Islands are prized vacation destinations. By their very nature they are set apart, and what makes them so difficult to access is what makes them so desirable to enjoy. Most people will never set foot on these secluded paradises. But private jet travel makes the inaccessible, absolutely accessible. In this section, we'll explore the small, isolated lands that have evolved above the grasp of our world’s watery landscape. We'll take looks at the most exclusive private islands and journey to remote shores that would be impossible to enjoy without private aviation and/or private yachts.

Song Saa Private beach Island offers 24 spacious luxury villas & Accommodation in Cambodia, each featuring a private pool and spectacular ocean views.

The Luxurious Private Island of Song Saa - Cambodia

Perhaps Cambodia is mostly known for its rich culture, its tragic history (Khmer Rouge) and its ancient temple complex, Angkor Wat. But have you ever imagined that you could also experience a luxuriou ...

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Stunning aerial panorama view of Lord Howe Island, a pacific subtropical island in the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand.

Lord Howe Island Getaway

Lord Howe Island is unspoiled and serene. It is only 11km long and 2.8km wide, an easy sail of 700km NE of Sydney, Australia. Two volcanic mountains dominate the island and overlook the reef-fringed l ...

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Aerial view of coral reef surrounding a tropical island with beautiful beach sand bar atoll with tourists in Camiguin, Philippines

Enjoy Mindanao Through Its Countless Beach Holidays

The entire island itself is a vacation haven because anywhere you go, there is a number of holiday beaches. To the uninformed, Mindanao may project quite an intimidating facade, always in the news for ...

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View over Ciftlik village on Bozburun peninsula near Marmaris resort town in Turkey.

10 Private Islands You Can't Afford to Live On3

Feeling a little cramped in your thousand square foot Manhattan apartment? Got a few extra million to blow? If so, you too can join the elite of the elite and buy your very own private island. Private ...

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View from a height of more than 500 meters of the Ionian Sea ending in beautiful clear blue water in the Bay Navagio at the island of Zakynthos, Greece.

3 Greek Islands for Different Likes and Tastes

Greece has thousands of different islands, each with its own unique flair. Here is a list of 3 islands that can appeal to youngsters, families, and couples. ...

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Three Hawaiian Fire Dancers performing in the early evening on a Maui beach with the ocean in the background

The Perfect Getaway: Maui Vacations

Experience the perfect island getaway in Maui, Hawaii Visiting a tropical island paradise is not as far-fetched as it may sound. Hawaii has been one of the top vacation destinations in the United Stat ...

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Clear blue water and a wonderful white sand beach in the Caribbean, Long Island, Bahamas

Long Island, Bahamas: This True Quiet Island Getaway Must Be One Of The Best Romantic Islands!

While searching online for a true quiet island getaway, I happened across a small island, eighty miles long but only three miles wide, aptly named "Long Island," one of the southern most out islands i ...

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Crusoe Water Villas at Gili Lankanfushi (formerly Soneva Gili) in the Maldives

Private Island Getaways Are No Longer Just For the Wealthy - Find Out How You Can Take One Today!7

Private island getaways offer a great opportunity to travel around, trek and unwind in the company of your friends and family members. For a few days you can enjoy and rejuvenate yourself while being ...

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Aerial View of Bora Bora with Toopua Island and over water bungalows.

The Top Five Best Island Vacations in the World

If you take a poll of world travelers of the best island vacations, you will find that the big island of Hawaii is undoubtedly the best choice of all. Some of the places you can stay include all-inclu ...

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Oia town and the beautiful Santorini island landscape with sea, sky and clouds.

Remote Island Getaways - Paradise Awaits You at These Secluded Island Destinations!

Remote island getaways are the perfect vacation option for those looking for ultimate seclusion. Are you done with all those jam-packed so-called tourist spots and now looking for some long-cherished ...

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Aerial view of the small island Cousine, Seychelles in the Indian Ocean.

10 Most Beautiful Luxury Islands

Don't know where to spend your dream vacation? Experience the luxury on one of the most beautiful islands on Earth! Feel the tropical breeze underneath palm trees as turquoise water splashes you... ...

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Spectacular view from Captain Cooks lookout from the top of Lizard Island over the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia.

Lizard Island - Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef11

Discover an island retreat like no other with a stay at the stunning Lizard Island Resort. Located on the Great Barrier Reef and with a choice of 24 white powdery beaches Australia's northern most isl ...

