jack T. Chick – We live in a world where it has become politically correct to avoid absolutes. Many want all religions to be given the same honor, and all gods regarded as equally true and equally fictitious. But take these same people, who want fuzzy, all-inclusive thinking in spiritual matters, and put them on an airplane. You will find they insist on a very dogmatic, intolerant pilot who will stay on the straight and narrow glidepath so their life will not come to a violent end short of the runway. They want no fuzzy thinking here!
Jack Vance – I thought that automobiles were going to have mufflers and go fast and airplanes were going to fly fast.
Jacque Fresco – Each system will depend on resources available, not from the bottom up or top down. In other words, if you put 500 passengers in an airplane that’s designed to carry 100, it won’t get off the ground. So all decisions are made based upon the physical equipment you’re working with, or the environmental resources available. They’re not made by Fresco or any other person. They’re arrived at by studies and research.
Jacqueline Cochran – In the case of an airplane, speed is determined by the outcome of the conflict between thrust of the power and drag of the plane. So it also is with humans.
Jacques Charles – All was glorious – a cloudless sky above, a most delicious view around. . . . How great is our good fortune! I care not what may be the condition of the earth; it is the sky that is for me now.
Jacques Charles – Nothing will ever equal that moment of joyous excitement which filled my whole being when I felt myself flying away from the earth. It was not mere pleasure; it was perfect bliss. Escaped from the frightful torments of persecution and of calumny, I felt that I was answering all in rising above all.
Jacques Rosay – It was absolutely perfect. You can handle this large aircraft as you can handle a bicycle.
James Hillman – A mother should have some fantasy about her child’s future. It will increase her interest in the child, for one thing. To turn the fantasy into a program to make the child fly an airplane across the country, for example, isn’t the point. That’s the fulfillment of the parent’s own dreams. That’s different. Having a fantasy – which the child will either seek to fulfill or rebel against furiously – at least gives a child some expectation to meet or reject.
James Lipton – Landing the airplane I think is the most difficult thing that I’ve every learned to do in my life.
James M. Barrie – The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply that they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.
Janice Mirikitani – I am iron butterfly … / I am she/we / of flesh / and iron / and silk wings, / healing, flying / into a gentle blue sky.
Jaume Collet-Serra – I wanted to move away from the disaster airplane movies that we have seen in the past and do something that was more mysterious, and delay until the end the resolution of the mystery, and then have to deal with the plane itself.
Jaume Collet-Serra – You have to offer sort of an evolution visually and do things like you’ve never seen before, like a fight between two men in a toilet on an airplane which was very exciting.
Jay Chiat – In the ’20s they were telling us we’d all have our own private plane and take vacations to the moon.
Jean Batten – Every flyer who ventures across oceans to distant lands is a potential explorer; in his or her breast burns the same fire that urged adventurers of old to set forth in their sailing-ships for foreign lands.
Jeff Bridges – That movie, ‘Airplane!,’ what a landmark film it was. It’s a great, great movie.
Jeff Foxworthy – You know, I remember Career Day in high school. I remember plumbers and lawyers… I don’t remember a booth where you could sign up to learn how to shoot chickens out of a cannon at the windshield of an airplane, ’cause there would have been a line at my school to do that!
Jeff Foxworthy – You might be a redneck if the antenna on your truck is a danger to low flying airplanes.
Jeff Goldblum – I like how time goes on set. It’s almost like time on an airplane or something where people are together. It’s a different, very trippy kind of time, I find, because you’re together in imaginary time where you’re out of time. You’re called upon to be present and honor what can happen in the moment. And the whole day can go like that. The whole day can be a kind of meditation.
Jeffrey Deitch – I was a fan of Andy’s since I was a small kid. I recall seeing an ad of famous people on an airplane together. It was caricature drawing. There was Muhammad Ali, there was Miles Davis, and there was Andy Warhol. I had a fascination with him since I was little.
Jeffrey Immelt – I was Chairman for two days. I had an airplane with my engines, hit a building I insured, was covered by a network I owned and I still have to increase earnings by 11 percent.
Jenny Downham – I imagine horses in the engine, their manes flying, their breaths steaming, their nostrils flaring as they gallop.
Jens Lekman – I wanted the album to be aerodynamic, like an airplane taking off from a runway – all of a sudden you’re in the air.
Jerrie Cobb – Even before we . . . had reached 300 feet, I recognized that the sky would be my home. I tumbled out of the airplane with stars in my eyes.
Jesse Jackson – If you and I got on an airplane, you’re going to L.A., Los Angeles, and I’m going to Senegal, we get there about the same time. The world is just that small.
Jessica Cox – If you can fly an airplane competently, you can fly it safely even if something does happen.
Jessica Cox – If you would’ve asked me about getting a pilot’s license before 2005, I’d say you were crazy. After I graduated college, a fighter pilot asked me if I wanted to go up on a flight in a single-engine plane. I always had a fear about being in an airplane, but I took this opportunity to go up on my first flight in a single-engine rather than a big commercial plane I was accustomed to. I was hooked and made a commitment to become a pilot. I wanted to motivate others to not let fear stand in the way of their opportunities.
Jessie Ware – I’ve become one of those annoying people who brings their own food on to planes.
Jill Stuart – When I get on the airplane, I put on the eye mask. And I travel a lot so I use it all the time.
Jim Courier – The airplane has had a big impact on my life.
Jim Gaffigan – If I was on an airplane, the people in coach would know who I am. But no one in first class would know.
Jim Lovell – I was born a year after Lindbergh made his historic trip across the Atlantic. Boys like either dinosaurs or airplanes. I was very much an airplane boy.
Joan Rivers – Every time I get on an airplane I figure it’s gonna get blown up. You live on the edge.
Joan Rivers – What could be nicer than to have three horrible children behind you in an airplane, and the next set, you go onstage and you talk about how much you despise the children and what you would like to do to them on an airplane? That’s the only time I would gladly take a terrorist on. It’d be worth it to get rid of these children.
Joe Sutter – It wasn’t until the jet engine came into being and that engine was coupled with special airplane designs – such as the swept wing – that airplanes finally achieved a high enough work capability, efficiency and comfort level to allow air transportation to really take off.
Joe Sutter – We built a jet airplane to get in and out of a 5,000-ft field. No one believed it could be done.
John Boyd Orr – As I have tried to show, science, in producing the airplane and the wireless, has created a new international political environment to which governments must adjust their foreign policies.
John Boyd Orr – As we have seen, the wireless and the airplane have made the world so small and nations so dependent on each other that the only alternative to war is the United States of the World.
John Brunner We’ve been slaves to our tools since the first caveman made the first knife to help him get his supper. After that there was no going back, and we built till our machines were ten million times more powerful than ourselves. We gave ourselves cars when we might have learned to run; we made airplanes when we might have grown wings; and then the inevitable. We made a machine our God.
John Dykstra – I come from an era when we had to figure out how to bolt a camera to a motorcycle or an airplane or dig a hole and find a canyon deep enough to repel into it so that we can capture images that were real.
John F. Kennedy – There is no other airport in the world which serves so many people and so many airplanes. This is an extraordinary airport. . . it could be classed as one of the wonders of the modern world.
John Glenn – We had an airplane, a Beechcraft Baron, that we – I had since 1981. And Annie [Glenn] and I both of had to have knee replacements unfortunately over the past year, and it made it more difficult to climb up on the airplane. We weren’t using it that much so we did – it hurt a lot but I finally sold the airplane.
John Green – Observation: It would be awesome to fly in a superfast airplane that could chase the sunrise around the world for a while.
John Hawkes – It’s hard to tell whether the ship or airplane – they’re all the same, I’m convinced – is male or female; it may shift back and forth.
John L. Phillips – My dad served in two wars has been flying airplanes for 60 years now. He was certainly quite an inspiration.
John P. Jumper – Our warriors are no longer limited to the people who fly the airplanes… Our entire force is a warrior force.
John Slattery – And I don’t want to jump out of an airplane – I’ve done that.
John Travolta When I was a very little boy I lived underneath the air pattern of LaGuardia airport in New York and I watched the planes fly to their destinations. I was in love with the design of these airplanes.
John Waters – It`s great to be able to drive around and spy on people, which I do when I’m writing. People tell me the most personal things about their lives for no reason – on airplanes, everywhere I go. People just blurt out secrets. I’m not sure why. I think that they see in my films that nothing will make me uptight. I’m not going to judge them.
John Wilkins – Yet I do seriously and on good grounds affirm it possible to make a flying chariot in which a man may sit and give such a motion unto it as shall convey him through the air. And this perhaps might be made large enough to carry divers men at the same time, together with food for their viaticum and commodities for traffic.
Jon Foreman – I like to write on airplanes… that forced meditation time when you have nothing else to do, so your mind is allowed to go to places it wouldn’t otherwise go.
Jon Spaihts – An X-wing fighter flies like an airplane. If you look at the physics, it’s actually quite impossible.
Jonathan Carroll – Coffee on an airplane always smells bad. Whenever it is served, suddenly the whole cabin stinks of it.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers – I don’t live in Ireland, I live in London with my girlfriend; and it’s because of the globalization of our planet, it’s not necessary to live in Los Angeles to be a successful and any country is just an airplane ride away. If there’s a director who wants to meet me or if there’s something I have to do, I can just hop on an airplane – the world’s small now.
Jonathan Winters – Something I’ll always remember – when I was a kid, I shook hands with Orville Wright. Forty years later, I shook hands with Neil Armstrong. The guy that invented the airplane and the guy that walked on the moon. In a lifetime, that’s kinda wild when you think about it.
Joshua Bell – Although I hardly ever turn on the TV set unless it’s football season, I do watch a lot of TV on my iPad – perfect for long airplane journeys.
Joshua Radin – I write my songs usually while I’m walking around. Or in a car. Or in a bus, a plane, something like that. I jot down lyrics wherever I am. Usually it’s on a vomit bag on an airplane or something. I just look for a pen.
Joyce Maynard – In the event of an oxygen shortage on airplanes, mothers of young children are always reminded to put on their own oxygen mask first, to better assist the children with theirs. The same tactic is necessary on terra firma. There’s no way of sustaining our children if we don’t first rescue ourselves. I don’t call that selfish behavior. I call it love.
Justin Willman – When I’m traveling a lot the flight attendants will ask what I do and if I say I’m a magician then I have to do a trick. But if it’s a red eye flight and I haven’t slept at all, I’ll say I’m a comedian. And then they say, “Do a joke.” But if you’re a magician you should be able to do a trick anywhere, any time of day. And if it’s not the best situation to showcase what I do then I’ll offer them tickets to my show that night. Trying to do a magic trick right outside of an airplane lavatory isn’t the best viewing conditions.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – We all had a lot of fun making the film “Airplane”, but there weren’t a lot of outtakes or cracking up because we all were focused on doing our jobs in a professional manner.
Karl Kraus – Psychology is a bus that accompanies an airplane.
Kate Hudson – I’m a big rings person…and bracelets…and earrings. I love all of it. One time, I was getting off an airplane and I had been traveling for like a month in Europe, and I came from the airplane right to my mom’s house who I hadn’t seen in awhile, and she looked at me and she goes, “Is it possible to fit any more jewelry on you? Is that actually possible?” And I looked down and, because when I travel I don’t like to pack my jewelry so I end up wearing a ton of it, and I had just had everything on me. And I love buying jewelry when I travel – so there was a lot.
Katherine Stinson – It’s all right if your automobile goes wrong while you are driving it. You can get out in the road and tinker with it. But if your airplane breaks down, you can’t sit on a convenient cloud and tinker with that!
Kathy Acker – Perhaps if human desire is said out loud, the urban planes, the prisons, the architectural mirrors will take off, as airplanes do. The black planes will take off into the night air and the night winds, sliding past and behind each other, zooming, turning and turning in the redness of the winds, living, never to return.
Kelli Giddish – It’s always cool on the airplane when people are watching “SVU.” It’s funny. And it’s always the reruns.
Kellie Pickler – I was 19 when I first auditioned for ‘American Idol.’ I’d never been on an airplane; I’d never been outside of my hometown, except to go to Myrtle Beach. I’m 22 now. I’m learning a lot about life, and it’s all in front of the cameras.
Kelly Preston – The easiest gift to give my husband is anything to do with airlines and flying.
Kendall Jenner – If I could trade places with any of my sisters for a day, it would be Kim. I want to see what it’s like…The only time she sleeps is on the airplane. It’s just crazy. I feel bad for her, but I still want to know what it’s like.
Kesha – I try to get in quiet time and book time, but really, the only time I ever get that is when I’m on an airplane – I have a fear of flying, but I actually love flying because it’s the only time I can sleep, and it’s the only time I get to read.
Kevin Johnson – From a little boat, to a big boat, to a helicopter, to an airplane.
Kevin Plank – We need to stop making wide-body seats on airplanes, stop accommodating that, because it’s not healthy.
Kristen Bell – I’m carded for R-rated movies. And I get talked down to a lot. When I try to go rent a car or buy an airplane ticket or other stuff adults do, I get “Okaaaaaay, honey.” I remember when I was 18, getting crayons in a restaurant.
Kristen Schaal – At first the kid kicking the back of my airplane seat was enraging. Then I imagined it was a broken massage chair and I kinda liked it.

