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A Look Inside the Rocket Man’s Luxurious Private Jet

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A Look Inside the Rocket Man’s Luxurious Private Jet

There are very celebrities out there who have enjoyed the level of success and fame that Sir Elton John has been bestowed with. Known for his extravagant persona and a list of hits that would span pages upon pages, Sir Elton John is truly one of the greatest musicians of all time. Starting his career exactly 60 years ago, it is quite amazing that Elton John is still going today, mesmerizing generations with his classics.

His career is truly something to behold. Everything from rock bops to slow piano ballads can be found in his discography. He has also been a resounding success in musical films as well, composing the timeless soundtrack of ‘The Lion King’. In his 60-year career, he has sold 300 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling artists in history. In fact, in 2019, he was ranked by Billboard as the biggest solo artist in the history of the US and the third overall. With someone like Elton John, the list really does only go on and on. He was a trailblazer in the LGBT movement as well and has been openly gay since 1988. Considering the social stigma that he was up against in a much less forgiving world compared to today’s, Elton John’s genius doesn’t just extend to music but also several different social causes.

One thing we do know about rock stars is that they love to party and flaunt as much as they can. When you have had as decorated a career as Sir Elton John, one would be inclined to say that he deserves to flaunt his extravagant lifestyle as much as possible. Today, we will be performing a deep dive into Elton John’s lifestyle as well as his amazing private jet.

Sir Elton John’s Private Jet

Considering that he has sold over $500 million in records and is still an active musician to this day, it would come as no surprise that Sir Elton John has been rolling in the riches for a long time. Many would say that he is the product of the debauchery of the 1970s, a time when personality cults around bands were so strong that legions of fans would literally follow the band around in groups. A great example is Led Zeppelin and their ‘Starship’. The Starship was a massive Boeing 720 which was leased by the band during the 70s for their tours as well as all the other stuff they got up to.

Painted in gold, with the Led Zeppelin logo etched right into the aircraft gave away an aura of power that was hard to forget. Inside, the jet resembled more of a luxury bungalow than a private jet, coming complete with Persian carpets and a fireplace. Interestingly enough, the Starship would also end up being used by Elton John for the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Tour in 1973. It can even be said that Elton John is more often related to this jet that he leased compared to the ones that he has actually owned. The photo of him standing outside the jet dressed in all-whites in typical 70s fashion is an iconic moment that all hardcore Elton John fans are sure to remember.

Bombardier Global Express – A Grand Jet for A Grand Man

The Bombardier Global Express 6000 is the jet that Sir Elton John uses for his regular travel. One can instantly recognize the jet as it has a large, blue-colored E which symbolizes the fact that it belongs to Sir Elton John. Interestingly enough, the registration number of this jet is M – EDZE, which alludes to Elton John’s family. The E stands for Elton (obviously), the D stands for his partner David, the Z stands for his son Zachary and lastly, the E stands for his son Elijah. It is a truly beautiful tribute this his family that Sir Elton John has thought up. After all, eventually, this jet will move on to someone else who might as well decide to completely change up the jet. One thing that cannot be changed is the registration number of the jet, something that will always immortalize his commitment to his family.

The model year of the jet is from the turn of the century, with the jet easily being over 2 decades old. It is unclear whether Sir Elton John himself bought the jet new or it was someone else who eventually ended up selling it to the Rocketman.

sir elton john private jet

Trouble In Paradise

While one might expect that Sir Elton John’s life is as happy as possible, the odd accident is bound to happen to every one of us. Earlier this year, Sir Elton John’s private jet suffered a hydraulic failure which caused him to land in an emergency. The whole situation was compounded by the fact that there was a lot of turbulence in the air which made it extremely hard for the jet to land. In fact, there were two attempts to touch down which ended up failing spectacularly. Thankfully enough, the singer was completely safe as the very capable pilots were able to keep the situation under control and land safely.

What is perhaps the greatest indication of the singer’s unbreakable spirit is that he would eventually end up catching another flight to New York to play at Madison Square Garden that very day. While most performers would have been distraught enough to not travel that very day, Elton John seemed to be completely unaffected as he made sure to give the crowd the time of their lives with his performances. One can only stand back and applaud this man’s courage.

elton john private jet

A Look Inside the Jet

The Bombardier Global 6000 is truly a sight to behold. Today, the jet costs over $65 million new with a maximum capacity of 17 people who get to travel at a comfort level that is far above first-class. The galley of the jet has been made in the image of a Michelin-starred kitchen with a very clean design overall. There is a lot of focus placed on wood throughout the jet, which gives it a very elegant feel. In fact, the very seats of the jet have been designed in order to provide the greatest amount of lumbar support possible so performers like Sir Elton John can be well-rested and rock the crowds wherever they go. Equipped with the latest cabin management system as well as the industry’s fastest internet (Ka-band connectivity), the jet has been updated throughout the years in order to keep up with the technical requirements of the changing world.

There is a separate area for the crew so they can be as comfortable as possible and provide a service experience that the high-profile passengers will never forget. The Global 6000 has a massive range of 6000 nautical miles, which is over 11,000 kilometers. It is perfect for flying over the Atlantic. In fact, this aircraft can do you one better, being able to fly from New York to Moscow without taking a single break in between. The top speed takes you as close to the speed of sound as a big jet can, coming in at Mach 0.89. In terms of technical ability, perhaps the most impressive thing about the jet itself is that it is steep-approach-certified, meaning that the typical limit of large jets not being allowed on smaller runways is not a problem with this one. In fact, the jet can land at London City Airport, making it one of the very few long-range jets to have that capability. Overall, the spacious interior with its restrained styling combined with the unbelievable performance means that the price tag of $65 million starts to make sense.

Sir Elton John’s legacy is considered by many to be unmatched today and perhaps will always be unmatched till the end of times. The music business has evolved so much over the past 6 decades, with the death of Vinyl and the advent of streaming. However, Elton John is one of those very few who have persisted throughout these times, selling boatloads of records even today. What that says about an artist like him is that he shares a connection with the audience that transcends generations. While other musicians have been slowly phased out by the changing tides of time, Sir Elton John is still one of the brightest stars in the music business, 60 years after he started.

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