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Fly off to the Aloha State: Chartering a Private Jet to Hawaii

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Fly off to the Aloha State: Chartering a Private Jet to Hawaii

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Hawaii is one of the most popular travel destinations in the entire world. According to research conducted by the Hawaii Tourism Authority in 2017, Hawaii saw close to 9.4 million visitors. As a cultural force, Hawaii stands tall amongst other tourist destinations, especially for visitors from the US and Japan. Interestingly enough, Hawaii Island has deep-running cultural and historical ties with Japan, garnering over a million tourists from Japan alone in 2017. For many, the most iconic tropical holiday destination in the world is Hawaii. If you have been reminded of Hawaii whenever you think of coconuts or palm trees, you are just one of the many people who associate these things with Hawaii. Naturally, private jet charter to Hawaii is a very popular request as well, with people more than happy to augment the beauty of Hawaii with a little bit of luxury.

The beautiful beaches are perhaps the biggest attraction of this great island. Many of them are in colors that you wouldn’t really imagine to be possible, such as pink, red, or even black sand. A typical day at the beach in Hawaii would probably involve a lot of surfing (as surfing was invented in Hawaii).

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Things to Do in Hawaii

Hawaii has a host of different activities that you can do in order to truly make your trip as memorable as possible. Let’s get into some of these activities.

Experience the Culture of Hawaii

Hawaiian history has influenced a great deal of popular culture around the world. There are endless heritage sites for you to visit. If you are deeply interested in Hawaii’s history, a visit to the Bishop Museum is an absolute must. It was founded in 1889 and is considered by many to be one of the biggest institutions of cultural history in the entirety of the Pacific area. It has more than 24 million artifacts and treasures that can give you a sneak peek into how the Hawaii that we see today was shaped. If you are a history, you already know the role that this Island played in WWII. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor forced the US to join the Allied effort and the world was truly never the same. What is even more interesting is that you can visit Pearl Harbor in 2022 as well. You can visit the four historic sites inside Pearl Harbor that will spell the history that unfolded here.

Experience the Cuisine

One of the most important parts of truly experiencing a place is to consume its food. The food of Hawaii sings the story of its people, their struggles, and their triumphs. Being a tropical destination, you will find loads of seafood here. The sashimi-grade fish is the star of the show, garnering the interest of seafood enthusiasts everywhere. A quick walk through Oahu, also called the ‘The Gathering Place’ will reveal a whole world dedicated to what can only be described as culinary worship. You will find everything from American-style diners to proper, traditional eateries here.

Play Golf on the Luscious Greens of Hawaii

One of the lesser-known facts about Hawaii is the fact that it is a mecca for golf, with renowned players from all across the oceans coming here to ply their trade. The tropical climate means that the sun-kissed topography of Hawaii makes for the perfect scenery for golfing. Considering that there are more than 70 golf courses on this island, you are never too far away from a golf course when you are in Hawaii. The topography that surrounds these golf courses provides for a very unique experience. You could be playing on a golf course that seems to melt into the sea itself or be on golf courses that have black volcanic rough scattered around the course itself.

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How to Charter a Private Jet to Hawaii?

Chartering a jet to Hawaii has been made extremely easy by the three state-of-the-art airports there. Hilo International Airport, Waimea-Kohala Airport, and Kona International Airport are the three main airports in the region. The flight time from Los Angeles to Hawaii is about 6 hours. The journey might feel a little too long, but the sight of the Atlantic Ocean is more than enough to satisfy your soul. Since the distance between Honolulu and Hawaii is nearly 2500 miles, you would need a midsize jet with a decent bit of range in order to make this trip. A great tip is to bring a lot of your friends with you. If you and your acquaintances charter a jet with 9 people as passengers, the per hour cost of the charter will be divided between the 9 passengers, making it much more cost-effective. In fact, you would have a chance to incur a lower cost per passenger than a first-class ticket to Hawaii. If you want to charter a private jet to Hawaii, you can go scroll down to the bottom of the page and send in a request.

Known as the ‘Crossroads of the Pacific’, Hawaii has immense strategic value as a transportation center as well as a tourist hub. The culture of the state can be perfectly described as free and proud, with strong roots linking it to its glorious past. Chartering a private jet to Hawaii makes the experience of visiting this amazing place even more special. The calm and soothing atmosphere of the island is perfectly complimented by the laid-back people, creating the perfect recipe for a cocktail of good times.

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