Lane Wallace – I’ll run my hand gently over the wing of a small airplane and say to him, ‘This plane can teach you more things and give you more gifts than I ever could. It won’t get you a better job, a faster car, or a bigger house. But if you treat it with respect and keep your eyes open, it may remind you of some things you used to know — that life is in the moment, joy matters more than money, the world is a beautiful place, and that dreams really, truly are possible.’ And then, because airplanes speak in a language beyond words, I’ll take him up in the evening summer sky and let the airplane show him what I mean.
Lawrence Hargrave – The people of Sydney who can speak of my work on flying-machine models without a smile are very scarce; it is doubtless the same with American workers. I know that success is dead sure to come, and therefore do not waste time and words in trying to convince unbelievers.
Lawrence Hargrave – Workers must root out the idea that by keeping the results of their labors to themselves a fortune will be assured to them. Patent fees are so much wasted money. The flying machine of the future will not be born fully fledged and capable of a flight for 1,000 miles or so. Like everything else it must be evolved gradually. The first difficulty is to get a thing that will fly at all. When this is made, a full description should be published as an aid to others. Excellence of design and workmanship will always defy competition.
Lee Child – I’ve discovered writers by reading books left in airplane seats and weird hotels.
Len Morgan – An airplane might disappoint any pilot but it’ll never surprise a good one.
Len Morgan – The way I see it, you can either work for a living or you can fly airplanes. Me, I’d rather fly.
Leonardo da Vinci – A bird is an instrument working according to mathematical law, which instrument it is within the capacity of man to reproduce with all its movements, but not with a corresponding degree of strength, though it is deficient only in the power of maintaining equilibrium. We may therefore say that such an instrument constructed by man is lacking in nothing except the life of the bird, and this life must needs be supplied from that of man.
Leonardo da Vinci – Feathers shall raise men even as they do birds towards heaven :- That is by letters written with their quills.
Leonardo DaVinci – The great bird will take its first flight … filling the world with amazement and all records with its fame, and it will bring eternal glory to the nest where it was born.
Leroy Chiao – Richard Branson is probably the most visible of the private commercial space guys, and what is venture, Virgin Galactic is about is sub orbital flight. That is, you’ll see a spacecraft that looks more or less like an airplane and it will fly into space, but only spend about 15 minutes. It’ll go up in a parabolic arc and then fall back down, and so the customers on that flight will only get about five minutes of weightlessness. They’ll get to glimpse the horizon of the Earth, take a look at it before just before they start coming back down into the atmosphere.
Linda Ronstadt – I get on the airplane and there’s a screen in front of everything.
Lisa Ling – I am a crazy online shopper. My husband always jokes, Another box arrived! Airplanes used to be my sanctuary for reading books, but now I have to peruse Gilt sales.
Lloyd George – Flying machines are no longer toys and dreams; they are an established fact. The possibilities of this new system of locomotion are infinite.
Lord Kelvin – Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible.
Loren Cunningham – Airplanes were invented for missionaries to complete the Great Commission.
Lorene Scafaria – For me, modern technology has ruined romance and movies – nobody can run to the airplane gate anymore.
Louis Bleriot – I headed for this white mountain, but was caught in the wind and the mist . . . I followed the cliff from north to south, but the wind, against which I was fighting, got even stronger. A break in the coast appeared to my right, just before Dover Castle. I was madly happy. I headed for it. I rushed for it. I was above ground!
Louis Bleriot – The most beautiful dream that has haunted the heart of man since Icarus is today reality.
Louis C. K. – People don’t talk to me on airplanes.
Louis C.K. – People come back from flights and tell you a story like it’s a horror story. That’s how bad they make it sound. They’re like, ‘It was the worst day of my life. We didn’t board for 20 minutes and they made us sit there on the runway for 40 minutes.’ Oh really? What happened next? Did you fly in the air, incredibly, like a bird? Did you partake in the miracle of human flight you non-contributing zero?’
Louis C.K. – People say there’s delays on flights. Delays, really? New York to California in five hours, that used to take 30 years, a bunch of people used to die on the way there, have a baby, you would end up with a whole different group of people by the time you got there. Now you watch a movie and [go to the toilet] and you’re home.
Louis C.K. – You’re flying! It’s amazing! Everybody on every plane should just constantly be going: ‘Oh my God! Wow! You’re flying! You’re sitting in a chair, in the sky!’
Louise Thaden – A pilot who says he has never been frightened in an airplane is, I’m afraid, lying.
Ludwig von Mises – Many pioneers of these industrial changes, it is true, became rich. But they acquired their wealth by supplying the public with motor cars, airplanes, radio sets, refrigerators, moving and talking pictures, and variety of less spectacular but no less useful innovations. These new products were certainly not an achievement of offices and bureaucrats.
Luigi Colani – I learned to ask myself questions like: Why is something made the way it is? Why does a motorcar look like it does? Is it right or wrong? What is an airplane? Why is it shaped like that? Then, later, I became a diver and studied subaquatic life and the streamlining of sharks and manta rays. Any fish is superior to the shapes we humans have invented – and unchanged for 250 million years, imagine!
Lynne McTaggart – It’s important to be able to simply ask the questions. Every single advance in science comes about because of courage to ask a question, an outrageous question. Like “Can a large heavy metal object fly if it goes fast enough with the right design?” People’s worldviews are changed when they see that something unbelievable is possible. Airplane flight is now taken for granted. And so all wonderful advances start with an outrageous question.

