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Mountain Laurel Resort: Heaven High Up In The Poconos

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Mountain Laurel Resort: Heaven High Up In The Poconos

The new year is here. All of us have in our own way manifested how we are going to spend the next year. Some of us have even done so in writing. Bucket lists and goals are being listed. Sadly, most of which we won’t accomplish. Maybe we are getting something wrong. Maybe It could be that we are not setting the right goals for ourselves. Maybe we just are not looking in the right direction. The choice to spend money on some new car might not be the best goal. Instead, what if we looked inwards?

Now imagine this scenario, scrolling social media for a number of hours, you suddenly feel all stiff. You adjust yourself in a more comfortable position and put your phone down and wonder that if only you could get out of the hustle of your ordinary day to day, highly stressful life and get away for a while. You breathe out a sigh and get back to scrolling your phone until you’re stiff again. What if you didn’t resume it and stopped for a second? It might be good thing to stop and evaluate your life and actually make changes and make time available for the things that are actually good for you.  All you need is a decision to change your life and you will be surprised to find how malleable it can be.

One of the most life changing things one can do is to get in touch with nature. Go to some park or some garden nearby for a start. There are limitations to that of course. For a start, one might not find the perfect solitude, or the “vibe” is just not right. It’s hard-to-find inner peace in someplace with cars passing and some screaming kid nearby. Sometimes we need a touch of magic in our lives. Something that could sweep us off our feet and into this heaven of bliss and peace. It might be surprising to know that such places do exist. It’s just that we have never stopped to look around. Places that sound like they are out of a fairytale but still coexist with our twenty-first century, highly fast paced life.

Laurel mountains are such a place. You will find yourself among the most extraordinary aspects of nature, marveling at the myriad of things it has to offer. Witnessing such marvels of nature, you’ll find yourself feeling lucky to just be alive to see this incredible wonder that has coexisted with you all your life and you didn’t even notice. It’s almost like the mountain beckons you to them, to show you what you have been missing. You’ll find yourself wondering why you didn’t come sooner. But the great thing is, it’s never too late. You can come whenever you want to.

Nourishing the body is just as important as the nourishment of the mind. The body seeks comfort and relaxation. After a long day it need to unwind too. While an excursion to the mountain is soul rejuvenating, one can still feel a bit tired after all day of activity.

Mountain Laurel Resorts

Mountain laurel resorts are the perfect blend of luxury and comfort where you and your body can relax and loosen up a bit. Sometimes all you need is to treat yourself to some self-care. Get a good night’s sleep in one of their premium rooms equipped with everything you need. Wake up to the sun rising, stretch yourself and plan your day ahead. Get yourself a filling and delicious breakfast, grab some book and head over to their private pond. Or you could go horse riding! Just take the reins and ride away! Or if you have never gone horse riding, then this might be the perfect place to start. No need to be scared, there is a first time for everything.

It’s very important that we challenge our muscles and body. Whether you want to acquire a good habit, keep yourself healthy or you just want to avoid skipping leg day, a gym visit is vital. And if you have some intention of hiking or skiing it’s important to get those muscles going. The resorts have their highly equipped gym with everything that you might need. They also have one of the best fitness coaches who can guide you about what you need to enhance your workout routine.

Another great option could be heading over to the golf course. Get a hole-in-one in minigolf here. Hone your skills if you have become rusty getting caught up in your rigorous and stressful life. Or if you are a novice and have never tried your hand at golf and normally it would not even cross your mind, this might be your chance. You may never know, there may be some hidden talent for golf that might be discovered.

Or grab your favorite swimsuit and head over to the swimming pool. Splash water around and laugh and have fun with friends and family. Or you could soak your body in the warm bliss of the jacuzzi and treat yourself to a fine luxurious experience.

However, one cannot talk enough about their spa. Book one for yourself or with your partner and soothe your senses. Let your mind wander away as your body relaxes into blissful lightness. With an aroma of carefree bliss around you, you are in nurturing hands. With the ambience carefully curated for your needs, you will come out having had the most unforgettable spa experience.

Group Events

Not only at the individual level, but also at the level of a community. The mountain laurel resorts can provide the same experience for a large group of people. Whether you want to celebrate growing up into adulthood with your friends and would like to throw a prom party, or you want to celebrate the joy of life with your family and friends, the resorts are the perfect place for you. Or maybe your partner has proposed and you’re wondering what place might be good to hosting the big moment of your life, the resorts are just the right one, who would be honored to host you, and your family and friends, so you can share unforgettable moments of happiness in your life. You can get to feel like royalty in our glorious ballroom which can accommodate one thousand people so that you can dance the night away.

If you are an employer and want to host corporate events and getaways for your colleagues, no other place could be more appropriate other than mountain laurel resorts. You will be able to find the best help to choose the most suitable venue for all your arrangements.

One cannot, however, not say enough about the great experience you can have with the amazing food they serve here in their restaurant. At 1221 feet elevation, feel the lightness in the air as you are gravitated to the various diverse options served here. The chefs here put in their best efforts to provide you with the nourishment that is in line with the standards of taste, aesthetics and luxury one comes to expect from such a place if not more than that.

All one can say is this experience will surely turn out to be worthwhile as it is almost certain that this place will make a profound impression on you. You will come to remember the place with very fond words. One might even hear you recommending it to your friends and family and anyone who would stop to listen.

For the most part of our lives, we come to live to work and hustle, while forgetting that we should work to live. It’s not selfish to want to nurture your own soul and spare some time in your life among other commitments to healing and selfcare. In fact, there is a lesser chance of burnout if only we stop once in a while. Nature holds so many marvels of beauty who are just waiting for us to look in their direction and in return we get all the benefits of a healthy body and mind. Because nature just gives unconditionally as it is ever nurturing.

So, get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and come up to this heaven in the Poconos, the laurel mountain resorts and enjoy what nature has to offer. The mountains await you.


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