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Out of Africa Wildlife Park: THE MOST Authentic African Wildlife Experience in the States

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Out of Africa Wildlife Park: THE MOST Authentic African Wildlife Experience in the States

Set towards the back of the lovely Mingus Mountains of Camp Verde, Out of Africa Wildlife Park is nestled on over one hundred acres of long hills and valleys. Out of Africa Wildlife Park is not just a park but a possibility to look at loads of animals from everywhere in the world, especially in Africa. It is an area where site visitors revel in a proper duplicate of an actual African Bush Safari. Besides the exciting suggestions and animal displays during the day, our animals are cared for with ardor and respect, roaming in spacious habitats that come up with the danger to look at those lovely creatures and their herbal conduct up close. Our workers live and work with them in comfortable surroundings that encourage human/animal relationships. Out of Africa is greater than a preserve. We are devoted to elevating the focus of our exceptional acquaintances and selling knowledge through in-individual contact. Set in opposition to the backdrop of the lovely Black Hills of Camp Verde, Out of Africa Wildlife Park truly is an awe-inspiring journey mixing the circle of family bonds with the energy and foxy of the wild, year-round.


African Bush Safari

Imagine being surrounded by some of the world’s strangest free-roaming animals as you board a safari vehicle, complete with expert instructions and narration. Get closer than ever to buffalos, rhinoceros, antelopes, tigers, and many more inhabitants of our vast Serengeti Game Reserve. Maybe even steal a kiss from a giraffe while feeding the treats we provide.

Each animal has its own unique attributes that can be awed at through the windows of a safari vehicle. This sight is one that people do not forget very easily and unforgettable it is. Watching Jericho rumble in front of your eyes is an experience and a half. This beauty of nature is something that not many people get to witness. Considering the fact that it is not in Africa (duh), the amount of authenticity that the park exhales is something else, countless animals ranging from the big and bulky African Elephant to the more serene Lemur, Sedona, you have very unique animals to gaze at whilst you enjoy any of the other amenities the park has to offer.

out of africa wildlife park


Preserving The Unpreserved

There are several ways to enjoy the majesty of the wildlife sanctuary, which practically encompasses all aspects of the park, from the free-roaming Serengeti to the entertainment arena and stadium to the extensive habitats throughout the park. Each element of the park is so intentional in its making that it does a fine job of getting you a close-up look at these beautiful creatures and their natural behavior. For your benefit, many of these habitats feature unobstructed photo backgrounds so that you can photograph animals in their purest sense – no fences.


Feel unfastened to take gain of this courtesy service, and revel in your driver narrating the pleasantries while you explore the park. It’s a fantastic manner to get the lay of the land, and with five separate stops on the way to give you a chance to hop on or off, depending on your preference.

Gift Shop

Turn your life right into a laugh and thrilling wild safari adventure. The Out of Africa Wildlife Park presents a store with an array of charming items from across the world. Conveniently positioned at the park entrance, you do not even want to get the park admission ticket to indulge to your heart’s content. It’s the proper region to locate specific items for any occasion. Stuff like hand-painted ostrich eggs, African carved giraffes, jewelry, specific domestic décor, clothing, books, and music are a few of the countless souvenirs available at the store. There’s something for everyone at the store.


Predator Feeding

Three days a week, you get the chance to witness the ferocity of the animals as they tear away at the flesh and bone of the animals deemed their food.

When the feeding team arrives, hands laden with huge chunks of meat, you’ll witness first-hand the predatory instincts that take possession of the food. With great effort, the piece of meat is thrown over the fence, where the careful and anxious predators prepare to butt each other in an autocratic fashion. Watch these mighty nature masters display their catch as if proudly displaying the fruits of an arduous hunt.

As you follow animal keepers on this walking tour, you’ll see a variety of predators exhibiting their unique personalities. With nearly 800 pounds of raw meat delivered to a variety of animals, you’ll have plenty of great photo opportunities as the animals show their true nature unobstructed by man.

This breathtaking adventure runs three days a week, so there is plenty of opportunities to revel in the might of the Out of Africa wildlife park.

out of africa safari park


Annual Campout

If you’ve got ever questioned what takes place at a natural world park after the remaining visitor leaves, that is your threat to discover firsthand — the correct possibility to peer animal conduct below a cover of stars. Bring your slumbering equipment and be part of us for a limited-engagement campout at Out of Africa Wildlife Park as we witness this spectacle collectively along lions, tigers, hyenas, and bears.


Here, your middle-of-the-night sports encompasses a Tiger Splash™ show, a cobra show, Out of Africa film time, and a selected stroll down reminiscence lane in which park founders Dean and Prayer Harrison recount their preceding 30 years of natural world adventures. Their reminiscences of relationships with the animals and the way the park has developed over three a long time will captivate you.


What campout could be entire without a campfire, far from town lighting beneath a humbling plenitude of stars? And withinside the morning, you will awaken to the roar of lions and the aroma of a scrumptious warm breakfast. It has a breathtaking view to immerse your senses in the sights, scents, and sounds of the wild. Best of all, you might not journey midway internationally to take your own circle of friends to this individual sleepover.


The Jungle Hut Eatery is open for dinner. The park offers a night ice cream social and a hearty breakfast withinside the morning with lots of warm chocolate and coffee.


Giant Snake Show

Mysterious and misunderstood, snakes have a long and fascinating history. At Out of Africa Wildlife Park, you’ll discover the incredible world of giant snakes, a world that breaks the hype of Hollywood – a world where fear and anxiety are replaced. Replaced by a new understanding and appreciation of these remarkable and graceful creatures.


Enjoy this interactive experience and the opportunity to see it up close. If you want, you can even touch and hold some of the largest species in the world, such as anacondas, cobras, and boas! With the help of a ranger, the encounter is safe for all ages. Since the giant snakes are used to being handled by people, you can be sure that your experience will be positive and friendly.


Get to appreciate the diversity of the rich ecological life that surrounds and supports these snakes. Brimming with photo opportunities, the Giant Snake Show is an unforgettable experience you’ll want to immerse yourself in.


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