Mahesh Babu – Moderate aspirations lead to a contended life. I don’t have to buy the airplane and I can’t drive the tank!!
Malcolm Gladwell – I don’t really collect books. I tend to lose interest in them the minute I’ve read them, so most of the books I’ve read are left in airplanes and hotel rooms.
Mandy Moore – I write a lot on airplanes actually because it’s completely isolating; there’s no one to talk to, there’s nothing to do. And then I think a lot of it sort of comes out sitting down with the people I’m co-writing with and talking to them about what I’m going through and what I want to say. It just sort of happens; every song came about in a completely different yet organic way.
Manfred von Richthofen – The important thing in aeroplanes is that they shall be speedy.
Marc Jacobs – I mean, I’d love to have a private jet – I know people who fly by private jet all the time… I’ve hitched a ride a few times and it is not overrated at all; it’s a great way to travel!
Marc Reisner – I believe that anyone who flies in an airplane and doesn’t spend most of his time looking out the window wastes his money.
Marcel Dassault – For a plane to fly well, it must be beautiful.
Marco Rubio – And so, whether they came here on the Mayflower, on a slave ship, or on an airplane from Havana, we are all descendants of the men and women who built here the nation that saved the world.
Margaret Geller – When people on airplanes ask me what I do, I used to say I was a physicist, which ended the discussion. I once said I was a cosmologist, but they started asking me about makeup, and the title ‘astronomer’ gets confused with astrologer. Now I say I make maps.
Margot Robbie – I love flying so much. I even love airplane food. No one bothers you and your phone never goes off and you can’t have emails go through. It’s undisturbed.
Maria Montessori – Through machinery, man can exert tremendous powers almost as fantastic as if he were the hero of a fairy tale. Through machinery, man can travel with an ever increasing velocity; he can fly through the air and go beneath the surface of the ocean.
Mark Kennedy – All of the biggest technological inventions created by man – the airplane, the automobile, the computer – says little about his intelligence, but speaks volumes about his laziness.
Mark Russell – The scientific theory I like best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline luggage.
Martin Seligman – Ten years ago, when I was on an airplane and I introduced myself to my seatmate, and told them [I was a psychologist], they’d move away from me. … And now when I tell people what I do, they move toward me.
Martin Shaw – If I won the lottery, I would love to buy an airfield and populate it with enthusiasts like myself, and old airplanes.
Mary Ellen Mark – I wanted to travel from the beginning. As a kid, I used to dream about airplanes, before I ever flew in one.
Mary Oliver – Drive down any road, take a train or an airplane across the world, leave your old life behind, die and be born again, wherever you arrive they’ll be there first, glossy and rowdy and indistinguishable. The deep muscle of the world.
Mary Roach – Here is the secret to surviving one of these [airplane] crashes: Be male. In a 1970 Civil Aeromedical institute study of three crashes involving emergency evacuations, the most prominent factor influencing survival was gender (followed closely by proximity to exit). Adult males were by far the most likely to get out alive. Why? Presumably because they pushed everyone else out of the way.
Masaharu Morimoto – I don’t eat anything on an airplane.
Matt Taibbi – Comparing your family budget to the sovereign debt of the United States is a little like comparing two kindergartners tossing a paper airplane to the Apollo 11 mission.
Maurice Sendak – I want to be free again. I want to be free like when I was a kid, working with my brother and making toy airplanes and a whole model of the World’s Fair in 1939 out of wax.
Max Lucado – You don’t impress the officials at NASA with a paper airplane. You don’t boast about your crayon sketches in the presence of Picasso. You don’t claim equality with Einstein because you can write ‘H20.’ And you don’t boast about your goodness in the presence of the Perfect.
Megyn Kelly – The interesting thing is it’s outside the statute of limitations for a civil suit by Leeds. It’s actually is not outside of the statute of limitations under the criminal side. Because it occurred on an airplane and federal law doesn’t have a statute of limitations I know of for that particular offense.
Mehmet Murat Ildan – Intelligence is the airport; will power is the airplane; man is the passenger and happiness is the destination!
Method Man – Regardless of how me or this man right here or anybody else in this business get, when we walk on an airplane in first-class looking like this, we’re gonna get searched.
Michael P. Anderson – I went to the University of Washington as a physics and astronomy major. My other interest, of course, was aviation. I always wanted to be a pilot. And if you’re going to fly airplanes, the best place to be is the Air Force.
Michael Trucco – I jumped out of an airplane on my 34th birthday because I promised myself I would. I have an interest in confronting my fears.
Mike Harding – If forced to travel on an airplane, try and get in the cabin with the Captain, so you can keep an eye on him and nudge him if he falls asleep or point out any mountains looming up ahead.
Mitt Romney – Mr. President, you’re entitled as a president to your own airplane, and to your own house, but not to your own facts.
Moby – For me the two biggest issues are climate change and animal welfare/animal agriculture. And oddly enough animal agriculture is such a contributor to climate change. According to the United Nations, 25% of climate change comes from animal agriculture, so every car, bus, boat, truck, airplane combined has less CO2 and methane emissions than animal agriculture.
Mohsin Hamid – We can open up our computers and Skype with someone, and we see them. It’s like looking through a window. And we can surf the internet through our phones, and it’s like our consciousness is far away. Or we can step through a airplane door and be in another continent a few hours away. So technology feels, to me, like the doors sort of already exist, at least emotionally.
Morgan Freeman – When I was getting close to being accepted for pilot training, I was allowed to get in a jet airplane. I sat there looking at all those switches and dials and I got the distinct feeling that I was sitting in the nose of bomb. I realized my fantasies of flying and fighting were just that – fantasies.
Morley Safer – The helicopter is a fine way to travel, but it induces a view of the world that only God and CEOs share on a regular basis.
Muhammad Ali – Superman don’t need no seat belt.

