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Flying to the City of Love? Top Tips for a Private Jet Charter to Paris

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Flying to the City of Love? Top Tips for a Private Jet Charter to Paris

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Paris is known in the hearts of lovers as the city of love. The Eiffel Tower has become an international symbol that celebrates the sheer diversity of Paris and its beautiful streets. If someone were to ask me what my happy place is, I’d happily reply that my happy place is a café that has the view of the Eiffel Tower. For that moment, I could just dissolve into the air itself and feel myself as a living, loving and breathing part of my surroundings. Paris is not just the city of love; Paris is the true embodiment of love. Let’s say that your wedding anniversary is right around the corner. You want to do something truly special for your loved one. You want to make sure that they know the fact that you love them more than anything in your life and thus you want to go all out for your wedding anniversary. And what better way to achieve that than to go to the city of love? This is the backstory of why you have ended up here.

Should I fly commercial or private?

Now, the pertinent question is: Should we fly private or commercial? The big advantage of flying commercial is simply the fact that it is cheaper than flying private. However, considering that  you are going to be celebrating a special occasion, flying private starts to make sense. There are some other advantages as well. You can spin it any way you want, even the most luxurious of commercial flying will always leave you wanting more privacy. There is always a child crying in the cabin somewhere and it is overall a very miserable experience. You don’t want to ruin the romantic mood of the whole vacation with the wail of a baby or the terrible body odor of other people. You want this experience to last, you want the memories to be picture perfect. You want to whole scene to be out of some money. As you and your significant other look at each other with the freshness of a new love, there should be nothing else to ruin the scenery.

Cost of London to Paris on a private jet

So, now that you have realized that the best choice for your situation is flying private, let’s get into how much its going to cost you. Since London to Paris is a very common journey that people undertake, our case study will also be based on that. The cost of private aircraft travel is mostly based on the kind of jet that you want to use. For 1-4 people, a Citation Mustang will cost close to £5,500 for the one-way journey. It has 4 seats and is a more budget conscious option for people who are not looking to breaking the bank for their journey. With 7 seats, a Phenom 300 will cost you £8,000 for the one-way journey. With a range of 2268 m, it is a capable aircraft that is considered to be a part of the light business jet category. A great feature is the reclining flat beds that will help you rest through the journey. For people who are really looking to splash some cash, the Legacy 600 is a great option as a VIP aircraft. The 13 seats combined with huge luggage capacity mean that the Legacy 600 is a true people’s carrier. This does not come cheap however, with a one-way price of £16,800.

Private jet airports in London and Paris

London has a total of 14 private jet airports. Some of the most popular ones include London Luton Airport, London Farnborough Airport, London Biggin Hill Airport, London Oxford Airport, London Northolt Airport, London City Airport. Private jet traffic in Paris is mostly received by the Paris le Bourget airport which is one of the busiest airports in the entirety of Europe.

Empty leg flights

A great way to save some money is to make use of empty leg flights. Essentially, whenever someone books a private jet to go to a certain place, that private jet has to make the flight back to its home base. The flight back essentially is known as an empty leg flight. These flights are generally available for a cheaper price and can be a great way of saving a handsome amount of money. The one big disadvantage is that you cannot dictate your schedule. An empty leg flight will be tied to the schedule of the original flight and thus the timing for this flight will be fixed. If that time works for you, then it means that you have saved a decent bit of money. If the time doesn’t work, then you have lost that chance.

Other tips

There are some miscellaneous tips that you make great use of when flying private. Always book in advance. Chances are that you want to take your significant other to Paris on Valentines Day, the only issue is that other couples will also have the same idea. This means that private jet charter companies jack up the price during these times and if you wait till the last minute, you will have to pay a lot more. There is also a thing called group charters. Essentially, you can share the flight with another group of people and that slashes the cost as well. Private jet providers also offer a no-frills option where extra services (like catering) are not included. This works especially well if your journey is a short one. Another great way of minimizing cost is by contacting private flight brokers. These people have connections in the industry and also have years of experience which means that they will find you the best deal possible and take a small cut for themselves. Lastly, you can use an older model aircraft as older aircrafts’ charter costs are much cheaper than new ones.

Private jets are symbolic of being the ultimate sign of luxury. They are magnificent creatures, like horses galloping in the plains of the sky. In many ways, they are an engineering marvel that still boggles the mind today. The next time you see a plane fly by, think about the fact that this massive steel bird is being commandeered by one tiny human being. All technological advances are to some extent the sum of all the human innovations that had to take place before we could get to this moment in time. In many ways, we humans stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. You are here reading this article about the cost of flying to Paris for a nice weekend with your significant other on your phone/laptop because a string of events had to take place in a certain way. In many ways, this puts into perspective the fact that even if one thing was changed throughout this chain of events, nothing would be the same. So, these were some of the tips that you can employ to make sure that your private jet trip to Paris is not only filled with beautiful memories but is also extremely cost effective as well. If you play your card rights and get a great deal on an empty leg flight, you would be making savings worth thousands of pounds (depending on the services and the aircraft that you have chosen). Long live love. Au revoir!



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