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Medium Jets

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Medium Jets

midsize jets

Medium Jets are private aircraft that fit comfortably in the middle in terms of size, capacity, and range. For people who are looking for more than regional travel but are still not ready for the commitment of a massive private jet, medium-sized aircraft become the de-facto choice. Offering more than 3000 miles of range, international travel becomes a possibility with this particular class of jets. Let’s put it this way: this range translates to non-stop travel between Paris to Athens or London to Moscow. You can travel from the cultural capital of the world, Paris to the capital of the ancient world, Athens in one flight. The passenger capacity of medium jets tops out to about 10 people in the largest of these jets such as the Citation Latitude.

Medium aircraft combine wide-body cabin space, high-altitude capability, longer range, and a comfort level that is impossible to achieve with lighter aircraft. They are also perhaps the most wide-ranging class among the main three. A Citation XLS+ has a range of about 1900 miles and belongs to the midsize category while a Citation Sovereign+ has a range of over 3000 miles and can be considered a super-midsize jet. A medium jet imposes its large size over a smaller jet and the usage of better-quality materials is apparent even externally. Entering the cabin opens up to a world designed from the ground up for maximum comfort. The first thing that one notices is the massive upgrade in terms of capacity and cabin space. One can almost stand upright in smaller jets of this class while the larger jets in this class allow most people to stand completely upright. Once you’ve ridden a medium jet, a light jet starts to feel cramped in comparison.


The best of both worlds

Medium-sized jets can be better understood as a big leap forward from the light jet class. In many ways, medium jets are a middle ground between light jets and heavy jets. Essentially. Medium-sized jets are the deal that strikes the balance just right. They address the bottlenecks of light jets in terms of range and luggage capacity yet still are a far cry from the prices of heavy jets that easily run north of $70 million. That’s also reflected in the price difference as well. If you’re looking for a midsize jet, be ready to burn a hole ranging from $9.25 million to $24 million in your bank account.

gulfstream g280


More space to stretch your legs

Medium-sized jets address the concerns that people have with light jets. One of the most prevalent of these concerns is cabin size. The Gulfstream G150 is a great example of that. A total baggage capacity of 80 cubic feet, a cabin width of 5.8 feet, and cabin length of 17.7 feet all while being the quietest aircraft in its class is a testament to the degree of refinement that the Gulfstream name brings to the table. If you’re going to pay $9.15 million for a pre-owned Gulfstream G150, you deserve to not be choosing between what to carry and what not to.


Luxury that has no limits

With medium-sized jets, the price bracket starts to approach the ‘serious money’ level. For perspective, $24 million (in the upper echelons of the price bracket) will buy you an 8-bed mansion in Santa Monica, California. This is not a typical mansion; this is quite literally the kind of mansion that crime bosses in movies from the 70s have. So, for money that can buy you a mansion that Tony Montana would have been proud to own, what kind of amenities do you get for it? The Gulfstream G280 is a good case study. This special aircraft can carry 10 people in two different seating areas. The pressurized water system is a luxury that few aircraft enjoy. Even the height of the cabin is 1.9m, you can walk upright in the cabin even if you’re taller than average. On top of that, the floor area is substantially larger than other conventional jets in the same class.

The upper echelons of the medium-sized jet bracket show levels of luxury and features that seem a far cry from a light jet. In essence, you get exactly what you pay for.

falcon 2000


Cost of renting a medium-sized jet

What is the one thing that can truly cap off a magical night filled with wine and Filet Mignon to celebrate your 10th anniversary? A jet charter, combined with in-flight catering and the view of the ocean being flown over. There are several options available for people who do not yet want to take the leap of faith of buying a jet. The most popular one is simply renting one out. Considering the significant upgrade that midsize jets allow over light jets, the hourly cost reflects that. For a medium jet, the cost can be anything from $3500 to the relatively smaller jets with lesser options to over $6000 for larger jets with a plethora of options to amuse you.

A flight from New York to Aspen with 8 passengers on a round-trip will cost around $4250 per hour. The total distance of the trip would be about 3500 miles and a jet like the Hawker 800 XP will be able to cover this in around 11 hours of flight time. The total cost of the trip would be over $45,000 for the jet itself. There are other costs that must be taken into consideration as well. A crew of 2 will require a total overnight cost of about $3000. Add that to the landing fees of $500 and a federal excise tax of over $3500. Overall, you’re looking at well over $50,000 for the trip. $50,000 is certainly an intimidating number. However, when you consider the fact that the cost per passenger is about $6250, the numbers start to make sense. While this is more expensive than first-class travel, the amenities on board and the privacy are certainly pluses that must be appreciated.

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