Neil Armstrong – Gliders, sail planes, they’re wonderful flying machines. It’s the closest you can come to being a bird.
Neil Armstrong – Now and then I miss the excitement about being in the cockpit of an airplane and doing new things.
Neil deGrasse Tyson – I remain fearless of airplanes after 9/11. But during a trip to Los Angeles on a Boeing 767, I couldn’t keep my mind from drifting: What’s the largest piece of this airplane that could crash into the World Trade Center, explode out the other side, and survive intact? The landing gear? My computer battery? My belt buckle? My wedding ring?
Neil deGrasse Tyson – I want to create the airplane that flies in the rarified atmosphere of Mars. This is what galvanizes a generation to want to become scientists and engineers in the first place, not we need a scientist to develop a plane that’s 20 percent more fuel-efficient than the one your parents flew.
Neil deGrasse Tyson – The chances that your tombstone will read ‘Killed by Asteroid’ are about the same as they’d be for ‘Killed in Airplane Crash.’
Neil deGrasse Tyson – When you advance a frontier and you do tomorrow what’s never been done today, you have to innovate to make that happen. You become an innovation culture. When I grew up, every time I turned around it was, “Oh, here’s the longest bridge or the deepest tunnel or the fastest airplane.” And I originally thought that was just kind of like a pissing contest with men with too much testosterone. And then I realized that to make the tallest building you have to innovate. To make the fastest train you have to design the train in a way that it’s never been designed before.
Neil Gaiman – I like airplanes. I like anywhere that isn’t a proper place. I like in betweens.
Niall Horan – I’d rather be called a boy and play with paper airplanes than be called a man and play with a girl’s heart.
Niki Lauda – I want to bring passengers on my airplanes to present to them my product.
Niki Lauda – In Germany air became generally accepted Berlin in this area. It operated with 45 airplanes within the Low Cost range from Germany, and is one the most successful carriers in Europe.
Nikki Giovanni – We need to make sure our children travel to see things. Not necessarily long distances but at least out of the neighborhood. On a train. A boat. An airplane.
Nina Agdal – I don’t really wear a lot of makeup, but before I get off an airplane, I use some Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Radiance, and I just love it.That’s my go-to. I normally do that on the plane before I walk off and that’s it.
Noah Hawley – If I have to write on an airplane or get up early to write or write late, you just gotta sit down. When you have the time, you have to be able to do it.
Noam Chomsky – Suppose that insect wings developed primarily as thermoregulators and then were used for skimming and finally flying, evolving along the way. What would they be “for”? Or what is the skeleton “for”? For keeping one upright, protecting organs, storing calcium, making blood cells…?
Noam Chomsky – Today, we have private airline companies, but if you take a look at a Boeing plane next time you travel, you’ll see that you are basically taking a ride on a modified bomber.
Nolan Bushnell – Innovation is hard. It really is. Because most people don’t get it. Remember, the automobile, the airplane, the telephone, these were all considered toys at their introduction because they had no constituency. They were too new.
Norman Ralph – Augustine Law Number XIV: After the year 2015, there will be no airplane crashes. There will be no takeoffs either, because electronics will occupy 100 percent of every airplane’s weight.

Octave Chanute – Let us hope that the advent of a successful flying machine, now only dimly foreseen and nevertheless thought to be possible, will bring nothing but good into the world; that it shall abridge distance, make all parts of the globe accessible, bring men into closer relation with each other, advance civilization, and hasten the promised era in which there shall be nothing but peace and good will among all men.
Orson Welles – There are only two emotions in a plane: boredom and terror.
Otto Lilienthal – It will be no easy matter to construct a useful wing for man, built upon the lines of the natural wing and endowed with all the dynamically economical properties of the latter; and it will be even a more difficult task to master the wind, that erratic force which so often destroys our handiwork, with those material wings which nature has not made part of our own body. But we must admit the possibility that continued investigation and experience will bring us ever nearer to that solemn moment, when the first man will rise from earth by means of wings, if only for a few seconds, and mark that historical moment which heralds the inauguration of a new era in our civilization.

