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A Guide to Flying Private to Qatar for the World Cup

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A Guide to Flying Private to Qatar for the World Cup

FIFA World Cup is the most prestigious football tournament, but we can go even beyond that by saying it’s the most prestigious sporting event in the world, so there has always been competition in hosting the tournament, and whichever country is graced with the honor of hosting the world cup. As the tournament approaches, you can charter a private plane to Doha, Qatar, to watch the game at one of nine world-class stadiums under construction. Awaken your soul in an authentic Kahua in the morning, then relax in the afternoon with a gorgeous camel ride in a luxurious nightclub, dinner in a traditional palace, and a nightcap. Not only this, but due to the nature of the city itself, being a massive hub for international freight traffic, flying commercial is a much bigger hassle than flying private, which in this day and age proves to be a cheaper alternative with a much higher level of luxury provided to the passenger.

Doha is also a hub for international freight traffic by air, thanks to its unique location. As the entire tournament is set to be held in Doha, you don’t have to worry about going to different cities inside of Qatar as the entirety of the stadium structure of the tournament is based inside Doha with around 9 stadiums freshly built to accommodate hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of spectators pouring from every inch and corner of the world.

More than a decade later, the country is preparing to host one of football’s most important tournaments later this month, inviting football lovers worldwide. This year’s competition, which takes place from November 20 to December 18, is among the numerous firsts. It is the first World Cup to be contested outside of the Middle East’s warm months of May, June, and July. Female referees are being used for the first time in World Cup history. The tournament will also feature the competition’s first totally detachable venue, with all stadiums located within a 50-kilometer radius of downtown Doha, making this year’s event the most geographically confined to date. 

Economically, the tournament is a growth engine intended to become a driver of long-term development and worldwide interest in the future. And so, around 2 million people are expected to visit Qatar’s capital, Doha, for the world cup, bringing in massive revenues for all to reap benefits. And as commercial flying gets too hectic, people are expected to fly private in large numbers and if you are one of those people, read on.


VISA Requirements

According to the Qatar Tourism Board, citizens of more than 95 countries can enter Qatar without a visa. Indian nationals do not need a visa to enter Qatar and can remain for up to 30 days during one or more journeys, with the potential to extend for another 30 days under specific conditions.


Hayya Card: What You Should Know

Visitors to Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup must apply for a Hayya card in advance via the Hayya webpage or by downloading the Hayya to Qatar 2022 app. The Digital Haya Card is Qatar’s admission permission, and it, coupled with your match ticket, grants you admittance to the stadium. In addition, beginning on November 10, 2022, he will be required to enter the stadium and utilize public transportation free of charge for matches until December 23, 2022.


Clearing the Misconception

Private Jet chartering is no longer a thing confined to a small one percent of the population; new companies entering the game now provide private jet services at a cheaper cost making it easily accessible to any and all people who desire to see the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo on the pitch scoring screamers upon screamers. Not only this but due to the cost being divided between around 10 to 15 people, the cost per person comes down quite a bit which makes private air travel even more of a convenience and an actual viable option to have. But it should also be known that private Jet chartering will still be quite expensive, and you have to be willing to pour more cash than a commercial plane ticket which is quite reasonable considering the privacy and the individual luxury that private jet travel provides.


London to Doha

A one-way ticket on a super-midsize jet with up to 10 passengers will set you back around 40,000 USD to 50,000 USD. The jet in question is usually a Bombardier Challenger 350 or a Bombardier Challenger 605, which are just luxurious enough to leave you satisfied and pleased after the long journey from London to Doha, Qatar, and definitely much more pleased and confident than you would be if you’d flown on a commercial plane.

A one-way trip Doha International Airport from London City Airport would set you back around 60,000 USD. There are many famous private jet charter companies that offers competitive pricing similar to the estimate mentioned before and follows a route from London City Airport to Hammad International Airport in Doha. If you’re looking at a more luxurious experience, then we would recommend this option. Depending on your preferences, you are looking at around 70,000 USD to 240,000 USD in chartering a Bombardier or a Gulfstream; note that the estimate is given based on the maximum number of passengers that the airplane can carry. 


Paris to Doha

From the nation of love to attend the glory of the world cup in the sandy plains of Doha, you will have to pay a more premium price than the other cities in Europe at an approximate cost of around 80,000 USD, but you also get a more premium jet for that price in the shape of a Gulfstream G-IV with a capacity of about 15-16 people. A private jet charter would set you back around 90,000-110,000 USD for a one-way trip to Doha International Airport from Paris. 

A leading company in the private jet charter sphere would provide excellent value, and for their services, you are looking at around 70,000 USD to 240,000 USD in chartering a Gulfstream, depending on your preferences; note that the estimate is given based on the maximum number of passengers that the airplane can carry. 


New York to Doha

To travel from the land of the free to the flat plains of Doha to witness the magnificence of the World Cup, you will have to pay a premium estimated to be between 110,000 and 240 000 US dollars, but you will also be treated to a more lavish experience aboard a Gulfstream 650ER capable of over 14000 miles in one trip. A one-way Jet Charter flight from New York to Doha International Airport would cost between 90,000 USD and 110,000 USD.


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