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Dubai Airshow

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Dubai Airshow

Airplanes performing stunts over the sea with red and green smoke trailing at the Dubai Airshow.

The Dubai Airshow is one of the most prominent and exciting aviation events on Earth, attracting thousands of visitors from around the world every two years. Since its unveiling in 1986, the event has grown in popularity and size, attracting participants and exhibitors from all sectors of the aviation industry. From commercial aviation to military aviation, the Dubai Airshow offers a unique platform for networking, learning, and showcasing the latest innovations & technology in the aviation sector.


History of the Dubai Airshow

The Dubai Airshow was first launched in 1986 and was held at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The first event attracted just over 200 exhibitors and around 25,000 visitors. Since then, the show has been held every two years and has grown significantly in size and stature.

One of the reasons for the success of this particular airshow is the strategic location of Dubai. The city is located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, making it a vital hub for the aviation industry. The city’s state-of-the-art infrastructure, modern airports, and excellent transport links have also contributed to its success as a leading aviation hub.

Over the years, the Dubai Airshow has become a must-attend event for the aviation industry. The show has attracted some of the biggest names in the industry, including Boeing, Airbus, and Rolls-Royce. It has also provided a platform for smaller and emerging companies to showcase their innovations and products to a global audience.


The Importance of this Airshow for the Future of Aviation

The Dubai Airshow plays a critical role in shaping the future of the aviation industry. It provides a platform for aviation companies to showcase their latest products, innovations, and technologies to a global audience. It also offers a unique opportunity for industry experts and leaders to come together, network, and share knowledge and expertise.

One of the key areas of focus for Dubai’s preeminent airshow is sustainable aviation. With climate change and environmental concerns continuing their track of ever-increasing importance, the aviation industry is under pressure to reduce its carbon footprint. The Dubai Airshow provides a platform for companies to showcase their latest innovations in sustainable aviation, including alternative fuels and electric planes.

Another area of focus for this noteworthy aviation event is the future of air travel in general. With technological advancements, including artificial intelligence and virtual reality, the aviation industry is evolving rapidly. The airshow provides a unique opportunity for companies to showcase their latest technology and innovations, including autonomous planes and drone technology.

The Dubai Airshow also plays an influential role in shaping the future of the Middle East aviation industry. The region is one of the fastest-growing aviation markets in the world, with Dubai leading the way. The airshow provides a platform for companies to showcase their latest technologies & products to the Middle East market and to explore new business opportunities.

Dubai’s airshow is also a significant platform for the military aviation industry. With the Middle East being one of the most volatile regions in the world, military aviation is an essential component of the region’s security. The Dubai Airshow provides an opportunity for countries to showcase their latest military aviation technology and explore opportunities for collaboration and partnerships.



The Dubai Airshow is a must-attend event for the aviation industry. The event offers a special platform for companies to exhibit their latest products and innovations, network with aviation industry leaders and experts, and explore new business opportunities. With the aviation industry evolving rapidly, the Dubai Airshow plays a meaningful role in shaping the future of the industry, including sustainable aviation and the future of air travel. As the event continues its growth in popularity and size, it will remain an essential event for anyone in the aviation industry.


Typical Dubai Airshow dates: November (biennial)

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