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An Intro to the Gulfstream G800

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An Intro to the Gulfstream G800

gulfstream charter

Gulfstream is a private jet manufacturer that does not require any introduction. The oval windows that have become the mark of a Gulfstream jet now signify the absolute best in class when it comes to private jets. One of the only manufacturers who are able to cover the range between midsize and ultra-long range, Gulfstream’s attention to detail is absolutely second to none. The G800 is the most advanced jet in their lineup. For many, it is the ultimate private jet that money can buy. Priced at nearly $72 million, its price tag only reflects the sheer demand for Gulfstream by the billionaires of the world. After all, if you are able to afford this jet, there’s a good chance that you own a whole consortium of companies as well as a few private islands here and there.


The G800 has a non-stop range that comes in at about 8000 nautical miles. In terms of kilometers, that is nearly 15,000 km. The jet can reach this range while cruising at a mind-boggling speed of Mach 0.85. In fact, it can go as far up to Mach 0.90, where it will still be able to do 7,000 nautical miles. The Rolls-Royce Pearl engines make it one of the most powerful private jets to have ever taken to the sky.

The G800 can take in 19 passengers without a hitch. In fact, there are four distinct living areas or 3 if you are counting the crew compartments as not a living area. Yes, this is a jet that is so big it needs to have an entirely separate compartment area for the crews. The cabin is the material embodiment of the words ‘no expense spared’. In fact, even the air is never recirculated. Once you breathe out the air, it is quickly disposed of. This is due to the plasma-ionization clean air system which is able to renew the air of the cabin after every 2 or 3 minutes. There are a total of 16 oval windows, 8 on each side of this truly massive behemoth. Thanks to these large windows, there’s a lot of natural light that is let into the cabin, giving it a look that is similar to a home with large glass windows. Lastly, the cabin has sound insulation that is so off the charts that it has been considered by many to be the single quietest cabin at any altitude.

The cabin’s dimensions are pretty amazing as well. The height of the cabin is 6 feet and 3 inches. This means that even the tallest people in your group will be able to stand completely upright. The width stands at over 8 feet, meaning that the seats are placed quite far apart, aiding luxury. The length of the cabin is a staggering 54 feet and 7 inches. If you are packing quite a bit of luggage, the Gulfstream won’t shy from this challenge since it has about 195 cubic feet of volume. This means that if it were a perfect cube, the luggage compartment would have 4.5 feet in height, width, and length, which is quite a lot.

The exterior of the aircraft matches the grandness of the interior. The G80 radiates a degree of power like no other aircraft. It stands ominously with a neutral expression, communicating a sense of stability. This steel bird’s massive wings talk to the sky as if they are humming a tune. If there ever was an aircraft that is able to completely look comfortable in the air, it would be this one. The G800’s forehead is covered by a deep shade of blue, giving it a two-tone color that radiates luxury. These accents can be found throughout the exterior of the aircraft. Strangely enough, the sleek look of the aircraft has a life to it. You can almost imagine this luxurious aircraft as an entity in and of itself, asking you to board it and discover many of its secrets.

The wingspan is over 103 feet in its length. The overall length of the aircraft is also close to 100 feet. This means that the proportions of the aircraft are extremely balanced and pay homage to the technical hoops that the designers had to jump through in order to let such a massive aircraft be able to take to the air. To put its size into perspective, you could stack up 4 people of a height of 6 feet each and they would still not be able to see to the top of the airplane vertically. The G800 is simply an orgy of massive numbers.

private jets capacity


Considering the massive developmental budget that was dedicated in order to bring this aircraft to fruition, it is quite normal to see that the avionics of the G800 are the best-in-class. The Symmetry Flight Deck by Gulfstream has been a disrupter in the aircraft industry. It has completely set a new bar for safety in the world of private jets. The Active control sidesticks make an appearance in a business jet for the very first time. Their operational advantage is illustrated by the fact that they solve a very simple problem. When pilots are in a cabin, they have to make sure that their communication system is completely clear. If there is even the slightest error in the instructions that one pilot gives to another, it can be quite catastrophic. In order to circumvent this problem, the Active control sidesticks are able to provide another mode of communication, non-verbal.

