Gulfstream G100: A Charter Guide

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Gulfstream G100: A Charter Guide

gulfstream g100

When it comes to sheer attention to detail and ride comfort that truly redefines your conception of what private jets can be, Gulfstream is the only answer. One of the few aircraft manufacturers that has a lineup which stretches from light aircraft to super-long range heavy aircraft, Gulfstream’s expertise in crafting a great travelling experience is completely unmatched.


The history of this aircraft goes much deeper than other private jets. In 1985, Israel Aerospace Industries created the 1125 Astra with customer deliveries being started in 1986. An improved version called the Astra SP was released in 1989 with a total of 37 deliveries. This is where Gulfstream comes in. In 2001, Gulfstream acquired Galaxy Aerospace, the entity that held ownership of the type certificate of the Astra SP. They decided to rebrand the jet into the Gulfstream G100. So, Gulfstream took a jet that had been in production since 1986 and decided to give it a complete overhaul. The Gulfstream G100 is actually the third variant that was released in 1998 under the old name.

The Gulfstream G100 didn’t really turn out to be the winner that Gulfstream had hoped it would, so they decided to do another incremental upgrade to the aircraft, calling the upgraded version the G150. This variant was wider as well as had a longer fuselage. Since the aircraft came in the light jet category, it was also able to perform extremely steep landings. This allowed it to have permission to land in airports with a steeper than average landing angle such as the London City Airport. Interestingly enough, IAI was the manufacturer of the aircraft even when it was under the ownership of Gulfstream. They would be flown into the United States after being manufactured in Israel in order to have their interior fitted. Slow sales throughout the 2000s and 2010s meant that Gulfstream finally gave up on the G100 in 2016, announcing that would halt production and that the final deliveries would take place in 2017.

Gulfstream G100 Charter Costs

When it comes to private jet charter of a Gulfstream G100, the highly depreciated value makes it very good value in terms of owning as well as chartering. You can expect to buy a Gulfstream G100 for about $3-5 million depending on the condition and the model year of the aircraft. The charter cost is around $4500 per hour for this particular jet. While that may seem like a really hefty per hour cost for what is essentially a light jet, the amenities and the space in the cabin is one of the best in the entire light jet class. The killer feature of the Gulfstream G100 is its range, which is nearly 3000 nautical miles, a number that far exceeds other competitors in a similar price range. The aircraft is more than capable of performing transcontinental flights as well as the inter-state routes inside the US that it generally is used for.

Exterior of the G100

When you look at the aircraft from the outside, the first thing that you notice is its age. You can clearly tell that the roots of this design go back to the 80s, with the relatively dated design being one of the bigger cons of this aircraft. People who like a little bit of the vintage aesthetic will be at home with this aircraft, with the jet really standing out amongst other jets. The exterior height of the aircraft is 18 feet and 2 inches. The aircraft features very square dimensions, with the

wingspan (52 feet) and the length (55 feet) almost equal. The oval windows stand as a testament to the fact that the aircraft is from the Gulfstream family, making it extremely easy to spot. Lastly, the ‘crooked nose’ of the aircraft is definitely what makes it recognizable as well as does the job of dating the look. Personally, I feel that the design of the aircraft has a certain substance to it that in comparison to the sea of private jets of today (all of whom look extremely familiar to each other) affords it a certain level of uniqueness.


A single step into the aircraft and all your conceptions of the dated design are gone in a single moment. The interior of the aircraft screams Gulfstream from all sides. It looks on par with the most modern jets that you can find in the light jet market, which speaks volumes about the design work of Gulfstream. The jet has a passenger capacity of 7 people and has 1 and a half cabin zones as well. The seats are extremely comfortable as well, with genuine leather’s cushioning being the main reason. Overall, the aesthetic of the interior has a touch of class to it, with design elements being used in moderation instead of in excess. The length of the cabin is a very healthy 17.1 feet, with the width coming in at 4.76 feet. While you cannot stand upright in the cabin, the height of the cabin from top to bottom is about 5.58 feet. If you are a fan of packing heavy, then you don’t need to worry about bringing a few extra bags along. The spacious baggage storage compartment has a total volume of 64 cubic feet.

The Gulfstream G100 is a jet that has surprisingly not been able to penetrate the market the way Gulfstream had hoped. However, after its retirement, the jet which forms the middle ground between light jets and midsize jets (and has a used price tag closer to a light jet) has managed to carve a niche for itself in the used jet market.

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