P. M. Forni – Few things would gratify me as much as a rediscovered respect for things belonging to others. Not abusing the property of others (or that of the community) is one of the ways in which we respect others. It is an essential part of being considerate guests, no matter where we are: in an airplane, in a friend’s home, in a movie theater, in a doctor’s office, in a public library, or in a public square.
Paul Dickson – Airplane Law, The: When the plane you are on is late, the plane you want to transfer to is on time.
Paul Getty – Before marriage, many couples are very much like people rushing to catch an airplane; once aboard, they turn into passengers. They just sit there.
Paul Goodman – In our truly remarkable an unexampled civil peace, where there are rarely fist fights; where no one is born, is gravely ill, or dies; where meat is eaten but no one sees an animal slaughtered; where scores of millions of cars, trains, elevators, and airplanes go their scheduled way and there is rarely a crash; where an immense production proceeds in orderly efficiency and the shelves are duly clears and nevertheless none of this come to joy or tragic grief or any other final good it is not surprising if there are explosions.
Paul Hellyer – UFO’s are as real as the airplanes flying overhead.
Paul MacCready – Anyone who’s not interested in model airplanes must have a screw loose somewhere.
Paul R. Ehrlich – I’m sort of optimistic about what we could do, but I’m very pessimistic about what we will do. I can’t tell you that Al Gore’s 10-year plan is impossible. I’m old enough to remember the Second World War – if we had a World War II-type mobilization, we might accomplish Gore’s plan. In 1940 we were making tens of thousands of automobiles, and in 1941 we were making tens of thousands of airplanes. We mobilized as a nation. If we get that kind of mobilization as a nation or globally, then we could solve a lot of these problems.
Paul Reubens – I’d love to work with Francis Ford Coppola. I met Coppola on an airplane.
Paul Smith – I was always making things. I made model airplanes and did a number of hands-on activities. I liked creating in some form or another, not realizing what it was all about.
Paul Theroux Airplanes have dulled and desensitized us; we are encumbered, like lovers in a suit of armor.
Paul Theroux – You define a good flight by negatives: you didn’t get hijacked, you didn’t crash, you didn’t throw up, you weren’t late, you weren’t nauseated by the food. So you are grateful.
Paul Walker – I’m a crazy car guy. I’ve got an airplane hangar full of cars.
Penn Jillette – The best way to fight the terrorists is to have the freest country on earth. You should be able to get on an airplane, and people – that will not possibly happen again.
Percy Knauth – Nowadays a businessman can go from his office straight to the airport, get into his airplane and fly six hundred or seven hundred miles without taking off his hat. He probably will not even mention this flight, which a bare twenty-five years ago would have meant wearing leather jacket and helmet and goggles and risking his neck every minute of the way.
Peter Gleick – How would we feel if you could pay extra to smoke on airplanes? When we decide something is a bad idea in general for society, we don’t want the rich to be able to buy their way out of it.
Peter Lerangis – “Don’t get me started on the little airplane name badges,” Natalie grumbled.
Peter Menzel – I like to move as much as possible and look at reflections, weird angles, subjects from airplanes and cranes.
Philip Cunliffe-Lister, 1st Earl of Swinton – We want the air to unite the peoples, and not to divide them.

Quentin Tarantino – If I’m on an airplane, a Kate Hudson movie is what I’m looking for. I’ll sit there and I’ll cry. I think it’s the altitude or something like that.

