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May Events-Based Travel Ideas

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May Events-Based Travel Ideas

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In the enchanting month of May, the world unfolds its grand tapestry of opportunities for intrepid adventurers. As the scent of floral blossoms fills the air, aviation enthusiasts can soar through the skies, tracing the paths of pioneering aviators. Business moguls can forge global connections in bustling metropolises, while culture connoisseurs delve deep into the vibrant traditions of high society. With May comes a kaleidoscope of holidays celebrated around the globe, and sports enthusiasts can witness thrilling competitions that ignite passion and camaraderie. Meanwhile, the gentle waves beckon yachting aficionados to set sail on azure waters. The world in May is a traveler’s playground, offering experiences that enrich the soul and ignite the wanderlust within. So, peruse some of the May travel ideas below and further explore any that pique your interest. And, if you might want to charter a private jet to any of these May events, just send us a quick quote request.

Further explore each of the May Events-Based Travel Ideas:

Aviation Events

EBACE – European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition
Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition
GBTA Canada Conference

Business Events

Culture & Society Events

Cannes Film Festival
MTV Video Music Awards
Salzburg Festival
Met Gala
Australian Fashion Week
Vivid Sydney


Mother’s Day
Cinco de Mayo
International Workers’ Day (May Day)
Aviation Maintenance Technician Day

Sports & Competition Events

Kentucky Derby
Indianapolis 500
PGA Championship
Preakness Stakes
French Open (Roland-Garros) (through June)
Giro d’Italia
PBR World Finals
NCAA Women’s College World Series (or June)
UEFA Europa League Final
Tokyo Sumo Grand Tournament
Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Yachting Events

TYBA Yacht Charter Show
Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Show
The Yacht Week (through September)

As May’s curtain draws to a close, the memories etched in the hearts of world travelers will forever resonate. Aviation’s high-flying adventures, bustling boardrooms of international business, the kaleidoscope of cultural revelations, the joyous celebrations of holidays, the electrifying sports showdowns, and the serene elegance of yachting journeys – these experiences are the cyclical threads that weave together the opulent tapestry of global exploration. In May, the world opens its arms to those seeking adventure, enlightenment, and jubilation. Until next year, as the calendar turns, these cherished moments will serve as a reminder that the spirit of discovery and wanderlust knows no bounds.

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