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Getaways mean different things to different people. What does a getaway mean to you? Is it a break from your usual routine? Voyaging off to somewhere unknown for a new experience? Not setting your alarm or making appointments for a day? Is it escaping to somewhere warm to clear your mind of work and responsibilities? No matter your definition of an ideal getaway, we’ll help you find more, in this section of PJC Flights of Fancy. So what can you expect to read about when you join us on these adventures?

  • Romantic Dream Getaways for Couples
  • Memory Making Family Vacations
  • Party Destinations Where Sleep Doesn’t Occur Until After Sunrise
  • Beaches with Great Beauty and Few People
  • Mountain Destinations with Breathtaking Vistas
  • High-End Ultra-Luxury Spas
  • Golf Vacations That Never Get Old
  • Private Chalets in the Best Ski Locations in the World
  • Adventure Vacations to Challenge Your Limits
  • Luxury Tours with Small Groups of Travelers
  • Safaris with Unimaginable Luxurious Amenities
  • Exploring Heritage Sites World-Wide
  • Destinations Geared Toward Your Special Interests


Or, maybe getting away means flying to some of the best and most iconic events in the world? Visit the Fly In — Fly Out Event Calendar section to see what’s on the horizon!

Bottom line … do you always take the same type of vacation? Travel to the same destination every year? We love doing that, too, but … why not expand your world and try something different? The Earth is a giant planet housing unsurpassed magnificence all around us. Travel to a destination you’ve never heard of. Experience luxury and pampering in someplace new. Expand your comfort level and experience activities that you might never have considered trying.

Are you looking for an exotic location with natural beauty? Do you prefer events that a big city has to offer? Are you ready to travel, but don’t know where to go? Do you want to fly your own aircraft to a remote location? Would you prefer to charter a jet? Do you work harder than most people realize? Are you looking for amazing experiences? Do you want more out of life?

Maybe it’s time to figure out where to go next. See what’s out there …


Visit Getaways – Private Jet Charter Flights of Fancy to read some amazing articles!

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