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August Events-Based Travel Ideas

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August Events-Based Travel Ideas

August carved into a sandy beach with turquoise ocean water above for August events.

August is the month when the world beckons to intrepid travelers with a siren’s call for adventure and opportunity. In the realm of aviation, the skies are abuzz with the promise of thrilling airshows and breathtaking aerial displays. For business-savvy globetrotters, it’s a chance to network at international trade expos and seal deals in exotic locales. Culturally inclined travelers can immerse themselves in a tapestry of traditions and festivals from around the world, while holiday seekers can chase the sun and savor dreamy getaways. Sports enthusiasts can witness unparalleled athletic prowess at major tournaments, and those who yearn for the open sea can set sail on luxurious yachts, embracing the epitome of relaxation and opulence. August is the canvas, and the world is your masterpiece – where will your journey take you? Peruse some of the August travel ideas below and further explore any that pique your interest. And, if you might want to charter a private jet to any of these August events, just send us a quick quote request.

Further explore each of the August Events-Based Travel Ideas:

Aviation Events

LABACE – Latin America Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition
CARIBAVIA Conference
Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Convention
GBTA North America Conference

Business Events

TED Global

Culture & Society Events

Venice International Film Festival
Istanbul Fashion Week
Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance


World Humanitarian Day
National Aviation Day

Sports & Competition Events

Women’s British Open
FIFA Women’s World Cup Final
UEFA Super Cup
Sotogrande Gold Cup Polo Championship
British Ladies Open Polo Championships
Vuelta a España (through September)
UCI Cycling World Championships
Summer Paralympics
Little League World Series

Yachting Events

America’s Cup (through October)
Safe Harbor Race Weekend

As the sun sets on August, a symphony of memories and experiences linger in the hearts of world travelers. The roar of jet engines and the graceful dance of aircraft in aviation shows become indelible images. Business tycoons close deals beneath the shadow of iconic landmarks, forging global connections that will shape the future. The echoes of diverse cultures and societies, celebrated through vivid festivals, resonate within travelers’ souls. Families and friends relish the shared moments of bliss in holiday paradises, and the roar of crowds and the thrill of victory linger in the memories of sports enthusiasts. Lastly, the tranquil, azure waters cradle the memories of yachting adventures, where the world slowed down and serenity reigned. August, with its eclectic offerings, leaves travelers with a trove of precious experiences, ensuring they are forever enriched by the joys of the journey.

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