The CJ1+ Business Jet – Perfect For Private Jet Charter

The Citation CJ1+ is the latest version of the original must have private jet. This latest version of the jet has a whole pile of enhancements from performance, to fuel efficiency, to advanced avionics and an improved opulent interior. Whether you are buying this aircraft or you are a private jet charter passenger you are surely going to be in for a pleasant surprise.

This aircraft was originally created for the business entrepreneur owner/pilot but it is now loved by individuals as well as corporations. Seating six people it is perfect for flying small groups to that illusive island vacation or to business meetings abroad.

The interior of the CJ1+ has an all new interior including cabinetry and window shades. The roomy interior has neatly folding away writing table that stow neatly into the sidewalls. You can relax with the new refreshment center.

To reduce the sound of the already quiet engines the CJ1+ has special acoustic padding to ensure you have a peaceful journey. Moreover, with a ceiling altitude of 41,000 feet (12,497 m) this means you fly high above most weather which equates to greater speed and less turbulence.

The CJ1+ also has increased fuel efficiency over the original CJ1 private jet. It burns on average 132 gallons per hour which is less than the CJ1 despite a higher payload.

The CJ1+ has two powerful Williams FJ44-1AP engines that deliver a huge amount of thrust and performance. The surface of the aircraft has been redesigned to reduce drag and therefore improve efficiency. The aircraft also uses natural laminar flow wing delays the onset of flow separation longer, which improves the lift-to-drag characteristics ten to fifteen percent when compared to previous straight-wing designs.

Improvements in efficiency and power mean that the CJ1+ has an increased take-off weight of 300 pounds over the CJ1. These innovations mean greater range and payload flexibility which gives owners more options for flight planning. Despite the overall increase in weight the CJ1+ is actually faster than the CJ1. The CJ1+’s increased power has allowed it to have an increased baggage carrying capacity. The three baggage holds can stow up to 822 pounds of luggage.

Flying this aircraft is really easy as many of the systems are automated. Air from the engine is used as de-icing for the horizontal tail, wing edge and engine, in addition to the removal of rain from the cockpit windscreen. These automated systems help operators keeps costs down as they mean that just one pilot is required to fly this aircraft.

The flexibility and ease of use of this aircraft is evident by its ability to take off from a 4,000 foot runway in all types of adverse weather conditions, such as from hot temperatures and high elevation at maximum payload capacity. The re-design of the tail section has reduced the overall weight and size of the aircraft whilst maintaining the cabin size.

All of these technological improvements give this private jet aircraft the ability to climb to an altitude of 41,000 feet in only 27 minutes and cruise at 448 mph (720 km/hr). This makes the aircraft perfect for short flights that take up to just over an hour. For example, London to Nice, London to Rome, or London to Berlin. The ideal candidates for these aircraft are small business, like air charter companies, and individuals.

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