Travel Between Atlanta and Houston in Style

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Travel Between Atlanta and Houston in Style

atlanta to houston

When it comes to going from one point to another, there are a plethora of options that you can exercise. You could go by rail, by road, by air or even by sea in some cases. All of these modes of transportation will achieve the primary goal that you have in mind. They will take you from the place you want to leave to the place you want to go to. The secondary question that arises is the time duration. How much time will these modes of transportation take? There’s a reason that shipping by sea is much cheaper than shipping by air. If you’ve ever had the experience of ordering something which you received through a company that shipped it through the sea, you would know how much time that can easily take.

The tertiary question is the experience of the travel itself. We have come to a point in civilizational progress where we don’t have to worry about survival in the mortal sense anymore. What we constantly worry about is the experience of life itself. Do we feel fulfilled? Do we feel like we are surrounded by the people that we value? These are just a couple of questions from a list of a million questions that we ask ourselves every day. Coming back to traveling, it has become a very strong motivation for us as human beings to care about the experience. This is why private jet charters have become one of the most popular modes of travel across the world. There’s a certain level of attention and care you are afforded by your private jet charter company that you feel truly valued and the whole experience comes together with almost complete perfection. Today, we will be discussing how you can travel between Atlanta and Houston in the most stylish and luxurious way possible.

atlanta to houston

Atlanta to Houston Private Jet Charter

While Atlanta is the biggest city in the state of Georgia, Houston is the jewel in the crown of Texas. These metropolitan centers are also considered to be the business hubs of both respective states. This means that a lot of corporate private charter takes place from Atlanta to Houston or Houston to Atlanta. One of the most highly requested routes on our site, the total distance for a flight from Atlanta to Houston is going to be over 700 miles, making it quite a long inter-state journey.


There are many options that you can exercise for this. A Beechcraft King Air C90 is considered to be one of the best in the turboprop section. The advantage of a turboprop option is that it is much more economical than chartering a private jet. If you are only going one way, the price of the charter is going to be around the $10,000 mark. However, considering that you would probably also be returning, we would strongly recommend taking the return flight option, with the total cost of that coming in at slightly over $15,000. It can seat 7 people, so you can expect to get your whole family onboard and really enjoy an experience that you will cherish.

Light Jet

If you definitely want to go towards the side of a jet aircraft, then the Hawker 400XP is a great option in that particular class. One of the biggest plus points of this aircraft is that it has a very spacious cabin for a jet that is only considered to be a light jet. On top of that, it can carry 8 passengers at once, which is a very good number for an aircraft of its class. What is perhaps the biggest plus of using a jet like this over the Beechraft is the fact that the ride is going to take much less time. While the Beechraft will take over 3 hours to get you from Houston to Atlanta (or the other way around), a Hawker 400XP will be able to achieve the same distance in less than 2 hours. The cost for a one-way charter is going to be close to $14,500 while the round trip would basically be about $20,000.

Medium Jet

One of the larger aircraft that you can charter for a private flight between Houston and Atlanta, the Dassault Falcon 50 is a super-midsize aircraft that has a massive range of 6500 KM. It can seat 9 passengers in absolute safety and the best levels of comfort. For a one-way charter, you would be expected to pay about $20,000 for the honor of riding this aircraft. For a round trip, make sure to make a lot of space in your pocket for a $25,000-sized bill.

Now, the numbers for all of these private aircraft might seem like a lot of money. However, you have to understand that you are not booking a single seat for a private jet charter. You are able to travel with numerous other passengers as well, so you can take all your favorite friends and family on this trip. Essentially, the cost of the private jet charter per person is actually going to be divided by the number of passengers in it. For example, if you are paying for a private flight with 5 passengers and a total bill of $10,000. This means that you have paid only $2,000 per seat. In fact, first-class seats are sometimes more expensive per person than a private jet flight.

atlanta to houston

Empty Legs

If you are one of those people who really like to drive hard for a bargain, the option of empty-leg flights is definitely going to interest you. Essentially, a private jet has to make a flight sometimes, whether it has passengers or not. For example, if a jet needs to fulfill an obligation in London while it is parked in Paris, it will need to make the flight from Paris to London. What private jet charter companies do in order to make money on these ‘necessary’ flights is that they offer them at a considerable discount. This means that people who are willing to be a bit flexible with their schedule are offered the chance of flying on an empty leg flight for a much-discounted price.

The only issue is that you need to adhere to the schedule of the flight and cannot dictate your own schedule like you normally would. But the fact that there are significant savings to be made makes it a worthwhile option regardless. However, these flights aren’t that easy to get. For empty leg flights that cover much more popular routes as well as jets, people are able to book them very quickly.

Houston Private Jet Airports

There are two options that you can use for a private jet charter when traveling to Houston. The first is the William Hobby Houston Airport which is considered to be the busiest option for private jet traffic. The other one is Houston George Bush Airport.

Atlanta Private Jet Airports

While Atlanta has a wide variety of airports that you can use but the one that is most popular is Atlanta DeKalb-Peachtree Airport.

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