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Project Utopia Yacht Island Is a Rich Person's Getaway

Your Own Private Island That Goes Wherever You Want

If you fancy your own private island but can't decide where, this could be the answer. Project Utopia is a man-made floating island that looks like it would be more at home in a science fiction movie ...

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A collage of Crete island, Greece, Europe

Crete - Island of Beautiful Beaches and Ancient History

A holiday in Crete will tick the boxes for both sun worshippers and culture lovers. Go there for some of the best Mediterranean beaches and explore at the same time a rich historical heritage. ...

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Travel in Lesvos island - view of beautiful Molyvos town. Best of Greece

Lesvos: Discover an Undiscovered Gem

Located in the Northern Aegean, the island of Lesvos has been captivating artists, writers, and adventurers for centuries. Lesvos boasts a breathtaking landscape with so much to see and do. The island ...

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Air taxi, cruise ship, and tropical landscape with tourists on the stunning Mystery Island, Vanuatu

Experience Island Hopping Adventure in Vanuatu15

The island nation of Vanuatu is made up of over 80 islands and numerous smaller islets. One of the best ways to explore this plethora of islands is to go on island hopping adventure. Find out what you ...

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Cala Rossa beach on Favignana of the Egadi islands, Sicily, and the wild beauty of these islands at the center of the Mediterranean

Explore the Egadi Islands on Sicily

Tourists looking for an unusual location to visit when renting villas in Sicily may want to look into the Egadi Islands. Here are some reasons why. ...

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Private Island surrounded by sparkling clean warm water and sunshine

Privacy Galore With Private Island Getaways

The private islands scattered across the globe offer savvy travelers with unique opportunities to experience unspoiled natural splendor in luxury accommodations accompanied by superior service and ame ...

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Galapagos Tortoise sticks his neck out to stare at camera on Galapagos Island

Evolution in Action - Galapagos Island Tours

Galapagos Island tours are a fantastic way to see all that this tiny Ecuadorian Archipelago has to offer. Take a tour by boat or cruise ship and island-hop to enjoy the wonderful and diverse wildlife ...

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Caribbean on realistic model of planet Earth with country borders and very detailed planet surface and clouds. 3D illustration

How to Find the Best Caribbean Island for Your Vacation19

Booking in to one of the fabulous boutique Caribbean hotels? Choosing which Caribbean island you prefer is your first decision. ...

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Private island of Isla de Ferradura in Ibiza Spain

Ferradura, the Definitive Fantasy Island Retreat

A dreamy description of one of the world's most extravagantly luxurious vacation retreats. ...

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Koro Sun Resort on Koro Island Fiji

Koro Island

Koro Island is the seventh largest island belonging to the Fiji Islands. It lies in the South Pacific Ocean and is comprised of many volcanoes. The area of the island is hardly 42.5 square miles and t ...

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Aerial view of a stunning beach resort in Lombok, Indonesia. Perfect honeymoon destination in the tropics.

Discovering the Exotic Lombok Island - Indonesia

Lombok is one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia. It is known for its gorgeous beaches and strong affinity for the arts. ...

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Beautiful view Hvar town with red roofs and blue Adriatic sea, Croatia

Hvar - Island Jewel of Croatia23

The stunning island of Hvar is one of the precious islands of Croatia and very much worth visiting. Located just off the Dalmatian Coast, this Croatian island offers its guests a picturesque landscape ...

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A smiling harubang sculpture made from granite rocks of Jeju Island, South Korea

Jeju Island South Korea - Island of the Gods

Dubbed the island of the Gods, Jeju Island (locally called Jejudo) is a premier vacation destination not only for Koreans but for international tourists. In many ways, Jeju has been groomed to be a to ...

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Jet skis at the beaches of Andaman and Nicobar Island. A shot form Corbyn Cove at Port Blair.

The Andaman Islands in India

Located more than 1000 kilometers away from the Eastern shores of India, the Andaman Islands are actually the most isolated section of the country. Airplanes or ferryboats from Calcutta are the only m ...

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Seychelles Takamaka beach Mahe island

Things to Do on the Island on a Vacation

An island is any smaller area of land that is surrounded by water on its sides. It is a place where you can spend the quality time with your family and friends under nature. It is the perfect choice f ...

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Small private island in Nicaragua

How to Buy Your Own Private Island27

Surprisingly enough, buying an island is very similar to buying any other piece of real estate around the world. Many of the same work and processes stay the same although instead of dealing with a ho ...

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Islands are prized vacation destinations. By their very nature they are set apart, and what makes them so difficult to access is what makes them so desirable to enjoy.Most people will never set foot o ...

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