Chartering a King Air 90 Turbo Prop

Everybody has heard the saying, “Time is money friend!” and nobody knows this to be true more than a business man or woman. This is why Beechcraft first had the idea in 1961 to create an aircraft that would be tailored specifically to the needs of the military which wanted the planes as passenger transport units. The concept was tested for three years.

Finally, orders for the King Air 90 series began to be taken with planes deliverable by Autumn of 1964. The line of aircraft was so successful for the military testing that civilians saw the potential and wanted in on it as well, and so production began in 1964 for civilian aircraft as well. This line of planes first and foremost remains that most successful twin turbo propeller aircraft for the corporate world.

The King Air 90 Turbo Prop series is host to a variety of planes that will address the needs of different travelers. The C90B is the most recently produced plane that is still in production and available for purchase, though there are several discontinued models which would still be less-commonly available for chartering purposes. One such model is the King Air 100 series that was initially larger than the 90 series and held more passengers. It was discontinued in 1984, shortly after Raytheon bought Beechcraft. This is why the King Air might have a Beechcraft name tag on it or a Raytheon one; either way, it is still the same plane, and the C90B is the standard production version of it.

Because Beech/Raytheon builds aircraft that are tailor made for business professionals who wish to buy or charter them, there are a number of upgrades available to the planes that will appeal to corporate clientele. One such example is the C90B standard version in Jaguar Special Edition. The plane features the gold and green colors associated with Jaguar as well as an image of the leaping cat on the tail. The interior is upgraded to have leather seating and boxwood cabinets, which make it seem much more comfortable than a simple airplane. Business people can enjoy luxury instead of the sensation that a plane ride is just something to be done with as soon as possible.

There are also engines upgrades for the King Air 90 Turbo Prop series, a cargo-conversion package that allows for the back door to be replaced with a cargo hatch that drops to help load carry-on cargo, a nose re-design that includes an additional compartment in the nose of the plane for extra baggage, and an optional crew hatch for cockpit access. With so much customization offered by Raytheon, it is not a wonder that the King Air 90 Turbo Prop series is the most popular amongst the corporate ranks. When time is money, a King Air 90 will shave time to save money and let its passengers do so in luxury.

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