Cessna Citation Mustang Charter Guide

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Cessna Citation Mustang Charter Guide

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If there was ever a private jet name that could be described as quintessentially American, it would be the Cessna Citation Mustang. It shares its name with the legendary Ford Mustang, perhaps the single most iconic American car ever made. The Ford Mustang has roared through the wild backroads of America for many decades now and continues to be a car that has captured the imaginations of millions. One cannot help but think that the Citation Mustang might be taking inspiration from this legendary car. Considering the success that this particular aircraft has had during its production run, we can say that it is the definitive super light jet choice when it comes to North America. Conceived amongst a wave of other super light jets in the market, the Cessna Citation Mustang was an answer to the problem that everyone seems to face, the cost of fuel.

The idea with super light jets is that they compromise mainly on the size of the aircraft. Since the aircraft is much smaller and much ‘lighter’ than other larger jets, it can be powered by engines that are much more fuel efficient. This consequently means that the charter costs of these jets are also quite economical (compared to other private jets).

citation mustang charter

History of the Cessna Citation Mustang

Announced at the 2002 NBAA (not NBA) convention, the Citation Mustang first took to the skies in 2005. By 2006, Cessna was able to obtain FAA certification that allowed the jet to fly into conditions that were already known as icy. By 2007, the Citation Mustang was being delivered to eager customers who wanted to see exactly what the legendary jet maker had been up to. A price tag of $2.4 million made it a very enticing offer for people who wanted to buy into the legacy of the Citation name. Interestingly enough, the jet would have to experience its first few years in the backdrop of the financial crisis of 2007-2008. What is even more unbelievable is the fact that the Citation Mustang was able to achieve very solid sales in this time, selling 45 units in the first year in 2007 and then a whopping 101 in 2008, a number that was only bested by the sales of the next year in 2009, coming in at 125.

It can be argued that the financial crisis actually helped the cause of this particular super light jet as most people who were looking for larger jets decided to settle with the smaller but massively capable Cessna Citation Mustang.

Cessna Citation Mustang Charter

The charter cost for the Cessna Citation Mustang is pretty much in line with other jets in its class. You can expect to pay around $2500 to $3500 in terms of per hour cost for this amazing jet. When it comes to the range of the jet, the jet is able to cruise around for 1,343 nautical miles, which is again the same as other jets in this class.


The interior has a very classic feel that makes it look quintessentially American in all its sensibilities. The height of the cabin is about 4 feet and 6 inches, which is definitely going to be an issue for taller passengers, who will really need to bend down in order to fit in this place. The width of the cabin comes in at around 4 feet and 7 inches. However, the real redeeming quality is the length of the cabin, which is around 9 feet and 9 inches. The 4 travelers who will get to ride inside the interior of the jet will be quite comfortable. It is pertinent to mention that other rivals in this space such as the Phenom 100 are able to fit in more passengers in the same size constraints. Since production stopped in 2017, the Citation Mustang has been a great learning experience for Cessna in the smaller jet market.

Citation Mustang interior


There is nothing to write home about in the exterior of the jet. It is a fairly pedestrian design that you will not really notice if the jet was parked amongst other jets of the same size. However, what really sets the jet apart is its consistency. It has a very strong presence in the used market and since it only fits 4 passengers inside the jet, it is able to do so in absolute luxury, which might be preferable to a lot of people who don’t want to be cramped with more people inside the jet. On top of that, the flight record of the Citation Mustang is a relatively strong one.

The Cessna name is a brand that has persisted with the ups and downs of the aircraft market for decades upon decades. In terms of age, they are one of the oldest companies in the aviation industry that is continuously functioning. The biggest reason for this is the fact that public trust in the Cessna name is extremely high and considering that more than half of the total worldwide sales of this aircraft have come from North America, there is also a feeling of strong nationalistic pride being associated with this jet. While Cessna is definitely not on the same levels of glory that it had attained a few decades ago, the fact that it has survived many different financial crises, changing trends in the market and a few acquisitions, I would bet that the chapter on Cessna is yet to close in the book of private aviation.

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