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Embraer Phenom 300

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Embraer Phenom 300

phenom 300

Brazilian manufacturer Embraer is one of the biggest producers of private aircraft. Their portfolio includes everything from commercial to agricultural aircraft, showing their wide-ranging expertise in the aviation business. They are the third-largest producer of civilian aircraft in the entire world.  Their offering, the Embraer Phenom 300 is one of the best light jets around. The aircraft has been in production since 2009 and costs around $9 million, depending on the number of options available in the jet. The range stands at over 1800 nautical miles for this aircraft.



The Phenom 300 follows a conventional design philosophy that is rooted in good proportions and an overall balanced approach to design. The exterior height of the aircraft stands at 16 ft 5 inches and the wingspan exceeds 53 feet in its length. The overall length of the aircraft comes out to about 52 feet. One of the more impressive numbers on the specs sheet of the Phenom 300 is the external baggage of 66 cubic feet. For a jet of its size, it is definitely on the higher side of the spectrum. Overall, the exterior certainly doesn’t disappoint and makes for a handsome appearance on the runway.



The interior of the Phenom 300 has been designed with particular attention given to detail throughout. One of the biggest ways it distinguishes itself from the rest of the crowd is the best-in-class passenger comfort. After all, private jets are built from the ground up to service the passenger to the greatest degree. The expression ‘go through hell with a smile’ is particularly relevant here. Considering the Phenom 300’s passenger comfort, a round-trip to hell and back would be quite pleasant an affair. The swept-wing design not only asserts its superiority over the straight wing design used by its competitors such as the Citation CJ4 but also exhibits a noticeable decrease in turbulence. To top off the cake with a cherry, the Phenom 300 is also the quietest aircraft in its class. This goes to show that the passenger experience is at the heart of Phenom 300’s philosophy.

phenom 300

Luxury that’s too good to be true

The recently introduced Bossa Nova package that comes equipped with the 300E is a notch above in terms of passenger comfort. This includes redesigned headrests, retractable armrests, adjustable thigh bolsters, and custom stitching. What’s even more impressive is the level of customization that is available with over 90 options that are available to be retrofitted in the Phenom 300 as well. You can truly make your aircraft yours by sprinkling little portions of your personal style throughout the interior.

Phenom 300 is perhaps the most popular jet in its class with it being the core part of fractional ownership models and charter fleet operators that sell jet cards. This speaks to the public popularity that this aircraft has garnered in the past 13 years since its introduction in 2009. For many people, when considering a relatively short journey inter-state journey with 5-6 people, the Phenom 300 and the 300E are indeed the way to go.

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