10 of the Smallest Private Jets in the World

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10 of the Smallest Private Jets in the World

Small is something that used to be looked down upon by society. Some would say that it was due to the residual effect of the sensibilities of the caveman still deeply embedded somewhere in the tunnels of the psyche. Back when mankind had no way to defend itself from wild animals during the dead of the night, the only thing that could protect you was your sheer size. To be small was to be looked down upon by mother nature and evolution. However, in the modern age of today, reduction in size is the name of the game. We want our workstations to be thin and small. In fact, the smartphone has become the modern workstation for most people. There are people managing multi-billion-dollar businesses with only a phone and a charger. The modern world rewards agility, efficiency, and being small. We aspire for our carbon footprint to be small and our tax incidence to be even smaller. The small revolution has taken over the world and private jets are no different. Rather than being seen as technologically inferior to their larger cousins, smaller private jets are actually celebrated for being able to fit all that technology and create a fully airborne jet in a relatively small package. Without further ado, these are the 10 smallest private jets that you can find in the world.

10. Cessna Citation CJ4

Cessna is a name forever infused into the collective memories of people when they think of private jet aircraft. Having been around for almost a century, Cessna has seen the many downturns and upturns in the market. Times have changed by the spirit of success in the offices of Cessna is yet to be dampened. This is perfectly reflected by the CJ4. What is perhaps most surprising about this aircraft is the fact that it can carry nine passengers inside its tiny cabin. An even more interesting number is the range of 2259 miles which is also an outlier for jets in this class. In 2011, the FAA grounded all Cessna Citation CJ4s in service due to a battery issue which was cleared later on and the jet was allowed to fly. The swept-wing design is also somewhat rare for a jet in this size class as well which allows it to retain a unique identity amongst its peers. However, all of these shiny features come at quite a price, $9.41 million to be exact.

9. Embraer Phenom 300

Number 9 on this list is the Phenom 300 from the Brazilian manufacturer, Embraer. Arguably the most successful aerospace manufacturer of the 21st century. Embraer has stamped its name on not just private aircraft but also military and even agricultural aircraft as well. The Phenom 300 is a fine example of the level of engineering that is considered the norm at Embraer. In fact, it is the largest aircraft that can be flown by a single pilot. Coming in at about 52 feet of length, it is certainly a tad bit bigger than other jets on the list, but it is also more ‘complete’. The fact that it can carry 9 people and has an onboard lavatory is certainly very impressive especially considering the fact that is a small aircraft by all conceivable metrics. The range comes in at a huge 2268 miles which for its size class is a complete outlier. A new Phenom 300 will cost about $8.76 million but we recommend that it is certainly worth the money.

8. Embraer Phenom 100

The younger brother to the aforementioned Phenom 300, the 100 takes everything that makes the 300 great and puts it in an even more bite-sized package. It is about 10 feet shorter than the 300 and can only hold 6 passengers in the plane. Coming in at nearly half the price of the 300, the 100 is certainly a great option for people who are looking to travel frequently between states while also keeping their fuel and crew costs low. It comes with an optional belted lavatory as well. A maximum speed of 750 km/h is quite impressive as well considering the small stature of the aircraft. The range stands at 1179 miles on a full tank. In the 100 series, there is the Phenom 100E, an upgrade to the 100. After the 100E comes the 100EV which has a multitude of features added to it to make the package even more enticing.

7. One Aviation Eclipse 700 “Canada”

This is where it gets really interesting. The name is quite a mouthful, but we will just refer to it as the Eclipse 700 for ease. An upgrade over its predecessor, the 500/550, the Eclipse 700 costs about $3.6 million. For that money, you get a top speed of 706 km/h and a range of 1470 miles which is an upgrade over even the Phenom 100. It only requires a distance of 2400 feet to be able to take off and a distance of 2900 for landing. The project was announced to be in development in 2017 by Alan Klapmeier, the chairman of One Aviation. It has a total length of 35 feet externally, so it is quite a miracle how it is able to house six passengers in the cabin at once.