Rajashree Choudhury – On an airplane, you are always told to put on your own oxygen mask first. The same way in life, you need to take care of your health first. If you are not happy and healthy, you cannot make anyone else happy and healthy.
Ralph Royce – It’s Bernoulli not Marconi that flies the airplane.
Raymond Loewy – As a boy I had liked both drawing and physics, and I always abhorred the role of being a spectator. In 1908, when I was 15, I designed, built and flew a toy model airplane which won the then-famous James Gordon Bennett Cup. By 16 I had discovered that design could be fun and profitable, and this lesson has never been lost on me.
Rebecca Solnit – For me, being in a car or on an airplane is like being in limbo. It’s this dead zone between two places. But to walk, you’re some place that’s already interesting. You’re not just between places. Things are happening.
Reggie Watts – I think it’s important as a performer, no matter where I travel, if I run into someone at the airport or I’m having a conversation on an airplane, run into someone on the sidewalk, or you’re waiting on a long line and you start talking to somebody, who doesn’t really share a lot of your same views, but then you come to commonality, I think that’s very very important as well.
Regina Brett – There are few places you can find silence. Air travel could be the last fortress of solitude.
Reid Hoffman – The metaphor that I frequently use for entrepreneurship is jumping off a cliff and assembling an airplane plane on the way down.
Renee Fleming – One of my timesaving habits is to save all of my magazines and junk mail for airplane trips. I walk on the plane with a very heavy bundle, but by the time the trip is over, it can all be thrown away.
Richard Bach – An airplane stands for freedom, for joy, for the power to understand, and to demonstrate that understanding.
Richard Bach – Flying prevails whenever a man and his airplane are put to a test of maximum performance.
Richard Bach – He moves not through distance, but through the ranges of satisfaction that come from hauling himself up into the air with complete and utter control; from knowing himself and knowing his airplane so well that he can come somewhere close to touching, in his own special and solitary way, that thing that is called perfection.
Richard Bach – I belong to a group of men who fly alone. There is only one seat in the cockpit of a fighter airplane. There is no space alotted for another pilot to tune the radios in the weather or make the calls to air traffic control centers or to help with the emergency procedures or to call off the airspeed down final approach. There is no one else to break the solitude of a long cross-country flight. There is no one else to make decisions.
Richard Bach – I’m not a celebrity or near celebrity. Sometimes people will say, “You’re famous” and that stops me right there. What does fame mean? Fame is in the eye of the beholder. So, if somebody wants to call me ‘famous’, that’s their business. I’m just me, a guy who messes around with airplanes and writes books that make sense to him.
Richard Bach – I’ve learned that it is what I do not know that I fear, and I strive, outwardly from pride, inwardly from the knowledge that the unknown is what will finally kill me, to know all there is to be known about my airplane. I will never die.
Richard Bach – My airplane is quiet, and for a moment still an alien, still a stranger to the ground, I am home.
Richard Bach – The airplane is just a bunch of sticks and wires and cloth, a tool for learning about the sky and about what kind of person I am, when I fly.
Richard Bach – The highest art form of all is a human being in control of himself and his airplane in flight, urging the spirit of a machine to match his own.
Richard Bach – The man who flies an airplane … must believe in the unseen.
Richard Bach – Thousands of volumes have been written about aviation, but we do not automatically have thousands of true and special friends in their authors. That rare writer who comes alive on a page does it by giving of himself, by writing of meanings, and not just of fact or of things that have happened to him. The writers of flight who have done this are usually found together in a special section on private bookshelves.
Richard Bach – We’re different, we’re the same. You thought you’d never find a word to say to a woman who didn’t fly airplanes. I couldn’t imagine myself spending time with a man who didn’t love music. Could it be it’s not as important to be alike as it is to be curious? Because we’re different, we can have the fun of exchanging worlds, giving our loves and excitements to each other. You can learn music, I can learn flying. And that’s only the beginning. I think it would go on for us as long as we live.
Richard Bach – What I love doing is basically two things: I love flying airplanes and I love communication.
Richard Bach – When you’re flying, an airplane doesn’t care who you are; it doesn’t care how much money you make or don’t make. All it cares about is: How well do you fly? How well do you know the airplane? How well do you know the sky?
Richard Bach – Without my airplane I am an ordinary man, and a useless one – a trainer without a horse, a sculptor without marble, a priest without a god. Without an airplane I am a lonely consumer of hamburgers.
Richard Branson – So unlike having to convert, you know, all the cars’ or all the lorries’ petrol stations, once you’ve actually got the clean fuels, it’s relatively easy to, you know, get it to the airplanes.
Richard Hamming – Does anyone believe that the difference between the Lebesgue and Riemann integrals can have physical significance, and that whether say, an airplane would or would not fly could depend on this difference? If such were claimed, I should not care to fly in that plane.
Richard Lederer – When I travel on an airplane, I like to be served TWA milk and TWA coffee. But I love to be served TWA tea.
Richard Perle – No operational commander should have to assign a soldier a task that could be done as well by a computer, a remote sensor, or an unmanned airplane.
Rick Riordan – “We started this together, Leo. Seems only right you come along. You find us a ride, you’re in.” “Yes!” Leo pumped his fist. * * * * * Jason gazed up at the dragon and shook his head in amazement. “Leo, what have you done?” “Found a ride!” Leo beamed. “You said I could go on the quest if I got you a ride. Well, I got you a class-A metallic flying bad boy! Festus can take us anywhere!”
Rita Gelman – Take what happened to me in Bali. I planned on going to Ubud, then met a man on an airplane who told me it was too touristy. He gave me an address on the other side of the island, which turned out to be a palace where I lived for four years.
Rita Rudner – Most of the men sitting in first class on an airplane have really boring jobs.
Rita Rudner – You know the oxygen masks on airplanes? I don’t think there’s really any oxygen. I think they’re just to muffle the screams.
Robert Heinlein – Logic is a feeble reed, friend. “Logic” proved that airplanes can’t fly and that H-bombs won’t work and that stones don’t fall out of the sky. Logic is a way of saying that anything which didn’t happen yesterday won’t happen tomorrow.
Robert Barry – I shoot in black and white, sometimes color, sometimes if it looks good I shoot out the window of the airplanes or whatever, anything that – sometimes I secretly take secret photos, shoot video of people on the plane if it’s not too crowded. I don’t know, whatever comes up.
Robert Benchley – In America there are two classes of travel – first class, and with children.
Robert Breault – I guess, when you get down to it, a loving touch compensates for an unskilled hand about everywhere except in an airplane cockpit.
Robert Crippen – This vehicle is performing like a champ. I’ve got a super spaceship under me.
Robert Greene – I have sort of issues with my claustrophobia where being on an airplane or if I force myself, to put myself in these circumstances that I kind of, am afraid of, that can be a way to toughen me up.
Robert Kiyosaki – Starting a business is like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. In mid air, the entrepreneur begins building a parachute and hopes it opens before hitting the ground.
Robert L. Devaney – It has been said that the three great developments in twentieth century science are relativity, quantum mechanics, and chaos. That strikes me the same as saying that the three great developments in twentieth century engineering are the airplane, the computer, and the pop-top aluminum can. Chaos and fractals are not even twentieth century ideas: chaos was first observed by Poincare and fractals were familiar to Cantor a century ago, although neither man had the computer at his disposal to show the rest of the world the beauty he was seeing.
Rod Machado – Built into the human psyche, we have this … desire for liberty. I think with many people the airplane becomes the metaphor for liberation, for the ultimate sense of freedom.
Rodney Dangerfield – Once I pulled a job, I was so stupid. I picked a guy’s pocket on an airplane and made a run for it.
Roger Federer – Watching a movie a couple of weeks ago. An American movie. I can’t remember the name, but it wasn’t even a sad movie. It caught me off guard. I was on an airplane.
Ron Reagan – I have to say that flying on Air Force One sort of spoils you for coach on a regular airline.
Ron Weber – Never stop flying the airplane.
Roscoe Turner – There is no excuse for an airplane unless it will fly fast!
Rosellen Brown – It’s a job. It’s not a hobby. You don’t write the way you build a model airplane. You have to sit down and work, to schedule your time and stick to it. Even if it’s just for an hour or so each day, you have to get a babysitter and make the time. If you’re going to make writing succeed you have to approach it as a job.
Rosie Mercado – I’ll never forget this one time on an airplane when I was told in front of everyone that I had to purchase a second seat because I didn’t fit into one. The people nearby who heard it laughed while I cried. It was horrifying.
Ross Perot – If we did not have such a thing as an airplane today, we would probably create an agency the size of NASA to build one.
Ross Perot – Keep in mind our Constitution predates the Industrial Revolution. Our founders did not know about electricity, the train, telephones, radio, television, automobiles, airplanes, rockets, nuclear weapons, satellites, or space exploration. There’s a lot they didn’t know about. It would be interesting to see what kind of document they’d draft today. Just keeping it frozen in time won’t hack it.
Ross Smith – A flying-machine is something entirely apart from and above all other contrivances of man’s ingenuity. The aeroplane is the nearest thing to animate life that man has created. In the air a machine ceases indeed to be a mere piece of mechanism; it becomes animate and is capable not only of primary guidance and control, but actually of expressing a pilot’s temperament.
Roy Romer – Lets take flight simulation as an example. If youre trying to train a pilot, you can simulate almost the whole course. You dont have to get in an airplane until late in the process.
Rudolf Arnheim – Climbing is a heroic liberating act; and height spontaneously symbolizes things of high value, be it in the value of worldly power or of spirituality. To rise in an elevator, balloon, or airplane is to experience being liberated from weight, sublimated, invested with superhuman abilities. In addition, to rise from the earth is to approach the realm of light and overview. Therefore the negative overcoming of weight is at the same time the positive achievement of enlightenment and an unobstructed outlook.
Rush Limbaugh – I never really knew what it meant, to win, until one day I was flying on the Phoenix Suns airplane, the team plane, on the way to Chicago. I was talking to Danny Ainge on this flight, and he was talking about the concept of knowing how to win. And so he proceeded to give me from his perspective as an athlete, and now he’s a coach, what the whole concept of knowing how to win is, and he said part of it is rooted in experience, the experience of winning, but it’s attitudinal, it’s the belief that you should, it’s the belief that you can, it’s the belief.
Rush Limbaugh – I’ve been racking my brain. I’ve been trying to figure out how Bob Dole’s luggage got on my airplane…I told the doctor, I said, ‘Look, I’m worried about the next election.’ … A misunderstanding.
Rush Limbaugh – When we get this health care done, America, we’re going to be able to have regulations on how heavy you can be. And we’re going to be able to set up various tax penalties, for example, if you weigh more than we think you should or we just may not let you get on that airplane because your carbon footprint, you’re gonna waste so much jet fuel, we may not let you get on that bus, we may not let you drive your car, we may not build a bigger doorway for you to get through, may not give you a bigger toilet.
Ryan McGinley – There was no luxury. I never got on an airplane until I was 18. We drove everywhere. My dad was like, “Waste not, want not.”
Ryszard Kapuscinski – Pack the one bag. Unpack it, pack it, unpack it, pack it: passport, ticket, book, taxi, airport, check-in, beer, announcement, stairs, airplane, fasten seat-belt, air born, flight, rocking, sun, stars, space, hips of strolling stewardesses, read, sleep, clouds, falling engine speed, descent, circling, touch down, earth, unfasten seat-belt, stairs, airport, immunization book, visa, customs, questions, taxi, streets, houses, people, hotel, key, room, stuffiness, thirst, otherness, foreignness, loneliness, fatigue, life.

