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Hurlingham Open Polo Championship

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Hurlingham Open Polo Championship

Riders and horses competing in front of spectators at the Hurlingham Open Polo Championship.

Polo, known as the “sport of kings,” has captivated the hearts of enthusiasts and aristocrats for centuries. Among the prestigious tournaments in the world of polo, the Hurlingham Open Polo Championship stands out as a grand celebration of the sport’s heritage, skill, and opulence. Held annually in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this championship draws polo lovers and the wealthy elite from all corners of the globe. Let’s delve into the rich history of the Hurlingham Open Polo Championship, explore the reasons why attendees are drawn to this remarkable event, and discuss how private jet charter flights to Buenos Aires can enhance the experience for polo enthusiasts.


A Glance into Hurlingham Open Polo Championship History

The Hurlingham Open Polo Championship traces its roots back to 1893, when it was first established in Hurlingham, England. Originally intended as a competition for local British teams, the championship soon gained international recognition for its exceptional level of play. In 1928, the tournament found its permanent home in the heart of polo-loving Argentina, where it continues to flourish to this day.


Why Polo Lovers and the Wealthy Elite Flock to the Hurlingham Open Polo Championship

1. A Display of Skill and Elegance: The Hurlingham Open Polo Championship showcases the best of the best in the world of polo. Attendees are treated to a breathtaking display of skill, precision, and strategy as the most talented players from around the globe compete for the championship title. The speed and grace of the horses, combined with the expert horsemanship of the players, create a mesmerizing spectacle that leaves polo enthusiasts in awe.

2. Immersive Cultural Experience: Polo is deeply intertwined with Argentine culture, and attending the Hurlingham Open presents a chance to submerge oneself in the country’s vibrant traditions. Spectators have the opportunity to witness Argentinean horsemanship up close, experience the energetic beats of traditional music, and indulge in delectable local cuisine. The championship serves as a gateway to the Argentine way of life, making it a truly unforgettable experience.

3. Social Networking and Prestige: The Hurlingham Open Polo Championship is a gathering point for the global elite, attracting affluent individuals, celebrities, and influential personalities from all walks of life. Attending this event offers an unparalleled networking opportunity, allowing attendees to forge connections with like-minded individuals and expand their social circles. The championship provides a platform for the wealthy elite to showcase their status and affluence in an environment that exudes prestige and luxury.


Private Jet Charter Flights to Buenos Aires: Enhancing the Experience for Polo Lovers

For polo enthusiasts who desire the ultimate in luxury and convenience, chartering a private jet to Buenos Aires for the Hurlingham Open Polo Championship is an exquisite choice. Here are some suggestions to make the private jet charter experience more enjoyable:

1. Polo-Themed Décor: Adorn the interior of your private jets with polo-themed accents such as horseshoe-shaped cushions, saddle-inspired seating, and artwork depicting polo scenes. This immersive environment will transport passengers into the spirit of the championship even before they arrive.

2. Gourmet Catering: Elevate the culinary experience by offering a delectable selection of Argentinean delicacies on board. Emphasize traditional flavors and dishes, providing a taste of Argentina’s rich gastronomy. Complement the culinary journey with an exquisite selection of wines and champagne, ensuring a lavish dining experience.

3. Polo-Related Entertainment: Engage passengers with polo-related entertainment during the flight. Offer documentaries or highlight reels showcasing memorable moments from previous Hurlingham Open championships. Arrange for experts to provide insights into the game’s history, rules, and notable players, allowing passengers to further appreciate the sport.

4. Pre-Flight Polo Clinics: For an extra touch of luxury, consider organizing pre-flight polo clinics where passengers can receive introductory polo lessons from professional players. This hands-on experience will deepen their appreciation for the sport and create a sense of camaraderie among fellow travelers.

5. Exclusive Access and VIP Treatment: Connect with the organizers of the Hurlingham Open Polo Championship to secure exclusive access and VIP treatment for passengers. This could include reserved seating in premium areas, backstage tours, and opportunities to meet and greet renowned players. By providing unparalleled access, you elevate the overall experience and make it truly unforgettable.

6. Personalized Itineraries: Tailor the travel experience to the preferences of polo enthusiasts by offering personalized itineraries. This could include organizing visits to renowned polo training facilities or arranging for private exhibition matches. By curating unique experiences related to the sport, you add a further layer of excitement to the journey.

7. Concierge Services: Provide dedicated concierge services to assist passengers with every aspect of their trip. This could involve arranging luxury accommodation, transportation, and additional activities in Buenos Aires. By taking care of the logistics, passengers can focus solely on indulging in the championship and immersing themselves in the Argentine polo culture.



The Hurlingham Open Polo Championship represents the epitome of elegance, skill, and luxury in the world of polo. Polo lovers and the wealthy elite flock to Buenos Aires each year to witness this extraordinary event, which offers a captivating blend of sport, tradition, and opulence. When you charter a private jet to Buenos Aires, you can enhance their overall experience, enjoying exclusive amenities and a seamless journey to the heart of the action. From polo-themed décor to personalized itineraries, every detail can be tailored to create an unforgettable and indulgent journey for those who appreciate the sport’s heritage. The Hurlingham Open Polo Championship in Buenos Aires, private jet charter flights, and the desire to “horse around” will guarantee an experience that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. This is obviously a must-attend event for all discerning polo enthusiasts.


Typical Hurlingham Open Polo Championship dates: October (annual)

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