6. One Aviation Eclipse 500

The Eclipse 500 is the older but smaller cousin of the 700. The 500 and 550 measure at only 33 feet. At this point, the luxuries start to become rare, especially considering the fact that this jet does not have a lavatory on board. So, if you ever get to ride this machine, it is advisable that you make sure not to drink too much water. A maximum speed of 425 miles per hour is quite impressive for this small machine as well. The exterior of the aircraft has a sensibility that reminds one of a small roadster cruising the highway and going through twists and turns on a winding road like no other. It started production in 2002 and bowed out in 2006, selling 293 units during its successful 4-year stint. The range stands at 1295 miles which is certainly on the lower side of the spectrum but definitely impressive for an aircraft that is only 33 feet long.

5. Beechcraft Premier IA

If there was ever a name that could be described as perfectly American, the Hawker Beechcraft Premier IA would certainly be a contender for that spot. This aircraft can carry seven people and can achieve a top speed of 523 miles per hour. Debuting in 2001, this aircraft was in production till 2012. During this time, 292 examples of this aircraft were made. In fact, the original Beechcraft Premier I was poorly received due to its numerous issues such as its brakes and erratic lift dump. It failed completely on the promise of luxury that the company had made to its buyers. In fact, the cabin was considered to be extremely noisy, and the quality control of the cockpit was all over the place. All was set right however when the Premier IA was released to the public in 2006 at a price of $7 million. The range comes in at about 1700 miles as well.

4. Stratos 714

Stratos is a company that has not been around for a long time. The aircraft itself only made its first flight in 2016 and is still suspended in an embryonic stage. The cause of this is a lack of funding which has halted the process of type certification. The numbers do look to be promising though. The aircraft is able to seat anywhere from 4 to six people and can travel at 740 km/h. What is most surprising is the simply staggering range of the aircraft, which is nearly 1800 miles. This might not seem so impressive but to put everything into perspective, here’s a number, 26 feet. Yes, this aircraft is only 26 feet long. Think that a steel bird that is supposed to protect you from the infinite power of air resistance and gravity is less than 30 feet long. What this really speaks to is the sheer engineering genius required to synthesize such an aircraft. There is only one unit in existence and until the company is able to reach production, that’s all we will ever have of this remarkable machine.

3. Learjet 45XR

Learjet is one of the pioneers of the private aircraft industry. In fact, the very conception of the private jet aircraft was solidified by trailblazers such as Learjet using experimental technology to break through barriers and reach a new crescendo of discovery. This aircraft was released in 1995 and completed a glorious production run of 17 years in 2012. No aircraft has sold more than this fan favorite as well, with its total sales coming in at 642 units. The top speed stands at around 535 miles an hour and buying a used one will be a cost-effective option for people looking to invest in the historical name of Learjet as well.

2. Honda HA-420 HondaJet

Honda is not a name that one expects to be associated with private jets. While they may be mainly known for their road cars, Honda produces motorcycles, aircraft, lawn and garden equipment, scooters, and electric generators. The list goes on and on. Honda’s expertise in engineering also shone through this model as well, with it receiving a ton of accolades after its introduction. It has a passenger capacity of 6 and has a top speed just shy of 485 miles an hour. When new, the aircraft used to cost $3.6 million. There have been 200 examples built of this impressive aircraft and people continue to place it on their list of favorite aircraft to this day.

1. Cirrus Vision Jet

There is no other name that could top this list. When it comes to really cutting down the size, no one has been even remotely as successful as this glorious aircraft. In fact, it is the only single-engine aircraft to ever be certified by the FAA. It even won the Robert J. Collier Trophy, a prestigious award for aeronautical achievement. It stands at only 11 feet tall and also has a very unique body structure that means that it is instantly recognizable on any runway around the world. The number that is the most important is the price, which stands at only over $2 million. $2 million might be a lot of money in the normal world but it doesn’t count for much in the high-flying world of private jets.


These are some of the smallest private jets that can be bought today. Each one is more impressive than the next due to one reason or another. The only thing that truly binds them together is the sheer motivation to succeed and innovate. The boundaries are being defined and redefined each day as the behemoths in the aircraft industry are keen to come up with the next big break, the next paradigm shift that will transform the game.




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