S. J. Perelman – Santa Barbara people are conservative-not like in L.A., where everybody wears rhinestones on their glasses to show that they own an airplane factory.
Sally Mann – It is easier for me to take ten good pictures in an airplane bathroom than in the gardens at Versailles.
Sally Ride – My background is in physics, so I was the mission specialist, who is sort of like the flight engineer on an airplane.
Sam Harris – It seems to me patently obvious that we can no more respect and tolerate vast differences in notions of human well-being than we can respect or tolerate vast differences in the notions about how disease spreads, or in the safety standards of buildings and airplanes.
Sam Walton – I’ve owned about 18 airplanes over the years, and I’ve never bought one of them new.
Samuel Butler – Flying. Whatever any other organism has been able to do man should surely be able to do also, though he may go a different way about it.
Satchel Paige – Airplanes may kill you, but they ain’t likely to hurt you.
Scott Adams – In the future, airplanes will be flown by a dog and a pilot. And the dog’s job will be to make sure that if the pilot tries to touch any of the buttons, the dog bites him.
Shania Twain – One day, someone said to me, ‘Do you want to go jump out of an airplane?’ I felt like I had nothing to lose anymore, so I said, ‘Why not?’ And every day since then, I ask myself that question.
Sharon Needles – I never stop working, I never stop creating. And I never sit around and wait for the industry to need me. I force the industry to want me by continuously creating what I do. And in this age of airplanes and Internet, it’s not about where you are, it’s more about what you do. But I travel every single day.
Shel Silverstein – I made an airplane out of stone. . . I always did like staying home.
Sheryl Crow – I would never put a video in front of my kid. While I don’t use videos as a babysitter, they have come in handy on the airplane.
Silvio Berlusconi – I don’t need to go into office for the power. I have houses all over the world, stupendous boats… beautiful airplanes, a beautiful wife, a beautiful family… I am making a sacrifice.
Simon Newcomb – Flight by machines heavier than air is unpractical and insignificant, if not utterly impossible.
Simon Newcomb – Quite likely the twentieth century is destined to see the natural forces which will enable us to fly from continent to continent with a speed far exceeding that of a bird.
Simon Newcomb – The demonstration that no possible combination of known substances, known forms of machinery and known forms of force, can be united in a practical machine by which men shall fly along distances through the air, seems to the writer as complete as it is possible for the demonstration to be.
Simon Newcomb – The mathematician of to-day admits that he can neither square the circle, duplicate the cube or trisect the angle. May not our mechanicians, in like manner, be ultimately forced to admit that aerial flight is one of that great class of problems with which men can never cope… I do not claim that this is a necessary conclusion from any past experience. But I do think that success must await progress of a different kind from that of invention.
Sissy Spacek – Texas is just so rich with characters. Women who live alone in a little house on a thousand acres with nothing but cattle and a pickup truck. And an airplane.
Sloane Crosley – I definitely rediscovered reading for pleasure by devoting such a large swath of my time to sitting on airplanes. I am now painfully adept at removing my shoes so as to have the least amount of foot surface area touching an airport floor.
Socrates – Man must rise above the Earth – to the top of the atmosphere and beyond – for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives.
Soong May-ling – Of all the inventions that have helped to unify China perhaps the airplane is the most outstanding. Its ability to annihilate distance has been in direct proportion to its achievements in assisting to annihilate suspicion and misunderstanding among provincial officials far removed from one another or from the officials at the seat of government.
Stephan Jenkins – I like that gathering moment where the music is about to begin, that moment right there. It’s like jumping out of an airplane. It’s that moment when the lights go out and then you’re in it.
Stephen Coonts – Airplanes are like women – pick what you like and try to get it away from the guy who has it, then dress it out to the limit of your wallet and taste.
Steve Ballmer – A plane is a guilty pleasure. I have one. It’s a great luxury. I appreciate it. I couldn’t do what I do. It’s not something you can write down as anything other than, “Wow, I can’t believe I have this and I’m absolutely spoiled and entitled.” On the other hand, I have one and I use it.
Steve Fossett – I pick projects according to how fascinating they are to me, and it has resulted in a broad reach. My records are actually in five different sports: balloons, airplanes, airships, gliders, and sailboats.
Steve Jobs – Some people can do one thing magnificently, like Michelangelo, and others make things like semiconductors or build 747 airplanes — that type of work requires legions of people. In order to do things well, that can’t be done by one person, you must find extraordinary people.
Steve Toltz – I was so happy I wanted to fold all the people into paper airplanes and fly them into the lidless eye of that big yellow moon.
Steve Yzerman – We have two tables on our airplane that are set up with the games.
Steven Chu – In the summer after kindergarten, a friend introduced me to the joys of building plastic model airplanes and warships. By the fourth grade, I graduated to an erector set and spent many happy hours constructing devices of unknown purpose where the main design criterion was to maximize the number of moving parts and overall size. The living room rug was frequently littered with hundreds of metal “girders” and tiny nuts and bolts surrounding half-finished structures. An understanding mother allowed me to keep the projects going for days on end.
Steven Spielberg – There’s going to be no more digital enhancements or digital additions to anything based on any film I direct. I’m not going to do any corrections digitally to even wires that show… If 1941 comes on Blu-ray I’m not going to go back and take the wires out because the Blu-ray will bring the wires out that are guiding the airplane down Hollywood Blvd. At this point right now I think letting movies exist in the era, with all the flaws and all of the flourishes, is a wonderful way to mark time and mark history.
Steven Tyler When that second airplane hit the building, we all changed. We need to get back to some serious thinking.
Steven Wright – Why don’t they make the whole plane out of that black box stuff.
Susan Rice – I do leisure reading but I don’t get to do it like, at one in the morning. When I getting up at six in the morning, so I do most of my leisure reading on vacation and on airplanes and that sort of stuff.
Sylvia Earle – Ironically the very energy, the very basis of how we know what we know, has been reliant on having an energy source [necessary] to build rockets to go to the moon and Mars, to support airplanes that fly, and satellites to give us our communication.

Ted Danson – If you take one rivet out of an airplane, it will be all right, it’ll keep flying. You take another rivet out of the airplane and it still flies. So what the heck, let’s take more rivets out of the airplane, and sooner or later, the airplane drops from the sky.
Ted Turner – To be happy in this world, first you need a cell phone and then you need an airplane. Then you’re truly wireless.
Temple Grandin – I’d rather have a kid come up to me and tell me that he loves dinosaurs or he loves airplanes or he likes training dogs or I like Shakespeare. I mean, just something.
Temple Grandin – My grandfather was an engineer who invented the automatic pilot for airplanes.
Terence Winter – I guess … I’m going to get that ice cream sundae they give you on the airplane. I usually pass on that, but I think I’m actually going to get extra whipped cream and maybe even the chocolate syrup. I’m really winging it here. I’m going to be flying. It’s really a little too early to start drinking.
Terry Gross – My father modestly referred to himself as the Great Santini when we were growing up. And he took it – I later learned he had seen a high-wire aerialist when he was a boy, and he was up doing acrobatics in his airplane, and when he came down one time – when was a young lieutenant – he said, I was better than the Great Santini today. And some of the other pilots heard it, and the nickname stuck.
Terry Jones – It’s a great time to book vacation travel for the winter, .. After the first of the year, airplanes are empty, resorts are empty, and they are very excited to get early bookings.
Thom Hartmann – Because nitrous oxide [released by nitrate-fertilised soil] is 296 times stronger than CO₂ at global warming and methane [cow farts] is about 26 times as potent as CO₂, the combined greenhouse effect of our livestock worldwide is greater than the sum total of all the cars, trains, busses, trucks, ships, airplanes and jets.
Thomas Keneally – Though, as he was torn into a pink upper air, she was a good craft to ride in, for her belly was firm and her breasts enabled a flying man good hold and emotions of heady safety. . . . Steering her peasant tits he bounded off stars.
Thor Heyerdahl – Surrounded by military airplanes and warships from the world’s most civilized and developed nations, we have been denied permission by friendly governments, for reasons of security, to land anywhere, but in the tiny, and still neutral, Republic of Djibouti.
Tig Notaro – I talk about airplanes and things like that while my scars are on clear view.
Tim Ferriss – World barista champions use the AeroPress to make coffee on the folding tray tables of airplanes.
Tina Fey – Researches reported that they developed a self-healing plastic that repairs itself if cracked. The plastic will change the way airplanes are built and medicine is practiced. In a related story, Joan Rivers will never die.
Tom Brokaw – I believe you make your own luck. My motto is ‘It’s always a mistake not to go.’ So I jump on the airplane, try new things—sometimes I get in way over my head, but then I think, I’ll work my way out of this somehow. A big part of making your own luck is just charging out of the gate every morning…The thing I love about living in New York is that I never fail to get up in the morning and think, Something adventurous is going to happen today. The energy is operating at full throttle all the time. And if you want to be lucky you’ve got to go out and take advantage of it.
Tom Brokaw – There has never been a military operation remotely approaching the scale and the complexity of D-Day. It involved 176,000 troops, more than 12,000 airplanes, almost 10,000 ships, boats, landing craft, frigates, sloops, and other special combat vessels–all involved in a surprise attack on the heavily fortified north coast of France, to secure a beachhead in the heart of enemy-held territory so that the march to Germany and victory could begin. It was daring, risky, confusing, bloody, and ultimately glorious.
Tom Conti – When the plane is delayed, it’s not the fault of the girl at the desk. I’m resigned to the fact that everything is out of my control and that air travel nowadays is barbaric.
Tom Waits – Children make up the best songs, anyway. Better than grown-ups. Kids are always working on songs and throwing them away, like little origami things or paper airplanes. They don’t care if they lose it; they’ll just make another one.
Tommy Cooper – And an airplane of spittle dived into the sea, there were no salivas.
Tracy Kidder – That’s when I feel most alive, he told me once on an airplane, when I’m helping people.
Tyler Perry – Flying radio-controlled airplanes [is my guiltiest pleasure]. Only God would give me a hobby where I’m looking up to the sky. It’s the only time where I am able to focus and concentrate on nothing but looking up. It’s a fascinating hobby.

