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Summer X Games

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Summer X Games

Motorcycle rider hanging from the handles underneath his upside-down motorcycle during a flip trick in front of a Summer X Games sign.

Are you an action sports lover looking for a thrilling experience this summer? Look no further than the Summer X Games! This annual event is a must-attend for fans of extreme sports from around the world.


History of the Summer X Games

The X Games began in 1995 as the “Extreme Games,” a competition featuring skateboarding, BMX biking, and street luge. The event was held in Rhode Island and was the brainchild of ESPN, who saw the potential for a new kind of sports competition.

Over the years, the X Games have grown and expanded to include more sports and events. Today, the Summer X Games feature skateboarding, BMX biking, motocross, and more. The event is held in different locations each year, with past host cities including Los Angeles, Austin, and Minneapolis.


Why Charter a Private Jet to the Summer X Games?

If you’re a die-hard action sports fan, you don’t want to miss a single moment of the Summer X Games. Chartering a private jet is the perfect way to make sure you arrive in style and have all the amenities you need to enjoy the event to the fullest.

With private jets, you can avoid the hassle and long lines of commercial air travel. Rather than dauntingly arriving two hours before your flight, you can arrive at the private FBO just minutes before your flight and be on your way in no time. And once you’re in the air, you’ll have all the privacy and comfort you need to relax and prepare for the excitement ahead.

But private jet charter flights to the X Games aren’t just about convenience. They’re also an opportunity to have some fun and make the most of your trip. Here are some ideas for how to make your private jet charters an even more enjoyable experience:

1. Bring your gear: If you’re a skateboarder, BMX rider, or other action sports athlete, bring your gear along for the ride. You never know when you might have the opportunity to hit up a local skatepark or bike trail while you’re in town.

2. Have a pre-game party: Use the flight time to have a pre-game party with your fellow action sports fans. Bring some snacks and drinks, and get everyone hyped up for the Summer X Games.

3. Play some games: Bring along some cards or board games to pass some time on the flight. It’s a great way to get to know your fellow passengers and have some fun in the air.

4. Watch some classic X Games moments: ESPN has been broadcasting the Summer X Games for over two decades, so there are plenty of classic moments to relive. Bring along a laptop or tablet and watch some of the most iconic runs and tricks from past X Games events.

5. Plan a post-game celebration: Use the flight home to plan a post-game celebration. Whether it’s hitting up a local bar or throwing a party at your hotel, make sure you end the X Games weekend on a high note.



The X Games is the ultimate extravaganza for action sports fans. When you charter a private jet to the Summer X Games, you can make sure you arrive in style and have all the amenities you need to enjoy the event to the fullest. And with some creative planning and imagination, you can make your private jet charter an even more enjoyable and memorable experience. So what are you waiting for? Book your private jet charter flights today and get ready for an adrenaline-packed weekend at the X Games!


Typical Summer X Games dates: June/July (annual)

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