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Feature Articles

Welcome to your Feature Presentation! Long-haul flights require the most time in the air and take you to the most far-off destinations… coincidentally, that’s just what our features do too! By far the publication’s longest pieces, our award-winning feature articles take endurance to get through just as you’d expect from your transcontinental and transglobal long-haul flights. If you persevere to the end, however, both the articles and the flights will offer rewards that no puddle jumper or comparably short writing can attain.

Just as every long-haul route is different and has its own unique views (and challenges for those in the cockpit), each one of our features is also distinct from all of the others. While there may be a feature series occasionally, every one of our main features is an in-depth story that stands on its own.

Whether an investigative report, personal essay on the essence of flying, first-person account of a private jet trip, or an entirely random Flight of Fancy that contains elements of all other PJCF magazine sections, every one of these is designed to be read in a sitting. There’s no need to worry about what was reported last month, or will be reported next month, or even what else is reported this month, because each feature article is interesting and informative enough to absorb your attention for the duration.

As for subjects, it’s impossible to predict precisely what will be in a future month’s features because the world of private flight is always changing. We source many ideas from writers and editors connected to the industry, and the very best suggestions are the ones that get covered. Often, those are what’s most important in the world of private flight.

The length of the features is what distinguishes them from all other sections, much like the length of long-haul flights separate them from all shorter journeys. With an expansive space, writers are able to include insights, details and nuances that often must be overlooked in other sections — and it’s this breadth of focused content that make the features truly come alive. Whether you’re getting the scent of a distant destination, a detailed guide on flight preparation, or an explanation of the latest events in the aviation industry, this is where you can really appreciate and learn about the topic being covered.

Moreover, our features are intentionally designed to appeal to anyone and everyone who’s connected with or interested in the private flight industry. We don’t just cater to the wealthy high-flyers, but produce material that will also be welcomely devoured by captains and flight attendants, mechanics and grounds crews, airport managers and air traffic controllers, aircraft owners and private jet charter operators, travel agents and global travelers, and every aviation enthusiast in the world. Whatever your role in this world above the world, you will find the material covered in features helpful, insightful, and intriguing.

If you only have a minute before your next activities, there are many other suitable sections in the magazine that will be of interest in their own right. But when you have time to sit back and relax, settle into your plush leather reclining seat and lose yourself in one of the features. You’ll find the longer piece well worth the time it requires, just as you appreciate the long-haul journeys when you finally get to that next far-off destination.


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