A Guide to Chartering a Jet to Orlando

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A Guide to Chartering a Jet to Orlando

orlando private jet charter

While going to Paris with your loved one might be an item that is high on many people’s bucket lists, seeing your children’s face light up as they visit Disney World in Orlando is perhaps even more rewarding. In order to really make it a special occasion, chartering a private jet is a must. Thankfully, private jet charter to Orlando is a request that private jet charter companies are only too happy to fulfill. Chartering a jet is something to be experienced rather than something to be endured. While on commercial flights, most of your time will be spent trying to find the ideal position to fit in your cramped seat, chartering a jet allows you to kick your feet up physically as well as metaphorically. What is an even bigger bonus is the fact that you can reserve a whole jet just for your friends and family and truly enjoy everything that the ride has to offer. On commercial flights, you are thankful once it’s over. On a private charter, you already feel nostalgic for the memories that you have made in those few hours.

Private Jet Charter to Orlando

Miami to Orlando flights is the most popular route that people take when coming to Orlando. When it comes to how far Orlando is from Miami, a flight will take you there in about 50 minutes. If you are driving by road, you can expect to sink about 3.5 hours from Miami to Orlando. The cost of chartering a private jet from Miami to Orlando is going to vary quite a bit. It depends mostly on the type of aircraft that you have chosen to charter. The most budget-conscious option is going to be chartering a turboprop from Orlando to Miami. The cost estimate for that would be around $4,000 to $5,000 per flight. If you want to travel in a higher level of luxury, chartering a proper jet is going to be a much better option. A light jet, which is the smallest category of the family of jets will cost around $6,000 to $8,000 to charter. It is strongly recommended that you charter a proper light jet, as the levels of comfort and speed on a jet are going to be miles ahead of a turboprop.

If your budget is on the higher end of the spectrum, then a larger jet might be a great option. A midsize jet from Miami to Orlando is going to cost around $8,000 to $10,000. A super-midsize jet is going to be slightly higher than that, coming in at over $11,000. For the best of the best when it comes to private jet charter, a heavy jet is going to cost you around $16,000 to $18,000. The interesting thing is that a light jet can sometimes turn out to be even more economical than a first-class flight. For example, if you are chartering a Phenom 300 with 8 passengers, the cost to charter is going to be divided by 8 in order to compare it to a single first-class ticket. Often times, the cost is actually much lesser than what 8 passengers are going to accumulate traveling first class.

Things To Do in Orlando

Now that you have arrived in Orlando, you need to do all the things which this city is famous for.

Visit Disney World

The most obvious one of the whole lot, the pilgrimage to Orlando isn’t going to be complete without a trip to this resort, a true one-of-a-kind experience. The 77,000+ employees that this mega-complex has is enough to put into perspective the scale of this establishment. Here, you will find all of your favorite childhood Disney characters coming into life. Perhaps you can mask your intention to go by telling your wife that the children need to visit this place, but we all know that adults have as much fun as children do in Disney World. In fact, Disney World is just one of the many theme parks in Orlando. If you identify as a Potterhead, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is also a great choice to visit and explore.

disney world

Shop Around!

We’d all like to say that we are not addicted to buying clothes, but everyone deserves a little pick-me-up sometimes. So, if you tend to treat shopping as a form of therapy, then Orlando is not going to disappoint. There is a plethora of shopping malls around the city with all the brands being represented. The Florida Mall is the biggest mall in Orlando and one of the biggest malls in the entire United States.


If you are a history nut like me, then a few museums on your bucket list are going to enhance your experience like nothing else. The Orlando Museum of Art immediately comes to mind as a temple dedicated to the worship of the arts and humanities. The museum houses everything from Ancient American Art to Contemporary pieces as well, making sure that there is something for everyone in there.

Madame Tussauds

Another one of Orlando’s landmark attractions, the Madame Tussauds is the ultimate wax museum in the world. Everything from music icons like Justin Bieber to Bollywood celebrities is represented here in wax. If you haven’t met your favorite celebrity in the flesh, seeing them in wax is the next best thing. They won’t be able to sign an autograph for you but who knows where animatronics will be in the next few years, so make sure to wait for that.

donald trump jet

Kennedy Space Center

NASA has been one of the most instrumental entities in advancing man’s journey into outer space. The center of NASA since 1968, Kennedy Space Center is perhaps the most historic place that you can visit in Orlando. It should be kept in mind that it is a relatively long drive from the city, and you need to arrive early in order to get in, but I would say that it is still well worth the effort.

kennedy space center jet


Orlando is a city that has a multi-dimensional character, tying it with the past due to the many historic museums inside the city as well as a vibrant local culture. The people are generally nice, and you are in for a good time if you have a night to spend in Orlando. Private jet charter from Miami to Orlando is a great option for a weekend getaway with your friends or your family.

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