Vanessa Hudgens – Touring is tough. You’re almost in a haze because you don’t really know where you are half the time: You’re in a hotel room one moment, and the next thing you know, you’re onstage performing for 60,000 people, then you’re back on an airplane. It’s very hectic and I couldn’t do it without my family.
Vladimir Nabokov – There are aphorisms that, like airplanes, stay up only while they are in motion.

Waldemar Kaempffert – It may be that the invention of the aeroplane flying-machine will be deemed to have been of less material value to the world than the discovery of Bessemer and open-hearth steel, or the perfection of the telegraph, or the introduction of new and more scientific methods in the management of our great industrial works. To us, however, the conquest of the air, to use a hackneyed phrase, is a technical triumph so dramatic and so amazing that it overshadows in importance every feat that the inventor has accomplished. If we are apt to lose our sense of proportion, it is not only because it was but yesterday that we learned the secret of the bird, but also because we have dreamed of flying long before we succeeded in ploughing the water in a dug-out canoe. From Icarus to the Wright Brothers is a far cry.
Waldemar Kaempffert – The aeroplane. . . is not capable of unlimited magnification. It is not likely that it will ever carry more than five or seven passengers. High speed monoplanes will carry even less. . . . Over cities, the aerial sentry or policeman will be found. A thousand aeroplanes flying to the opera must be kept in line and each allowed to alight upon the roof of the auditorium, in its proper turn.
Wally Lamb – Getting a job scared her but she was determined not to shy away from risk. That’s what life’s all about. Climbing out onto the airplane wing and jumping off.
Wally Schirra – Apollo was a big, unwieldy vehicle. I had a problem with the flight controllers over that. It would try to fare its way like an airplane.
Wally Schirra – Dad went to Canada to learn how to fly with the Royal Canadian Air Force. He took me on my first airplane ride, where I could have a hand on the stick.
Walter Cunningham – Any idiot can get an airplane off the ground, but an aviator earns his keep by bringing it back anytime, anywhere, under any circumstances that man and God can dream up.
Walter Raleigh – The engine is the heart of an airplane, but the pilot is its soul.
Walter Russell – There is a scientific explanation of healings by the power of Mind over matter which demonstrates that such healings are not miracles, but are within Nature’s law which cannot be transcended by either man or God. The Fact that they were beyond man’s comprehension did not prove that they were supernatural – for an airplane or radio would have been thought supernatural to dwellers in places far removed even one generation ago.
Walter Russell – You look at the steamboat, the railroad, the car, the airplane – not all of these were invented in the Anglo-American world, but they were popularized and extended by it. They were made possible by the financial architecture, the capital intensive operations invented and developed by the Anglo-Americans.
Warren Weaver – Science tries to answer the question: “How?” How do cells act in the body? How do you design an airplane that will fly faster than sound? How is a molecule of insulin constructed? Religion, by contrast, tries to answer the question: “Why?” Why was man created? Why ought I to tell the truth? Why must there be sorrow or pain or death? Science attempts to analyze how things and people and animals behave; it has no concern whether this behavior is good or bad, is purposeful or not. But religion is precisely the quest for such answers: whether an act is right or wrong, good or bad, and why.
Wendell Willkie – The modern airplane creates a new geographical dimension. A navigable ocean of air blankets the whole surface of the globe. There are no distant places any longer: the world is small and the world is one.
William Boeing – I think we can build a better plane.
William Davis – How many people, how many of us want to get on an airplane where you know only, only 20% of the pilots use the checklist? Why would you do that? I think we should be outraged because the technology is there, it’s totally available. We’re just not using it yet.
William J. Bernstein – No one in his right mind would walk into the cockpit of an airplane and try to fly it, or into an operating theater and open a belly. And yet they think nothing of managing their retirement assets. I’ve done all three, and I’m here to tell you that managing money is, in its most critical elements even more demanding than the first two.
William Langewiesche – I sometimes still go out hunting for bad weather, flying low in simple airplanes to explore the inner reaches of the clouds. Less experienced pilots occasionally join me, not to learn formal lessons about weather flying, but with a more advanced purpose in mind – to accompany me in the slow accumulation of experience through circumstances that never repeat in a place that defies mastery.
William Law – What can you conceive more silly and extravagant than to suppose a man racking his brains, and studying night and day how to fly?
William T. Piper – A speech is like an airplane engine. It may sound like hell but you’ve got to go on.
Wiz Khalifa – Tailor gang they rolling up those paper planes.
Wolfgang Langewiesche – A fierce and monkish art; a castigation of the flesh. You must cut out your imagination and not fly an airplane but regulate a half-dozen instruments . . . . At first, the conflicts between animal sense and engineering brain are irresistibly strong.
Wolfgang Langewiesche – Get rid at the outset of the idea that the airplane is only an air-going sort of automobile. It isn’t. It may sound like one and smell like one, and it may have been interior decorated to look like one; but the difference is—it goes on wings.
Wolfgang Puck – To me, an airplane is a great place to diet.

Xavier Durringer – If some actors were more realistic and others bordering on caricature, that would have been imbalanced. It would be as if we saw an airplane in a 3 Musketeers movie.

Yasmin Mogahed – When you fall in love with a work of art, you’d die to meet the artist. I am a student of the galleries of Pacific sunsets, full moon rises on the ocean, the clouds from an airplane, autumn forests in Raleigh, first fallen snows. And I’m dying to meet the artist.
Yves Rossy – I was a pilot and flying hang gliders, paragliders, aerobatics airplanes, and then I discovered skydiving. Free fall. Free. With nothing around you, just a parachute on your back. And you go down. But you don’t feel like you’re going down. Total freedom.

Zachary Quinto – Every time I get on an airplane I have a routine. I cover the inside of my nostrils with anti-bacterial ointment. I’m popping Zicam like it’s candy. And I drink, literally, from L.A. to New York, six bottles of water.



As our aerial odyssey comes to a close, the best airplane quotes serve as powerful echoes of the magic that unfolds when human ambition takes flight. From the poetic musings of aviators to the pragmatic wisdom of engineers, each phrase encapsulates the wonder of soaring above the clouds. The skies, once an unattainable realm, have become a playground for dreams and triumphs. So, let us carry these quotes about airplanes with us, a reminder that the sky is not the limit — it is the beginning of endless possibilities, where the spirit of aviation continues to inspire and propel us to new heights. As we land back on solid ground, may these words linger, inviting us to always look up and embrace the boundless horizons that await.

Always think of the best airplane quotes when you charter a private jet!

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