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Gulfstream G500

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Gulfstream G500


There is no name that commands more respect than Gulfstream in the business jet industry. They are known for their no-compromise approach to aircraft building and their desire for perfection. The G500 is another jet in the Gulfstream bloodline that has upheld this longstanding tradition. Released in 2018, 58 G500s have been produced by Gulfstream. An ultra-long-range jet by class, the G500 boasts a very impressive range of 5200 nautical miles. This makes it a truly global jet.


Perfection personified

If I were to imagine the G500 as a human being, it would be the perfectionist executive. Dressed to kill and with a confident eye in his smile, success is another synonym of the Gulfstream G500 name. A top speed of 0.925 Mach means that journey times are significantly reduced to make sure that the passengers’ valuable time is saved as much as possible. A ventilation system that can replace the air of the cabin with fresh air in 2 minutes is only one of the many engineering marvels that the G500 boasts. Powered by two Rolls Royce BMW/RR BR-700-C4-11 engines, the takeoff thrust stands at an impressive 15,144 lbf. Some more impressive numbers include a takeoff distance of 5300 feet and a landing distance of 2620 feet.



The G500 is a beautiful aircraft. The pleasing yet clean aesthetic of the aircraft gives it an almost royal look and feel. That is even more apt considering the fact that this $44.5 million aircraft is indeed part of the royal pantheon of private business jet aircraft. The length of the aircraft is 99.2 feet with a tail height of 25.6 feet, giving it a rather planted stance. A wingspan of 86.4 feet gives it dimensions that are unique for an aircraft of this size. The maximum takeoff weight of 79,600 pounds is extremely impressive as well. The point of the matter is that there is no shortage of impressive numbers in relation to the G500. It is a powerful aircraft that is considered to be one of the best in its class due to its class-leading performance in numerous departments.

g500 interior


Moving inside the interior paints a similar picture of perfection. The design of the cabin was painstakingly created through a rigorous process, ensuring that the end product is the pinnacle of luxury and comfort. The cabin size of the G500 is extremely impressive at a volume of 1715 cubic feet. It can hold 19 passengers in a sitting and 10 in a sleeping arrangement. It is well equipped as well, featuring forward and aft lavatories and a large galley. There are custom flooring options as well, ranging from stone to wood. Being a relatively new aircraft (released in 2018), the cabin is filled to the brim with advanced technological options making sure that even at 51,000 feet in the air, you never miss a beat. After all, the whole point of an aircraft is to be even more interconnected with the world that exists around us. The G500 services the thesis of why we should all aspire to be the best version of ourselves because beyond the valley of perfection is the face of glory.

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