Even a cursory look inside the cockpit paints a picture of a space-age device. There are a total of 10 touch screens that have been installed so that the pilots controlling the aircraft have maximum visibility into not only the environment but the condition of the aircraft as well. This helps greatly by reducing the number of physical switches that are required. The touchscreen’s advantage over physical buttons is the fact that there is more room to maneuver with a touchscreen and it can be fluidly modified to suit the needs of the pilots themselves.

The Dual HUD (heads-up displays) show off an all-new CVS (Combined Vision System) and SVS (Synthetic Vision System) in a single image. This makes it easier for the pilot to have all the information they need inside their field of vision. In fact, it also helps them by accessing more airports.


The range is perhaps the single most impressive thing about this aircraft. It increases the capability of the aircraft in a very real way. Since the aircraft is able to make a lot of journeys that other private jets would need a fuel stop for, it is able to save time as well as fuel by covering the entire journey in one go. If your home base is London, you can travel as far as Buenos Aires in Argentina without a single fuel stop. The trans-Atlantic flight to New York is absolutely no issue at all. In fact, it can land in Los Angeles, which is on the Western extreme of the United States from London.

For many, the measuring stick of greatness for a long-range aircraft is its ability to go from London to Tokyo without a single stop. This is another test that the Gulfstream is able to pass with flying colors. In fact, it can cover all of the aforementioned destinations while still in its high-speed mode. If it’s in its long-range mode, it can land on the Northern Side of Australia as well. The distance UK and Australia is perhaps the biggest possible distance that can be covered on earth. If your jet is stationed in Dubai, then you can cover almost all the world’s major capital in one go.

The announcement of the Gulfstream was so popular amongst the public that even the older aircraft started to experience a surge in terms of orders. Interestingly enough, while it is not Gulfstream’s biggest aircraft ever (with the G700 being bigger), it is certainly their most advanced achievement yet, making is deserving of the Gulfstream G800 moniker.

Long range jet

Gulfstream G800 Charter

The cost to charter a Gulfstream is one of the highest in the industry. The reasons for that are already mentioned in the details of the Gulfstream itself. The estimated cost per hour of the charter for this jet is upwards of $16,500. This means that even a 5-hour flight will cost you well over $80,000. In fact, you could buy a base model S-Class in the US for cheaper than a 7-hour flight in the G800. It is pertinent to mention that this figure is in no way official or constant. It is dependent on many factors. There is even the possibility of you getting a bargain on the Gulfstream G800 charter because there are empty leg flights available. Essentially, an empty leg flight is when a private jet has to make a journey regardless of whether it has passengers or not. It could be due to the fact that the jet needs to return to its home base or go to a place where it has a commitment to fill. These flights, since they have to be made, with or without passengers generally have lower prices. So, the charter companies much rather have a lower-paying passenger than not one at all. However, the downside is the fact that you won’t be able to cater the charter to your own schedule. You will certainly have to compromise on your schedule in order to attain the empty leg flight.

Considering that it can seat 19 passengers at once, the per-hour charter cost starts to make a bit more sense. If you divide the cost per passenger, it becomes a much more reasonable value proposition. If you are interested in chartering a private jet. PJC – Private Jet Charter can help you with all your charter needs.

Take a step back and absorb all the information that has been given to you. Now, start to imagine this aircraft purely from my words. The images that will be forming in your mind will be ones of pure grandeur. You will be imagining a palace of luxury, a temple of worship that pays homage to all the technological advancements in the last century that have made such possible. You might even think that your imagination betrays you and there’s no way that the real thing could ever live to what’s in your mind right now. I have to tell you that the jet is even better than what I could have possibly described. The master craftsmanship at hand can only really be truly appreciated when viewed by your own eyes. Just like it is said that no photograph can ever do the Sistine Chapel justice and the only way to experience its sheer beauty is to see it in person, the G800 is a machine that can’t be read or seen off the internet, it needs to be experienced.

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