How to Arrive in Courchevel in Style – A Mini-Guide for the Jet Set

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How to Arrive in Courchevel in Style – A Mini-Guide for the Jet Set

aerial view of mountain settlement

The winter wonderland of Courchevel is one of the most beautiful resorts in the entire world. Located in the French Alps, it embodies the beauty of French culture in a way that is perhaps only superseded by the Eiffel Tower itself. The wooden architecture of this resort gives it a feeling of authenticity that remains throughout your visit. Part of the Les Trois Vallées, the resort is adjacent to the towns of Courchevel 1300, 1550, 1650, and 1850. The numbers refer to their altitude in meters. In fact, the resort itself stands at a staggering altitude of 1747 meters. In fact, this valley also was a part of the town of La Tania which was built for competitor accommodation for the 1992 winter Olympics. This means the history of Courchevel is intrinsically tied with excellence and class. What’s truly astounding about this area is that the entire snow system is actually man made. To think that humans have gone far enough to be emulating the very face of nature to perfection is a thought that has a humbling effect. The biggest advantage of this is the fact that there is snow all year round for you to enjoy.

Courchevel has an abundance of all the amenities that one could possibly imagine existing. Everything from Michelin-starred restaurants to top-of-the-line hotels means that a stay in Courchevel can incur quite the credit card bill. On top of that, all the well-known luxury lifestyle shops like Fendi, Dior, and Chanel make an appearance here.   Regardless, I do think that it would be worth it considering that you would be enjoying a variety of runs that range from Beginner to Difficult in their difficulty rankings.

Considering the class that Courchevel exudes, one has to match that with how one arrives in this picturesque place. Fortunate for you, Courchevel also has an airport. However, it is not your run-of-the-mill ordinary airport. In fact, it’s a rather dangerous airport to land in, with landing only allowed to be performed by specially certified and trained pilots. In terms of numbers, the runway is only 1722 feet long and has a massive gradient of 18.5%.

small airport covered in snow

The airport can only be accessed by specially licensed pilots

Flying to Courchevel

Now, the thing is that flying commercial to Courchevel is fairly common. In fact, the resort is only a 2-hour 30-minute flight from Geneva airport, thus making it a relatively short flight. However, if you truly want to arrive in Courchevel in style, there is another option. That is the option of a private jet charter. Flying off to European ski resort is not exactly a thing that most people would do on a daily basis. Sometimes, a special day rolls around, and you can go and celebrate with your significant other while sipping champagne in your private jet. Now that is called arriving in style.

Unfortunately, it is not really as simple as that. Due to the ‘no go around’ procedure that is employed at the airport, private jets rarely land in Courchevel. The only type of aircraft that can land there are extremely light ones. In fact, a better way is to be flown privately into Chambery, Geneva, or any other nearby airport and then take a helicopter from there to Courchevel.

So, this is Courchevel, a place that seems to encapsulate so many things at once. There is the element of danger due to the fact that it exists in the heart of the French Alps. There is the unabated luxury that exists in Courchevel with the presence of Michelin starred restaurants, 11 hotels, and all major luxury lifestyle outlets that one could possibly think of. There is the spirit of success permanently intertwined with the valley considering its association with the 1992 Winter Olympics. Lastly, the fact that it is part of the biggest continuous ski area in the entire world is also quite impressive as well. There’s something for everyone here and the only thing you’ll be leaving behind here is your heart.



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