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Bombardier Learjet 40 XR

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Bombardier Learjet 40 XR

learjet 40

With a name as badass as Bombardier, one can only expect the Learjet 40 XR to be a capable aircraft. Considered to be in the light jet class, the 40 XR certainly provides great value for money. It packs quite a punch with its 2 turbofan Honeywell engines with a thrust of 3500 pounds each. The production for this particular jet lasted from 2005 to 2012. A total of 93 were built during its production. However, you can get a pre-owned one in great condition for about $1.9 million. It boasts many upgrades over the Learjet 40 which include the Primus 1000 avionics system, faster cruise speed, and a faster climb rate. A popular choice as an air ambulance, the 40 XR combines speed with efficiency with grace as an added ingredient.




Subtlety is the order of the day with the design philosophy of this jet. The shape is stylish yet does not overcorrect itself. The streaks running through the length of the aircraft give it a dimension that augments its all-hands-on-deck attitude. The exterior height of the jet stands at over 14 feet and a wingspan of 47 feet and 9 inches ensures that it is a formidable presence on the runway. The total length of the aircraft stands at 55 feet and 7 inches.




Moving into the interior of the jet provides for an impressive experience with the wooden paneling being a highlight of the cabin. While the cabin is certainly of no great size, it is designed in such a way that the square footage of the cabin (which is 369 cubic feet) is maximized in the right places. A cabin height of fewer than five feet makes it a tight squeeze. However, that is nothing out of the ordinary for private jets in its class. The internal baggage space of the jet stands at 15 cubic feet. The most impressive quality of the aircraft is the passenger capacity of 6 people which proves the Bombardier Learjet as a great punch in a relatively small package.

learjet 40 xr interior


The little plane that can

In terms of nautical miles, this jet can go on for about 1800 miles without needing refueling. The Learjet 40 XR used to cost nearly $11 million when new, making it one of the more expensive light jets. Moreover, the fact that all of the Learjet 40 XRs produced in the 7-year production run are still running today stands as a testament to the quality of engineering that people have come to expect from Bombardier. The estimated charter costs of the Learjet 40 XR stand at a reasonable $3350 per hour. For people who are looking to own this magnificent piece of machinery, the fixed costs per year are about $400,000 with the variable cost depending upon the usage of the jet itself. This number of $400,000 depends on the crew’s salary, training, cost of the hanger, insurance, and other miscellaneous costs. Per hour, the variable cost is about $1800 which is a decent bit less than the charter cost.

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